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“2010 Dream Concert” in replace of SBS Inki Gayo 30.05.2010

Previously K Bites shares you the red carpet, artists performances and fancams from the most anticipated concert “2010 Dream Concert” .

And today, 30 May 2010, as everybody knows, SBS TV aired the concert in replace of  SBS Inki Gayo show.

The concert was held on 22 May 2010 at Seoul World Cup Stadium from 7:00 pm local time. 2o performing teams were giving their best performance at the concert, in front of a 45,000-strong crowd, including: 2PM, Super Junior, WonderGirls, Rain, Lee Hyori, So Nyeo Shi Dae, SS501, KARA, After School, SHINee, f(x), BEAST, T-ara, MBLAQ, 4Minute, UKiss, Rainbow, ZE:A, Davichi, F.Cuz etc

Go under the cut for the stage performances!

Update : SBS cuts few performances and not airing Rain’s and SS501’s performances.

29 Responses

  1. aw i feel to sad for lee hyori. currently in korea people are bashing her,bahnus, and mnet. why you might say? well because information collected relating to the plagiarism scandal have people very convinced the songs are stolen.

    not only that track 5 bring it back is no longer sold on lee hyori h logic album on itunes. it have been removed. melanie durrant have flagged 3 lee hyori videos of feel the same from youtube. those videos got removed the same day and says copyright claim by melanie durrant.

    basically about swing and about mikis song being a old greek folk song. that is not true. someone emailed the korea embassy in greece. basically they said the song train leaves at 8 is composed by mikis and said it was made in 1968 and mikis and the greek poet owns 50/50.

    in case you are wondering what i am referring to. you all will see very soon. that is if these sites takes the tips.

  2. hyori’s still the hottest lol

  3. the fancams of SS501 is enough. you would well-up when you get to watch their performance. looking forward to their comeback.

  4. Suju<3333333333333333
    Though, I'm kinda bummed they cut out their Sorry Sorry Remix performance.
    But oh well
    Suju fighting!!!!!

  5. i love CN Blue, U-KISS and BEAST’s performance!

    CN BLue’s playing live, omgee!! finally! and they’re really good playing live. the music shows just don’t give them a chance.

    love BEAST’s intro. and just the way they perform..all happy, energetic and just seeing all the ppl and their fans in DC is just WOW~!! love them.

    U-KISS’s performance, it’s really good! and im really glad that a lot of kissme’s cheered and went to DC.

    although Dream Concert wouldn’t be the same without TVXQ, bigbang and other big stars, but this one’s all good. 🙂

  6. I love “Dream Concert”!
    They are awesome especially C.N. Blue! ♥♥♥

  7. Thank you very much for posting the videos. Now we know there is no official video for SS501 nor Rain (I was sure something wrong was going on with Rain that day)…

    However, what about Sorry Sorry performance by Super Junior? Will it be available?

    • All I know is, that you can only see Suju’s Sorry Sorry perf on fancams on youtube.

      • Ok, thanks. I went to the concert ^^ so I could watch it live, but I wanted to see the official video. Know I now they cut it because the EunHyuk fall was recorded.

        Anyways, thank you veru much. I invite you all to visit my blog in http://www.desdeSeul.com I had posted something about the concert the day after, now I made a link to this blog where people can watch the videos.

        Greetings from Korea

  8. Where is RAIN!!
    He performed LOVE SONG+HIP SONG

  9. wow, I love Suju and all but ..
    Lee Hyori Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was AWESOME <333!!!!

  10. Wow, I don’t follow 2PM much but has their don’t stop can’t stop performance always have this much anger? like you can really feel their anger in this performance. Or did the jaybum chanys set them off thats why they seem/performed with so much anger?

    I’m not trying to start anything here, just curious.

  11. if there were Big Bang, DBSK, 2NE1, Epik High, Se7en,… this would have been truly ‘Dream’ Concert. Sorry, I’m just too greedy, haha.

    I still want Hyori to perform ‘Swing’, just once is ok. I’m sure it will bring different taste. I really like this song.

    anw, awesome performances. All the artists gave their best to us. Congrats!

  12. ss501 !!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????

  13. did f(x) sing in playback ?

  14. =( how i wish to be right there too!!!!
    thanks for gathering all the vids!!!

  15. i really cant understand why ss501 and rain performances cant be seen !!!!!

  16. Where SS501????

  17. thanks so much for the hardwork!

    do it do it chu!

  18. gonna wait for ur updates..
    excited to watch suju & cn blue.. XD XD XD

  19. thanks for the hardwork!!

    remember, if updating ever becomes a burden, take a break! dont want you, the kbites team, to feel stressed or anything about updating the kbites community the latest kpop juice.

    thanks againnn(: ill be back soon enough to watch my girls perform 2dt ❤

  20. OMG! They’re sooooo cute!!!

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