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Joining KBS Invincible Youth as new member, netizens are interested as to who Kim Sori is

Joining KBS Invincible Youth as new member, there has been great interests from netizens regarding singer Kim SoRi.

The production team to Invincible Youth revealed on 31st May that f(x) Victoria, After School JooYeon and Kim Sori will join as new members with members SNSD Yuri, Sunny and 4Minute HyunA leaving the show after the filming on the 19th.

Who exactly is Kim Sori. She is the female lead to musical ‘The ballerina who loved the B-boy’. And last December, she released the song ‘Burning Down’ featuring ZE:A DongJoon which was well received by netizens.

S: TodayInKorea

Her other hits

When she came up with hits like ‘Real Lips’, she was even nicknamed as the next Son DamBi

16 Responses

  1. Just curious, how old is she?

  2. she sounds too scratchy for my liking…

  3. Wow she looks like my japanese cousin :/
    I checked out her stuff and shes really good ❤

  4. i’m quite upset that people didnt know she is.
    i’m a huge fan of hers.

    • I agree. Sori’s very underrated imo. I’ve been a fan since her debut. She’s got a lot of potential. I’m glad she’ll be getting some exposure on Invincible Youth. =)

  5. saw her on SGB quite a lot before… shes got amazing dancing skills~ and she has a really pretty smile 🙂 hope the 3 new members can settle in quickly 😀

  6. kim sori is sooo preeeetty ~

  7. ahh i remember sori from that video/song “We will go” by astro. she was a good dancer & actress in the vid. i also remember that video real lips was often played on Mnet too. well she’s pretty. good luck to her(:

    • actually it wasnt her mv that was played on mnet. i was confusing her with someone else lol but shes still pretty talented. (:

  8. Sori is very talented girl and Im glad that finally she will be able to shine I think Sori and Victoria will be close since both of them are ballerinas and around the same age and I think the reason why everyone is interested on her b/c she is the lest popular one comparing to the other girls

  9. I remember her. She debuted not too long ago. I remember “Real Lips” and even seeing her on SGB. Glad that she’s back. She’s an excellent dancer!

  10. I remember Sori.. she sung with lee jun ki in this one song x]

  11. I love Sori, but I’m really really really excited for victoria’s appearance on IY 🙂 eeeeeee!

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