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‘Album King’ Super Junior 4th album ‘Bona Mana’ up #1 on May month album chart

Super Junior 4th album ‘Bona Mana’ tops album sales chart for the month of May.

SM Entertainment revealed on the 1st, “As of today (1st June), Super Junior’s 4th album ‘Bona Mana’ version A (released on 13th May) is at #1 and version B (released on 20th May) is #2 on the HanTeo monthly album chart.”

Crowned the best album seller in year 2009, there is great interests as to whether Super Junior will be able to retain the title as ‘album king’ for this year. Currently the title song ‘Bona Mana’ is #1 on KBS 2TV Music Bank KChart for 2 consecutive weeks, receiving great popularity from fans. And it is expected that this Super Junior fever will continue for a while.

Meanwhile, the album ‘Bona Mana’ is set to be released in other Asian countries like in Hong Kong on 4th June and in Taiwan, Thailand, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Japan on 18th June.


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  2. Yay, that’s awesome! Congrats SuJu

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  4. yeay.. as predicted..

    i bought ver A 😀 they gonna released it in Malaysia.. will buy malaysian version too..

  5. congrats to them! but i thought gdragon was the one crowned as best album seller last year with heartbreaker..if i’m not mistaken.

    • It was kinda confusing last year. GD was #1 on hanteo, but suju was #1 on other album charts.

    • that is because on hanteo they only count version A that is why GD came out on top
      but overall some other charts count all 3 versions that is why suju sold the most

  6. i bet most of their asian fans already bought the korean album, but yeah to support the group they gonna buy their country version again

  7. Whoa so cool! Hanteo charts #1 and #2 are both super junior’s 4th album!! Go suju!! 😀

  8. Indonesia!! ^.^

  9. Okkkkayyy…

    So.. what’s going to the difference between Version A and Version B?

    • Scrap that….

      What’s the difference between Version A and Version B?

    • SM Ent sucks! They always try to rip off the fans by releasing Version A, B, C…Z + Repackaged Edition. They know the fans os groups like SJ are very hardcore and they know they’ll buy ALL million versions of album released and SM ent try to suck all the money from these poor little girls. 😦

      But congrats to SuJu! ;D

      • but still…it’s good for them as they divide it into 10-13

      • @EllieS2: Naw, it’s only if you CHOOSE to buy all versions. They only have version A and B and repackaged is version C.

        I decided to only buy version A and eventually version C.

  10. good on them for selling album to bad there digital sales sux i think SM ang YG artist are the only one can sell album in Korea.

    • OKAY,stop bringing YG here. were talking about SUJu album sales . XD. way to go SUJU!

    • SM ent is only good with sales of physical sales.
      JYPE is good with digital sales.
      YG Ent is good with sales of physical sales AND digital sales.

      High digital sales means general public (not part of the artist/group fanclub) enjoys the music.

      Normally SM Ent’s artists/groups (maybe with the exception of DBSK) depend heavily on their fanbase, because general public likes them because of their looks, personas on variety shows and CFs and not for their music (which means you won’t see general public buying their music – cd or digital). I’m not saying that they don’t have talent, but SM ent promotes their groups more as entertainers than singers. SM ent don’t really focus on making good albuns that will be enjoyed even by non-ELFS.

      I’m not ELF, but I LOVE SuJu! 😀 But I wouldn’t really spend my money on their album because what made me love them is not really their music. But if they release one of their TV variety shows (like SJ Full House, for example) on DVD, I would for sure buy it! 😀

  11. Weee…….~
    can’t wait to buy their album…

  12. Suju<3333333333333333
    lol, I wouldn't be surprised if it topped Taiwan's k-pop charts for another 30+ weeks

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