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Secret confesses, “We are not the nation’s younger sisters but younger brothers”

Group Secret reveals, “We are the nation’s younger brothers.”

Currently promoting their 1st minialbum ‘Magic’, Secret was recently on SBS radio ‘2pm Escape Cultwo Show’ as guests on the show.

They were asked the question, “Now is the time of the girlgroups. What is the differentiating charms of Secret as compared to other girlgroups?” and leader Jeon HyoSeong replied, “I guess we are strong and have the charms of younger brothers. Nation’s younger brother image?”

With that, the viewers have asked the question, “Who had looked at all of you and see you as guys?”. Secret then gave a modest answer saying that they are not on the pretty side as compared to ther girlgroups.

The show is set to air on 3rd June at 9pm.


24 Responses

  1. i’m wondering over the fact that they considered themselves ‘less pretty’ just because they weren’t girly as what most people would expect. they’re pretty and hell they’re NOT boyish — they’re pretty sassy and fierce and i kinda like it.

    i’m not hating on them as a group, but when i come across comments like these, it comes off to me as ‘false modesty’.

    • Because it’s usually false modesty . If they say they’re pretty goddesses people would say they’re conceited I’m pretty sure they are aware that no one thinks of them as boys or less attractive compared to their girlgroup counterparts.

      • well they don’t need to say they’re pretty goddesses lol. i mean ok, most idols do this false modesty act at times, but the comment istelf made by the group just made me want to roll my eyes. i’m not personally attacking them, because if this was another group or my favorite group i would have done and felt the same. i’m just having problems with such reasoning.

        lol i think i’m having a bad day. they said it lightheartedly, and yet i had this ‘oh really?’ thing in my mind. sorry.

  2. didn’t know “nation’s youngest sisters” was an exclusive title. though i do hear the wonder girls being called that a lot. moon geun young as well. although both of them are not as young anymore (compared to newer groups and actresses), and with younger groups debuting left and right, i’m sure someone else will be called that title.

  3. When were they ever proclaimed the “nations younder sisters” in the first place?

    The only girl groups I’ve heard given prestigious titles are:

    WG: Nations Little Sisters
    SNSD: Nations Fairies

    Next in line to get a title should be in order of how long they’ve been in the industry: Kara, 2NE1 and so on.

    • Meh, SNSD aren’t really fairies
      I mean, their reputation is insane of course
      but fairies? the word itself bothers me….

      Well, at least we all know that they are moreso
      a RELIGION for the South Korean men serving their time in the army XD ❤

    • snsd took that role from their sunbae SES…yeah you can say that but for sone…their beauties are of fairies

  4. I thought it is Wondergirls that was dubbed as nation’s younger sister…

  5. umm nooo sorry, i dont think so,
    but i like them though :]

  6. actually, they’re all really pretty. these girls are so modest. but i guess they do have the more boyish side as opposed to being girly and stuff. it’s true that they don’t give off the girly aura. more like sporty and hyper.

    as to who i think is the nation’s younger brothers, i’d say 2NE1 but they don’t exactly give off that vibe either. more like nation’s older brothers. HAHA!! they’re just too intense to be considered “younger” since that label usually entails innocence and naivety(sp?) and cuteness and 2NE1 definitely aren’t in that category.

    SHINee or f(x) suits that title better. lol. vote goes to SHINee since they’re actually boys. hahaha.

    • LAWLLLLLLLLLL older brothers.
      true that.
      although minji is still jailbait.

      and shinee is the true nation’s younger brothers.
      esp. taemin ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  7. umm i dont want to rain on their parade but they seem girly to me..well to a certain extent of course.
    Im a black jack and I would nominate 2NE1 as the ‘nation younger brothers’ haha because they arent really girly at all and well we know they dont dominate in the looks department but are each uniquely beautiful, the ‘second glance’ types . plus i feel of the current girlgroups they have the strongest appeal/ manlier side

    • bla bla bla bla bla….. and after school are PCD wannabes, Rain is an Usher wannabe, dbsk are bsb wannabes, 2am are boys2men wannabes, epik high are JayZ/eminem wannabes and hyori is a beyonce wannabe.

      i can play your game all day long hater. that don’t make me right.

      but it definitely makes you WRONG. lolol.


      I LOVE THIS <33333333333

    • so lame. do you even know what gangsters are? Im sure you dont because if you did you would sure the hell know that 2ne1 is not acting or trying to act like gangsters at all. stupid ass

  8. aww but they’re beautiful!

  9. SHINEE boys are the nation’s younger brothers.

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