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Mnet ‘Kim JaeDong Show’ taken down, speculations of political pressure behind decision

It has been announced that Kim JaeDong will no longer be hosting the show Mnet ‘Kim JaeDong Show’.

Kim JaeDong’s agency representative then released a news report on 1st June saying, “Today we came down with a tough decision. We would like to announce that the show under his own name ‘Kim JaeDong show’ to which Kim JaeDong had always prepared with sincerity will no longer be carried out.”

His agency also added, “After discussions with Mnet, we will be showing all the facts to the process of the show.” to explain themselves against the allegations that the process to the show is inappropriate.

Kim JaeDong’s representative added, “Ahead of the first airing of the show on 6th May, in late April when the memorial service to late president Noh MooHyun was held, we have requested for Mnet to reconsider the choice of attending the service. And then we were informed that the show will no longer carried out and will be reorganised because of the problem of attending the memorial service.”

“But Mnet told us that while they will be reorganising the show in June, there will be partial broadcasting. They also told us to wait for the time being. They kept on telling us things we cannot understand. We don’t see this decision because of pressure exerted on us. But the decision had us wondering if this is the doing of someone who is considering the sensitive political situation right now.”

Meanwhile, the first filming of ‘Kim JaeDong Show’ was done on 21st April, and the first airing was on 6th May. And there has been many speculations that it will not be broadcasted. Following that in mid-May, another filming session was canceled, rumours have it that it was due to political pressure.

S: TVReport

11 Responses

  1. I missed KJD like crazy, SGB was not the same without him…
    it’s crazy that celebrity cannot be given freedom of speech, there are singers that went to jail back then (way back then) for voicing out his opinion against the government…
    Well hope i can see KJD again soon, he’s such a great host, it’s too sad if they would never let him on screen again

  2. No crap theres stuff going on behind the scenes to bring him down because of his politcal views.

    It’s not like he was going to come out and just start talking about his views on politics and try to influence everyone in a bad way

    The government is way tooo involved with this industry. They sleep with rising stars to sponser them to get started and treat everyone like crap. It’s just so dirty.

  3. 1 of my fave MCs eva..He’s gt de wit n humour..Neva fails 2 entertain..Missed seein him on star golden bell..Wish he was still on de show,though..

  4. What’s the show about?

  5. He’s a great MC. He was always so funny on SGB. I hope there are better opportunities for him in the future

  6. he seems to be very kind and sincere so i dont understand all the drama
    first sgb and now this

  7. I feel bad for Kim JaeDong. I like how he is as MC. Have never seen him expressing stuff against the government though. Didn’t know that he gets targeted this much. Hope things work out for him some how.

    • He is a democrat and has expressed his political view many times in interviews. Because of this he has faced much opposition from the new Korean President. Because of his democratic views he was even kicked off of Star Golden Bell

      • he got kicked off sgb because of his political views?

        Never knew that. I thought HE left. Hmmm..

        But I never liked him. Just couldn’t get his humour. And he gives me the creeps.

        Still, it’s not fair to kick someone off a show and cancel their show coz of their views right? It’s not like he’s promoting his views ON the show. Is he?

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