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KBS Music Bank 28.05.2010 – Super Junior wins 2nd #1 with ‘Bona Mana’

Today on KBS Music Bank, Super Junior won their 2nd #1 on KChart on the show with their comeback song ‘Bona Mana’.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

Goodbye stage

  • Rain “Hip Song”

Today’s Music Bank

  • Wonder Girls “2 Different Tears”
  • Super Junior “Bonamana”
  • 4Minute “HuH”
  • f(x) “Nu ABO”
  • Seo InGook “Loving U”
  • CNBLUE “Love”
  • JJ “Bling Bling”
  • Secret “Magic”
  • HwaYoBi “Bye Bye Bye” – Hwayobi’s dress is a tad too short for her comfort :/
  • Vanilla Lucy “French Love”
  • Gummy “Since You’re a Man”
  • e.via “Shake”
  • Yoo SeungChan “Chemistry”
  • Park HyeKyung “New Boyfriend”
  • Tae JinAh ft. Maya “Like Love More than Money”
  • Seo YoungEun w. M to M’s Jung JinWoo “What an Awful Word”
  • Jerry w. 4Minute HyunAh “Going to Love”
  • Lyn “Honey Baby Love”
  • TaeSaBiAe “Like a Flower in My Heart”


45 Responses

  1. Super Junior 4th jib is a daebak! They’re doing great with their comeback seriously. Their song Bonamana is great! they managed to get #1 at almost every charts they even rule twitter i mean they got #1 last week trending topic and they still are trending until now. I dont see any wonder girls on the trending topics. I’m not being bias here. Wonder girls also did a good job on their comeback but i think Super Junior did better. Please dont hate me T.T thats just what i thought

  2. please stop pulling suju down bonamana is a great song so dont compare it with another great song like two different tears.Wonder girls and suju are both great groups and elf and wonderful are friends so dont break it if suju’s song is not that good then why in the world do they have 2nd biggest fanbase after dbsk and they kept on winning awards it means they are great its just that antis cant see the truth 0.1% dont like them and 99.9% like them if suju is great in album sales it clearly means that they have great songs even in internet votings they always win.

    • 100% agreement!!!! Su Ju is Number one whether other fan groups like it or not! They r just jealous that Su Ju has all the glory and a huge fan base!

  3. I don’t want WG to leave just yet. Love the Super Wonder combo. In the last extra vid Heechul really staring at Sohee. LOL She looks over from time to time too. Aww Super Wonder fighting!!!

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  7. congrats to suju for winning! im rooting for them to win here. but i actually don’t like their song bonama..same with wonder girl’s song 2 different tears. they both do good in album sales..physically or digitally. it is just that their comeback songs failed my expectations. sorry sorry is way better than bonamana. im just saying. on the other hand, will wonder girls do retro thing forever? their choreo is o_0. preferred the newbies songs more.

  8. oh god what is fx wearing? O.O


  10. […] their winning on KBS Music Bank 28 May 2010 episode, Super Junior members DongHae, EunHyuk and magnae KyuHyun shared their winning trophy with their […]

  11. Hwayobi was amazing I love her new album . Secret was okay I just don’t like their song

  12. congrats to suju!!wonder girls is already leaving…sigh..

    i hope WG stay longer..hayyy…

    i see ye eun and hyunah interaction…also lim and luna…<3

    congrats again to suju!

  13. Again I knew Suju’s album sales would pull them to the top, even though album sales are counted so little.
    4th daebak!!!

    Congrats suju<3333333333

    and yay Seo In Kook is here<33333

  14. Yeah, congrats! I hope they’ll win again on Inkigayo 🙂

  15. SuJu’s song is not really good, just like their album. I understand why they are doing so bad in digital charts. But to be honest, there is no good song promoted right now.

    I wonder how they manage to win #1 when their song is failing in digital charts and their strong album sales are only 10% of the total points… I don’t even like WG but I kinda expected them to win since they are dominating online charts ? Anyway. I don’t really care who wins or not so congrats to whoever wins.

    4Minute and f(x) were the best tonight. No Davichi ? 😦

    • You may not think Suju’s album is great but others do.

      Anyways refer to FlowerPunch’s answer. She summed it all up.

      • it’s like fire and lollipop…it’s very strong in digital sales..but it didn’t win…[fire i think won in the latter weeks]…though it’s only digital release…

        yeah flowerpunch summed it up…your edge in digital sales will be useless if u only sale barely in physical

  16. ahhhhhhhhh !!! yesungie !
    soo cute .
    suju the best !!

  17. I really love the CFs at the end of the 1st video

  18. WTF?! SJ? Wonder Girls deserve to be #1.
    2DT is the best song out there. WG FTW 😀

    • lol….that’s all i have to say.

    • Totally agree. WG = N°1.

    • I like Super Junior and I’m glad that they’re doing fine even with all the controversies and all. But Wonder Girls should have won because their song ‘2 Different Tears’ is better than ‘Bonamana’ and according to all korean music charts, Wonder Girls beat Super Junior. Super Junior is doing better only on physical cd’s sales and if I’m not mistaken the points of physical cd’s sales only counts 20-25% of the total of votes for these musical tv shows. So according to all musical charts, WG should have won it.
      It’s kinda sad how Korean Musical TV shows are never trustworthy.

      • no physical album sale only count 10%, digital sales = 60%, WGs digital sales= daebak, they still no 1 in almost every charts

      • Even if album sales count lower than digital sales SuJu have sold like 110% more than Wonder Girls in album sales. And albums are like 11x the price of digital so that shows SuJu’s strong fanbase. Most international stars don’t have that many number 1s (like Britney Spears for example) but their albums sell like hot cakes and that’s why they’re called international stars! I am both a WG and SuJu fan, but no need to put SuJu down for thei win

  19. Love HwaYoBi performance
    HwaYoBi jjang !!!

  20. omona, MBLAQ????? TT__TT

  21. WAHOOOOOOOOOO!!! Another SU JU WIN!! Super Junior Fighting!!! Clearly the best performance!!

    • “Clearly the best performance!!” lol dont be fool..
      Wonder girls are better. (suju is just good in albums sales)

      WG Hwaiting <33!!!!!

      • Troll to the <<<<….don't call urself an elf when ur obviously a wonderful in disguise!

      • what better ?? that what u call better ?? uh pleasssee lahh .

      • hmmmmmmmmm…. what is with the user name?? Su Ju won in the numbers. Let them do the talking!!

  22. Yes, where’s MBLAQ?
    Really love “Y”… hope for their #1 soon ^^b

  23. yes what happened to mblaq?

    omg secret is still promoting magic? i think it’s about for them to change their song……even rain and wondergirls are leaving already.

    comeon girls, blow kpop scene away with a new song

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  25. where’s MBLAQ??!! TT,TT

  26. lawl, sulli looked so extra wearing heechul’s shades opps u_u

    • aw, i thought she was quite cute doing that “sup” thing hahah. anws can tell that heechul was the one who asked her to do it.

      and btw is it just me or does sulli really seem EXTREMELY tall nowdays?

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