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Super Junior DongHae, EunHyuk and KyuHyun are loving their Music Bank trophy!

Celebrating their winning on KBS Music Bank 28 May 2010 episode, Super Junior members DongHae, EunHyuk and magnae KyuHyun shared their winning trophy with their fans E.L.F via Twitter.

Super Junior dancing machine EunHyuk is the one who tweet their picture to his followers and of course his photo tweet gained numerous responses.

s: EunHyuk’s twitter

12 Responses

  1. What’s up with that gay vibe from Eunhyuk… ?

  2. […] twitter C: K Bites Click here to see Super Junior’s winning on KBS Music Bank 28 May 2010 episode (C: K Bites) […]

  3. Donghae… he’s getting more handsome everytime that i look at him ❤

    congratz for the win^^

  4. Donghae SMILE =)

  5. LOL kyuhyun’s expression is so cute. Congratulations on the win.XD

  6. Donghae looks sooo yummy..!I think he’s de best lookin suju member.. ps: congrats on de win..! Suju hwaiting.. :p

  7. Donghae jaw line is no joke! he can cut things with that baby!lol…they all looks so cute especially my baby EH!lol

  8. I love these silly boys (men)

  9. LOL at Kyu’s face expression XD
    He’s creeped out by his hyungs?

    EunHae love ❤

    Congrats Suju (:

  10. donghae is sooo good looking!

  11. Donghae < 333
    lol whats up with KyuHyun's expression~

  12. good job oppa….~
    hope suju will win again next week..

    kyu’s eyes looks weird…haha~
    btw,he’s still cute…as well as eunhae oppa…

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