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Guess who #65

Guess who this female star is, posing together with the staff at the hair salon where she had her hair done?

Hint: A veteran star.

She is none other than diva Lee Hyori!

The photo (not dated) was taken when she had her hair extensions done at the Zimo Hair Salon.

Something different about her in the photo? I guess, we are too used to seeing Lee Hyori in her usual hairstyle.

25 Responses

  1. I thought it was Ha Ji Won. lol .
    But yeah, Lee Hyori is soo pretty with or without makeup.

  2. looks weird or just photoshopped weird.

    i thought she looked like lee ji ah

    she looks so tired and different

    she always looks best with makeup on

  3. Hyori is so pretty, I freakin’ love her. (But not like sexually… more admiration lol.)

  4. Hyori is too fricking hot. I admit so as a girl. She’s down to earth and lovely as well. She deserves the recognition she’s received.

    Absolutely stunning.

  5. XD. i knew it! from the eye smile!

  6. omg is this recent? she looks younger by 10 years without all the heavy make up and curls. i hope she stick to this for her repackaged!

  7. Hyori = BEAUTIFUL!

  8. I thought we’re supposed to guess the blurred face. hehehe.

    Lee Hyori is so damn sexy. =) I like those long locks. =)

  9. lol yeah its pretty obvious is hyori & for a sec. i thought we were supposed to guess the blurred face, but i’m glad to see you post another of your “guess who” posts sookyeong-shi~ ^^

  10. wtffff… —____— i thought we had to guess the person whose face was hidden 😛 because it was obvious that the other girl was LEE HYORI!!! <33

  11. she does have a long torso… HAHA

  12. she looks so innocent with the long straight hair. looks younger too! as if that was even possible to look younger and younger. she ages backwards i tell ya!

  13. i know it’s hyori unnie right away but i thought we were suposed to guess the blur face too

  14. so pretty!! and she looks so young! i wish i can see her in the old Family Outing again

  15. I recognize her right away. Yay me!!!!!

  16. at first i thought she’s Boa or the girl in Beethoven Virus… she looks ‘bigger’ in the pic.

  17. She looks better with long straight hair. Pretty.

  18. Umm… Thats pretty obvious.

  19. i thought we were supposed to guess the blurred face… it’s so obvious it’s LEE HYO RI 😀

  20. owh! i noe its hyori! stupid me~ i tot we suppose to guess the ‘blur’ face.. ahahahha

  21. got it right~! Hyori unnie… <33

  22. Lee Hyori!

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