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Captured on Camera! SHINee and TVXQ boys spotted at a manager’s wedding

SM Entertainment boybands SHINee and Dong Bang Shin Ki were spotted at a wedding ceremony of one of the managers of the company on 22nd May.

All 5 members from SHINee were present together with Dong Bang Shin Ki UKnow YunHo and Max ChangMin were present.

For those who are missing these 2 groups in action, go under the cut for more photos and fancams.

26 Responses

  1. Taemin and Onew looks like babies in there~ahaha..
    wish to get married someday with SHINee..ahaha..

  2. I think this was also the same weddng that Super Junior’s Kibum attended last May 22, 2010

  3. it seems that key and yunho are awkward to each other in the pics.. not like changmin who’s talking to onew and minho. i love taemin’s smile..

    i miss soulfighter couple! jaejoong+changmin.. TT

    and yeah, wow! changmin is really really tall!! to think that minho looks small to him! O_o
    yunho’s looking mighty fine.. ^^

  4. Omo..Changmin look so cute..and Yunho oppa look so handsome..seriously..=)

  5. yunho looks healthier now, he has grown more fats! :DDDDDDD

  6. Minho ad Changmin are really close! Love them! I wish Changmin all the best. I miss seeing him with Jaejoong. I hope his drama went well!

  7. honestly, when I read

    “SHINee and TVXQ boys spotted at a managerโ€™s wedding”

    I thought that the 5 members of TVXQ were there, so I was happy =(

    but well…. nice too see Yunho and Changmin with SHINee =)

  8. Minho would look better with shorter hair. It’s be a much cleaner image. He should consider it. =)

    I almost didn’t recognize Key. xD He looks… more Asian than usual. Chinkier! โค

    • i thought he was yoochun n i got all excited but then it turns out it was minho

  9. Ok this is it!! Shinee’s new hairstyle for comeback?

  10. the SHINee boys somehow look like Changmin’s mistresses…..????!!!!!!!!
    (don’t beat me in the face… i love tvxq and shinee!)

  11. btw… in the fancam when key turns around yunho is like WTF

  12. it looks like changmin and onew get along really well ๐Ÿ˜€ !!
    OMG these pictures made my day… yunho is still really hot.. he’ll always be… and changmin too, he looks so cute n_n…. minho on the other hand… I’m not a fan of his new haircut :/

  13. i swear changmin is freaking tall!
    which i like ๐Ÿ˜€
    but i wonder when his drama is coming out…

  14. SHINee!!!! my new dbsk >o<
    SHINee boys are so handsome and talented.

  15. thanks to whichever fangirl blurred out jang ri-in…(behind MinHo)

  16. =^_______^= Changmin looks cute on the pics. Seems like he gained weight a little bit.

  17. They smile but in thier hearts not
    They want to be with the other three members
    They miss them soo much like the other members in Japan
    Want all of people have a happy life

    • n u get this from those pictures how? ……….

      some fans are deluded

      • Let’s see
        All of TVXQ! meembers like a brothers
        I know them and I know yunho and changmin want other members Whatever they do
        And if they didn’t want them it’s okay . they can disband in that time
        Becuase in that time there will be no DBSK

      • Tell Yunho and Changmin I said hi! lol

      • ‘They smile but in thier hearts not
        They want to be with the other three members
        They miss them soo much like the other members in Japan
        Want all of people have a happy life’

        cassies are pathetic lol
        just move on
        HoMin Fighting!!!

  18. its like changmin is aging in reverse…he looks rly good, he could be a world model with his features..

  19. Changmin…I swear, he hasn’t changed THAT much since his Hug days lol. He looks more mature then back then, but still the same features. And he’s so tall! He would completely tower over me, I’m so short for my age, which is his age xD

    I wonder if Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun are completely shut out of the company from these kind of ceremonies since there’s a lawsuit going on still :/

  20. minho looks so short compared to changmin xD.

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