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Photo Of The Day! Uljjang rapper E.via poses with world star Rain

Recently back with new song ‘Shake’, uljjang rapper E.via reveals a photo taken together with singer Rain backstage.

E.via posted up the photo on her minihompy on 30th May, and amongst other photos she posted up are photo taken together with singers like Hwayobi, Lyn, f(x) Amber, Sulli and Rain etc.

The one that caught the attention of many netizen is the photo taken with Rain. The 2 had looked like they are close friends. In addition, Rain was seen with a tank top showing his toned muscles, much to the contrast of E.via’s sweet and cute image.

E.via wrote jokingly, “World star Rain seonbaenim, really standing next to him, I almost wanted to ask ‘Can I touch those muscles?’. Really cool really cool.”

Netizens’ comments were, “She took a tour backstage?”, “Envious”, “I want to touch the muscles too” etc.

Meanwhile, E.via performed the song ‘Shake’ on 28th May on KBS Music Bank.


7 Responses

  1. haha! e.via i really adore you!!!! haha
    rain damn!

  2. Lol she took a tour backstage…hahaha it seems like it xD

  3. that girl kindah look like taeyeon of snsd..

    • yeahhhhhhhhh
      but her nose is different
      and she has more acne

      …hehe >@<;;;;;;;;;
      and idk if she has intense dark circles/bags
      as taeyeon

  4. Anyone else think they look similar? lol

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