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K-pop group Super Junior’s concert causes stampede at Shanghai Expo, one death reported

A Korean pop concert held yesterday at the Expo Culture Center caused something of a stampede – reports of how bad it got vary, from the Epoch Time’s rumor that someone died to Shanghai Daily’s blithe announcement that the streets were “blocked by fans.”

If anything, this event was a warning about the power of K-pop: South Korea had planned a “classical and pop” concert that included insanely huge acts – Kangta, BoA and Super Junior, whose Shanghai shows sell out at 10,000+ seated stadiums each year they come. They’re so insanely huge that it almost makes you wonder what organizers were thinking when they arranged that show.

To get in, all you supposedly had to do was get an Expo ticket and line up at the center, an act which, if you’re a student, costs 90RMB. That’s way less than the Super Junior 2009 show’s ticket prices at Yuan Shen Sports Center, where the cheapest you could get in for was 480RMB. Unfortunately, there were only 5000 tickets available, and half of those had already been given to South Korean groups – a fact that eager Chinese K-pop fans hadn’t been made aware of.

By midnight on Saturday, according to Lianhe Zaobao, there were already 2000 people waiting outside the Expo’s Pudong door. Night watch people were blindsided. By the time the limited amount of tickets sold out (The Standard reports there were less than 500), roughly 5000 people were waiting around.

When the crowd realized all tickets were gone, they began to get violent. A witness on the internet said that “several girls were stepped on and over by several guys. So messy, so messy, All the crying and yelling turned into one big wave. There were so many shoes. One girl even fell from the second floor.” The original post has already been harmonized on Tianya. Lianhe says the rumor that this girl died hasn’t been confirmed, though Hong Kong’s Apple Daily seems to be reporting it as fact (watch the YouTube video in that link or below, it has some images of police guards frantically running to contain the crowd).

What they both agree on is that hundreds of people were injured, whether from the pushing and shoving or from heatstroke. The Expo official report itself said that “In the event, several tourists suffered from heatstroke and abrasions and were rushed to nearby medical facilities at the park.” That’s a little more than “blocked by fans,” isn’t it?

Which actually makes me wonder – it seems that Shanghai Daily is still the only China-based paper that’s picked up on the news and their version was way more sanitized than the dozens of Mandarin reports in Chinese media. It almost feels like Chinese media controllers, for the first time I’ve noticed, are more scared about what the outside world thinks than what their own people think.

S: Shanghaiist


38 Responses

  1. Nobody died at this concert. People need to stop mindlessly believing everything they hear. The Epoch Times is operated by Falun Gong, and they are only interested in fueling hatred of China, not reporting the truth.

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  3. this was cleared by organizers that no one died and there are some chaos yet not to the extent…

  4. when I went to the Super Show 2, I accidentally tripped one fan and he fell down so bad that people looked at me instantly. I felt bad after that.

    but this incident, is sooooo creepy.

  5. that gave megoosebumps. SERIOUSLY, this a wake-ip call for every hard-core died hard fans. they should atleast control themselves and try to control others too.POOR, i wonder how the relatives especially the parents feel. they must be very angry or sad. oh!

  6. omg i hope the fan is okay.. jesus there should have been extra security the organisers must have known how many people will show up

  7. Please don’t stereotype ELFs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D=
    >_< What happen during Shanghai Expo was horrible but not all ELFs are crazy or killers!

  8. Epoch Times was the one who reported the news of the death?

    Then it’s utterly not trustworthy news… duh.

  9. this is getting wayyy out of control…

  10. Not just ELF are crazy, if you guys just blame them things are going to get worse. A lot of the fanbases are crazy.

  11. TT____TT poor fan… ughh crazy ELFs

    • You also have to consider the lack of security and the misunderstanding by fans and the ticket sellers.

      A lot of things went wrong.

    • Why are you blaming ELF fans? A lot of things went wrong and it was a lack of planning among other things that caused this situation in the first place.

      • ´K-pop group Super Junior’s concert causes stampede at Shanghai Expo, one death reported´

        the majority of the fans there were ELFs.

    • the fan coulda been an ELF too, no?? stop judging and jumping to conclusions.

      like the article said, A LOT of things went horribly wrong. it was mostly the organizers fault for misinforming the fans and led them to believe there were more tickets than the amount that was actually available. the security and the organizers didn’t expect a double turnout. srsly? 5000 available spots for a group that had the power to attract 3 times that amount? not to mention kangta and BoA’s fans too.

      the fact that the organizers didn’t expect such a huge turnout (which therefore explains lack of security) is the reason this even happened. not to mention ticket sales were done with so many information concealed. the fact that it was cheaper didn’t exactly help things either. think girls in a mall sale. nutso situation right? same thing applies here.

      i agree that fans for whatever reasons shouldn’t have reacted that way. but i’d be pissed too if i found out half the tickets and half of my chances were gone before i even got to the location.

      so, tl;dr?

      “TT____TT poor fan… ughh crazy organizers!”

      p/s: all fans are crazy, dear ms.jaechunsuRocks. used to be you guys are the craziest ones around. lol.

      • ..agree wit u~

        they each played their roles.. the boys showed up and performed while the fans came to watch the performance! thats the whole point of a concert anyway~

        the organizers shudve played theirs as well — organize the event well~ (or at least do some homework/read the news prior to the event)

        btw, they really shud clarify about the death before reporting.. if the girl is still alive n breathing, won’t she feel depressed hearing news about her so-called “death”?

        life and death ain’t no small matter, really~ =_=!

  12. Well I also wonder why the organizers didn’t get enough security for an event this big.

    I hope the rumor of person dead is false.

  13. Freaks.

  14. scary.. omg.. the organizer must not expect this at all..

  15. @goldenGAZE yes. cos some people in china accused the suju boys that they r at fault in this. what a troll!

  16. i really hope nobody died. this is just crazy. i would like to see them live too but im not about to go crazy and run over people.

  17. Has this got anything to do with why ProtectSJ is trending on twitter?

  18. really hope the death is a rumor. this whole thing is nuts!!

  19. omg this is crazy!! one death reported??!! that poor fan..

  20. i really dont like the outdoor venue sometimes, there more possibility of stampede really. Im more in the indoor venue when it come to this kind of events… I hope not true that somebody died in that…

  21. … so scary. D:

  22. death? OMG

    I wonder how the parents feel…

    • it’s sad how SUJU fans are killing between them.
      the fans need to learn to behave better.



  23. seeing the picture.wow!!! so many people, and few of the policemen.
    i hope the death of that one fan is just a rumor.

    the staff of the concert or organizers should’ve fixed the way how the fans would enter..or how to prevent the wild fans..

  24. That just sad. Agree with Sunshine!

  25. omg what a tragedy. I’m hoping that death is really a rumour. “They’re so insanely huge that it almost makes you wonder what organizers were thinking when they arranged that show”- just plain careless and irresponsible.

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