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Super Junior DongHae, “Once I have my eyes on a girl, I will make her my girl”

Super Junior DongHae reveals his unique theory of love relationship.

DongHae was recently on MBC Yoo JaeSeok Kim WonHee’s Come To Play aired on 31st May. And on the show, he said, “Once I have my eyes on a girl, I will make her my girl.”

But before he had said that, DongHae had revealed that he has once impersonated as an overseas fans and hugged WonderGirls SunYe. And the MCs asked, “By any chance, do you have a thing for Sunye?” And DongHae explained, “I’m a fan. Since I saw the audition, I have been watching her on TV. I hope she will continue to do well.”

Meanwhile, on the show HyeLim also chose Super Junior KyuHyun as her favourite member on the show.

S: Newsen

28 Responses

  1. i can tell why guys like sunye so much. in terms of body, she’s average, not too skinny and not too curvy and very petite. she doesn’t strut herself too much. she’s veryyyy polite and mature and easy to approach. who wouldn’t love her!

    sunhae ❤

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  3. omg oppaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ make me yours .__. ❤

  4. wow, lucky sunye i envy her alot! JoKwon is so sweet to her, and leeteuk confessed too! Now DongHae, oh i want to be sunyeeee :'(. lucky her but she worth it since she was so pretty, has amazing voice, great dance…

  5. WOAH. Sun is everywehre a dream girl no.xD

  6. I ship DongYe~

  7. sunye is like a girl-next-door who stole everyone’s heart.i ship dongye<333

  8. so donghae likes sunye?? sunye is great leader 😀 didn’t expect this.. but it’s good since it’s not sohee.. lol..

  9. and on music core, donghae wore the huge diamond ring during sj perf, and sunye wore hers while she MCed. awesomeness. ^^

  10. Sunye is seriously one lucky girl! I thought Yubin was popular but turns out that Sunye is too. can’t blame her. She’s so pretty~

    Go leader!

  11. sohee wasnt kidding when she said sunye gets approached the most lol.

    But then again, who wouldnt like sunye? that girl is one of a kind. Religious, generous, modest, beautiful, professional, classy, talented. sesiously

  12. wow what? won’t sunye recognize her Sunbae?? isnt donghae her sunbae?

  13. “Once I have my eyes on a girl, I will make her my girl.” hehehe he is so funny >.<

    SunYe – Jo kwon [2am]
    SunYe – Jung Yonghwa [CNblue]
    SunYe – Taeckyeon [2pm]

    SunYe – Donghae [S.J.]

    • I think SunYe is the type of girl who will date someone out of the industry… she is a really wholesome girl.

      • Well she dated Jay before they debuted.
        I understand why people like Sunye, she’s beautiful and has a girl-next-door way charm. She’s also super talented (amazing voice and dances pretty well) and she seems very mature and kind.

    • Sunye didn’t ask for all the attention she got from those hot boys.

      oh, u forget to add Leeteuk.

      Who wouldn’t like this lovely girl?

  14. J. SooYeon <333

    • lol. your comment had nothing to do with Donghae but yeaah, Jung Sooyeon! ^^

      • yes! J. Sooyeon!

      • si tiene que ver, ellos solian salir antes de que el debutara. ambos eran bastante jovenes asi que no creo que hayan llegado a hacer todas las ‘cosas’ que hacen las parejas.
        Si tu videos videos donde ellos aparecen juntos como por ejemplo heechul radio (con sulli y wonbin o algo asi) te daras cuenta que tienen un pasado por la forma en q se comportan, se miran y se hablan. :]

        J. SooYeon ❤

  15. LOL
    though I think he has his eyes on another girl actually.


  16. to much ‘DongHae things’ lately :s

  17. and what a LUCKY girl

  18. wow 🙂
    he doesnt seem like he would be that direct
    im surprise, but i like that!

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