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Photo Of The Day! Father Tae JinAh is glad to see his son Eru discharged from army!

Photo Of the Day! Singer Tae JinAh is happy to see his son Eru becoming a ‘mom-jjang (best body)’.

Tae JinAh has told the reporters, “Eru has become a mom-jjang” during the press conference on 28th May before Eru got discharged from the army. He added, “Eru has changed a lot. He has been exercising a lot, and his body has got better. He is not the Eru 2 years back.”

And upon his discharge, Eru told the reporters, “I have been working out a lot lately, and I’m going to build up some muscles.”

Meanwhile, Eru is set to have his comeback with a new album in mid July.


11 Responses

  1. yes eru is back! LOL, I remember when Brian compared his small head to Eru’s…

  2. That is a rly cute photo. =)

    Glad Eru’s back. Excited for his new album!! ^^

  3. i’m the weird one who finds tae jin ah better looking than eru in this pix. =X



  5. okay tae jin ah is freaking adorable. i met him at the hb last year and when i asked him for a signature, he wrote, “eru’s dad, tae jin ah.” too cute! i remember he also held an eru sign a fan made during the concert as well 🙂

  6. dayuum! ;D
    he’s got meat on his bones! xD
    he looks great no less. ^^

  7. Whoa! Eru is back! 😀 I didnt know that Tae JinAh was his father. That’s awesome. Both are successful in the entertainment industry 😀

  8. Wooooos~ ERU, Welcome home!
    Can’t wait for your comeback! <33

  9. Ahh..Eru is back!!
    Btw Sookyeong, you must be blogging at work. There is a mistake at the title, should be his son, not song. ^_~

  10. wow he’s buff ❤ wish more korean guys would be like this ~

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