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WonderGirls claim first #1 with song ‘2DT’ on Mnet M!Countdown

Girlgroup WonderGirls won #1 on Mnet M!Countdown with their new song ‘2 Different Tears’ on 27th May.

This is the first #1 for the girls with the song ‘2 Different Tears’ released in Korea, America and China on 16th May. This will also be the first #1 for the group since new member HyeLim joined the group.

Go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

47 Responses

  1. come on people.. fanwar here? ridiculous…. as much as the elf i am, i won’t bash wg, coz i know they’re good..
    hope wg fans won’t bash sj.. and sj fans won’t bash wg too..
    even they artists themselves are friends.. and fans are bashing against each other..
    agreed with @Nicky.. people here are so immature..


  3. Tsk Tsk…Fanwars…
    People here are so immature.

  4. congrats WG^^ and yes
    1. they deserve to win
    2.they’re as good as suju
    3. there are people loving the song, not because they’re the wg, but because the song is great

    • Sorry but WG are better than suju πŸ˜€
      ❀ WG fighting <3!!!!!!

  5. As long as stupid ass 2PM didn’t win again im fine with that

  6. congrats! im pretty sad they’re not promoting anymore
    i mean they leave on the 31st of may!!!
    O.O!! it’s too short

    its a good song but personally i wished that they trained their vocals a bit better.

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  8. Wonderfuls gotta take a chill pill yo.

    • likewise with hottests πŸ˜‰

      • why do you have to bring hottests here ? have smtg against them? πŸ˜‰

    • I think ELF need it more. This post is about MNet, and SuJu didn’t even compete. Don’t know why ELFs are here.

    • lol youre reading the wrong post or something

      wonderfuls are just congratulating the girls but other fans are downplaying their win by saying _____ are better!

      well, theres a time and place for them to cheer for their idols. but this time, its wonder girls so let us congratulate them

    So proud of them. They totally deserve.
    They been topping #1 online charts for the week.
    They better have won πŸ˜€

  10. OMG! DAVICHI is awesome. nice stage and KANG MIN KYUNG is really pretty i adore her. 2PM jjang!

  11. that was awkward. CONGRATS!!1 WONDER GIRLS XD

  12. Hyerim looks so hot speaking english! CONGRATS WonderGirls.! way to go! and SunYe, please don’t cry. =D. And is that MinHyuk! WTF now he speaks.love him!

  13. thanks for answering my qu! Btw I hope Su Ju wins 2moz!! I like there song soooooooo much better than Wonder Girls! There live performances tend to b better!

    • Are you afraid of WG’s or something, why you gotta bring them down and compare them to SJ. Don’t feel threaten by the competition. WG’s have been doing great during their lives!

      • agreed. now let’s stop this fight before somebody throws a fit.xD both artists are talented ok? They don’t expose their bodies except for other artists out there who seems to love selling their bodies to the public. They should be in the PORN industry. LOL wg and suju ftw!

      • ^ lol tbh you also bring down other artists, so it’s not better than “badweather”.

  14. wow..the price giving ceremony looks so awkward…why no other artists? mblaq must be very disappointed…and to think that they giving away the award T__T

    congrats wonder girls! but the wig on lim & sunye has got to go…. @__@

  15. Congrats wonder girls honestly I knew they will win I believe they have a chance of winning in Music Bank Im not sure but I read comment in allkpop saying that the girls sold 20000 copies in last week so lets just see what will happen in MB

    • well Music Bank count 60% digital sales and 10% for album sales.
      Everyone loves the W.G (Super junior, only their fangirls)… WG Rocks the digital charts(Super junior, are not even in top 10 in some of them).

      Congrats Wonger girls <333!!! They are the best !!!!

    • only 20000 ??? ROFL this is nothing compared to SJ.

      • talking about singles here. ‘bonamana’ has surprisingly underwhelmed in week 1, vis-a-vis suju’s stature. maybe it will be a slow burner, but korea clearly likes wg’s ‘2dt’ more for now.

      • WG sold more than 20000.
        And you can’t compare the sales of a full lenght album with the sales of a single album with only 1 new song and new version of previous hits.

  16. Congrats Girls!!!
    Love U

  17. Since 2 Different Tears released in 16-5 , it #1 for 11 consecutive days in various chart like melon, mnet, soribada, daum, naver ….
    Music Bank count 60% digital sale and only 10% for album sales, so WGs maybe will win at MB tomorrow πŸ™‚

  18. Wow, congrats girls!!! lol i’m slowly realizing how i missed them participating with these kinds of award shows in korea.

    anyway, not to spoil anything but wtf did they do to lim’s hair?

    • I can’t stand sun ye’s fringe. I’m not too sure about WG’s new look :S

    • Probably a wig.

      I like her hair long. It suits her way better. What’s with their hairstylist giving the new members a shorter look? Happened too Yoobin too.

  19. did SuJu compete??????????? Were they in the show???? I think its most likely they werent in the running… they would have won

    • they weren’t on the show & didn’t compete, but I doubt they would have won. M Countdown is mostly digital/mobile downloading, and 2DT has been topping the chart since it was released.


      • all sm artists aren’t allowed by sme to go on any mnet shows. also, sm doesn’t sell their albums and the likes in mnet. there’s a discord between sme and mnet that’s why sm artists aren’t winning there for one year now

      • @cute:

        but that doesn’t change the fact Suju song sucks digitally compare with WG’s 2DT.

      • 2DT is the worst song of the year.

      • I like Super Junior, but it’s stupid saying that Bonamana is a better song, specially knowing that: Bonamana = Bad Remake of Sorry Sorry.
        ‘2 Different Tears’ is a pretty good song. Best song released by a female idol group this year.

    • Yep! Bonamana is way~ better than 2DT. I like the wg and all but Super Junior PWNS!!!

      • LOL ELFs are funny, let’s be honest.. bonamana is boring.
        Wonder Girls FTW ❀

      • super junior is better?? I only see them showing their bodies in bonamana mv. wonder girls are really talented, they deserved to win. ‘‘‘ Wonder Girls #1 4ever.!!!!

      • You don’t have to say it so nasty if you think WG is better. Just saying, not trying to start anything.

        I’m a big fan of both group, but 2DT was really disappointing for me. Compared to their past songs, 2DT just didn’t do it for me. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy listening to the song every once in awhile. I love Bonamana a LOT better than 2DT I can tell you that though. The one song out of the two that gives me energy to move. That’s saying a lot when I stayed in bed for a whole week and didn’t get up till I heard the song.

        Wonder Girls are stronger in digital sales while Super Junior are stronger in physical albums. They each rank top in their perspective charts. SM has always been stronger in physical albums.

    • both songs are equal rubbish! imo….the fact that there comebacks songs is even worse!

      • WG 2dt SUCKS!!! their new music is like crap.

        super junior deserve to be Number 1 in everything

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