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Taeyang, “I really want a girlfriend this year”

With a shy personality, Taeyang (23, Dong Young Bae) has truthfully never really dated anyone.

“I really want to meet a girlfriend this year. I feel like if I get older, I won’t be able to date.”

Taeyang has a couple he envies a lot, Sean and Jung Hye Young. He says when he sees Sean living happily he thinks, “I should live that way too.”

“I think it was 3 months ago. I went to Sean hyung’s house because he said he would make dinner for me. I was eating, and when i saw HyeYoung nuna with HaEum, HaRang, and HaYul, I felt so many things.”

What he saw was the result of a happy home. It was a home that makes you happy even by seeing it.

However, Taeyang is a man weak to dates. He loses his timing by debating, saying, “What if it doesnt work out?” and “Won’t it be a burden?” even if he likes someone.

“I had my first love when I was in school. But I thought I wouldn’t be a help to that person so we didn’t start well. If I think about it now, we could have done well…”

He hesitated again and again because he thought he would give harm to his first love, who was busy studying hard.

“She was studying to go to a high school specializing in foreign languages. She studied a lot, and I saw that she was trapped in making the decision of meeting me or not in that important time.”

Seeing her work hard, he stepped back to help her. After that, Taeyang also never dated after that due to hard practice and busy activities.

He has a personality where when he focuses on one thing, he falls into it, but he is also very cautious and serious, which turned out to be an obstacle in terms of dating.

“You can meet someone comfortably. But why doesn’t that work for me?”

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54 Responses

  1. this is a good news for IU. haha
    maybe she’s spazzing all day long when she heard this. HAHAHA

  2. looking for taeyang myself ^_______^………………….

  3. YG will NEVER let him go on WGM. lol. unless YB himeslf says he wants to or is interested to do it. even then i think YG would advise against it. lol. YG barely ever lets them go on variety/shows as it is. and it works perfectly fine that way. i don’t think he’s gonna start now.

    but i’d love to see him dating. boy needs some lovin. hehe^^ someone to take care of boss while he’s away. she can be mama boss. lol. it’d suck if they broke up tho. the number it’d do to YB. the boy is just too soft if that ever happens.

    but i know breakups are inevitable. love isn’t perfect after all. besides, heartbreaks are inspiring. look what it did to TOP and GD. ‘act like nothing is wrong’ and ‘but i love you’ were beautiful heartbreak songs.

    pros and cons. whatever it is i hope he gets to be happy like he wants to be.

  4. date me please! =D

  5. so funny,just going thru all of the comments..all girl dying to throw themselves to Tae yang..it’s just him,as he always admitted,he’s too shy..awwww>>>> that’s just so sweet of Tae Yang! & i gotta agree that,all VIP around the globe will let our BIG BANG boys date..please date,get married, hv kids & live life like Sean’s family in the future! YG Family style baby!!

  6. He is a true man.
    Who said things like it’s abnormal for guys if they never date til 23 like YB?
    it’s called being thoughtful.
    For me, I will start dating after i start considering marriage. I totally understand YB.
    I hope i can get a bf like him in the future.
    Such a wonderful christian guy…
    So r Sean n his happy family. ^^

  7. Ohh YB really needs someone to take care of him and give him so much love hope he really find that someone. Changing a littler bit of subject i wonder what happen to the celebrities that said they would like to go out with him…he should probably try on going to blind dates. Kekeke

  8. i actually want him to date a girl who is worth it. i don’t like him to date an idol or join wgm. but it’s his life so i’ll just be happy for him. i mean duh, who doesn’t love Youngbae? lol ^.^

    • yeah.. i know ur point.. and i also wish that for taeyang.. but isnt it kind of similar to jokwon,, hes never had dated and after hes joined wgm it worked out fine.. on the other hand dating infront of camera is burdensome tho.. afterall, its his choice.. so ill jus support him whoever he picks..

  9. YB…you are too cute/sexy not to have a gf.

  10. I’m HERE! haha

  11. i think he shud join we got married,, since hes a celebrity and currently popular i bet its hard to find some1.. and if he gets a non-celebrity gf.. i think the netizens will bash her.. so for now.. the best solution is wgm!! who you think hell be partnered with?

  12. Taeyang FIGHTING! Go for the girl u like and don’t let her go!

  13. i think VIPS are dying to see him have his first GF. really, he’s one of the very few…and i mean probably not even a handful…idols that fans would love to see dating. im pretty sure, once he finds her… the fans would support him 100%. the girl better not break YB’s heart though.. or she’ll have millions of fangirls hunting her down. LOL!

    • Yup.. I will be right behind you.. 😀

      If he really meet a girl he likes, he would be a loyal one in the relationship, since it would be like his first love… :D..

      Girls out there especially in Korea, if you are lucky enough to be with this shy man, you better take a good care of him… if not….

      Please don’t be surprise if you see appear in your life and make it unbearable for you.. 😀 *with eyes twinkling dangerously*

  14. Taeyang even though until old age would still be many who like it, because he’s very handsome

  15. i hope YB can meet someone he’s gonna fall in love with
    and i hope it’ll be sooner… 😀

    • lol. lets leave love aside (: boy might have a heart attack since he hasnt even had his first gf yet.

      hes kissed girls as part of his job, but never bc he was in a relationship

  16. Taeyang is such a sweetheart. Don’t worry, you will definitely meet your special someone.

  17. someday, you will meet the person who will take are of you and love you the way you wanted to be love. I hope I can show you that love but it’s impossible, 😦 I wish you all the best Youngbae.


    • Hahaha..

      If there is an open application to be his girlfriend, I would have click it right away… 😀

  19. @Dilani: I know what you mean. Let m ran into TaeYang and show him I’m the girl he’s been waiting for lol.
    I love Sean’s family. I think we all strive to get something close that. TaeYang is a great guy and total sweetheart, he’ll find someone and eventually his soulmate. I think he just needs to let go and like they say, “Just go for it”. Better to be loved than never be loved. TaeYang, don’t worry so much. We all want to see you happy. Go find her and if she knows a good thing she’ll treasure you.

  20. ME!!!!

  21. his caring and thoughtfulness is one of the many qualities about him that I admire and love. but at the same time, it’s an obstacle for him. I agree w/ another commenter. i hope taeyang becomes more comfortable with himself, and what he is able to offer to his significant other. whether it goes the way he wants it to, or not, isn’t the point. as long as he takes chances, and doesn’t regret anything (like he regrets not going further w/ his high school friend), then I think he can move forward.
    dammitttt…it’s times like these that I wish I was living in Korea, so I can sweep him off his feet. LOL.

  22. I would love to see Youngbae free from all his worries, he worries a lot from being a singer and not finding the right girl for him..he is also afraid to commit in a relationship, probably scared to be heartbroken…sigh.

  23. I can be ur girlfriend YB ;P jk
    but seriously YB did u hear that YooBin (and so many other girls in the entertainment business) think ur their type? =D go for it eheheh
    And that baby picture of him is ADORABLE! ❤

  24. awwww please date and be happy idc as long as your happy

  25. Amen, brother. I know how he feels.

  26. Taeyang, ME! ME! ME!


    Just kidding. I don’t know why but I think he would meet someone who would be the opposite of him, but has the same passion like him.

    Probably, that person could be someone close to him, but he hasn’t realize?

    I don’t care if the girl is beautiful or not. As long as YB loves her and she loves him back, that would be enough to me.

    Go YB/Taeyang!

  27. LOLS!! he hasn’t date anyone cuz he haven’t met me yet!!! thats y he was all like: “where u at girl” lols!

  28. worrying, thinking too much are obstacles that Taeyang needs to overcome before he can really enjoy himself
    Taeyang please “Be fearless, and be confident like a youth”
    just live freely stop thinking too much about the consequenses
    all VIPz will be happy to see you with a girlfriend so yeah quickly find one
    we all waiting for your happy news

  29. I wish he and sunye would date 🙂

  30. i’m right here baby =P lol i agree with another comment.. he’s probably the only one where fans would WANT him to date

  31. Aww Sean’s family is wonderful and lovely. A great couple to look up too. :]

    Taeyang is such a sweet, serious, thoughtful guy. ^^
    He’s my bias in Big Bang, but I’d be happy for him when he meets the girl of his dreams.

    Haha, omg that baby pic! So cute. n__n

  32. LOOOL!!
    I think lot of girls wants BF even husband like YB!! Hohoho~

  33. hope he gets a girlfriend soon.

  34. lol why, i think he shd try WGM for some reason :>

    • omgosh! Yes! He should join WGM and get some experience 🙂

      GO YB!

    • No.. Sorry…I can’t agree with you suggestion.. 😀

      I like him in a real relationship than a make believe one..

  35. Awww. You have a lot of fangirls to choose from dearie. 🙂

  36. huh?! I thought TY never dated before?!

    Anyways, aww~ it’s true that the Big Bang boys are getting older now, so I think this is a good time for him to find someone with all the stress he has to share his feelings with. He can secretly date like YG and Se7en..XD…no one has to know so then he can have both career and a gf! LOL..

    • he’s prolly the only person in idol world other than shindong that Fans would prolly let go out publicly.. for the first girlfriend atleast.

      • TRUST ME. all of his fans are like DYING for him to find someone already, including me. it’ll benefit him a lot coz he’ll get experience and he’ll be a better artist. we want him to feel loved by having that special someone. ❤

      • Yup….he’s one of the only idols where his fans want him to fall in love and be a happy family. He’s such a caring and thoughtful man…it’s a shame that he hasn’t found someone to love and care for. I want him to be able to open up and not worry so much…he just needs to put himself out there. A person would have to be crazy not to love him!

    • nopeee. as shocking as it may be, hes very, very shy around girls.

      gd and yb are polar opposites which only adds to how well they get along. being said, since gd is outgoing, yb is quite the introvert. but you know, girls are dying to date himm

  37. taeyang, yoobin is waiting! LOL

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