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Super Junior Lee Teuk, “When I first saw the 13-year-old SunYe, I thought I had stopped breathing”

Super Junior Lee Teuk confesses on the special memory he had of WonderGirls SunYe.

Lee Teuk was on SBS Yoo JaeSeok Kim WonHee Come To Play aired on 31st May when he had sent a text message ‘Do you remember oppa?’ to SunYe in the ‘Chamber Room Meeting’ corner on the show. He explained, “I know that SunYe debuted through an audition show. When I was watching that on the TV, I thought that she is going to do well. I was a fan.”

He added, “Back then I was still a trainee. One day, I was hungry and I had went to a fast food restaurant, and there in front of me was the 13-year-old SunYe. The first time I saw her I was so nervous I thought I was going to stop breathing.”

Meanwhile, on the show that day, the guest appearances are Super Junior (HeeChul, Lee Teuk, ShinDong, DongHae, KyuHyun) and WonderGirls.


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  3. People…. Don’t overreact by calling him a pedo. At 13, Sunye was famous for looking like Eugene of S.E.S. (Eugene was known as the beauty of S.E.S. and S.E.S. was really famous at that time and were known as the nation’s fairies.) That is probably the reason Teukie liked her at a young age.

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  5. ahahahaha leeteuk, God bless, SunYe, you were given such a pretty face and talent that all boys look at you. JoKwon, and now LeeTeuk confessed XD.

    it’s kinda weird but i think it’s funny. i’ll blush if i were sunye

  6. people are mistaken?

    he stopped breathing because hes a fan! a fan of her talent. lol obviously no pedo. especially at that young age. you only look to date older girls just so you look “mature”

    other than that, cutee (: i cant wait to hear more wg news. sadly, it wont last forever as my girls are gonna be in the states and china maybe?

    • this. someone with actual brains is speaking.

      pedo accusations now? wtf? haters are incredible. like @mousss said. it’s cuz he was her fan. we all know how awesome sunye’s voice is and even at 13 there’s no doubt she was great. eeteuk was just kinda starstruck maybe.

      gosh people these days.


    i love you, Eeteuk.

  8. isn’t it normal to have like someone?? teukie is 5(?) years older.. i think it’s ok.. it’s not creepy..

    • So it’s okay if your 15 yr old daughter is being stared at by a 20 year old? Quit defending this guy just because ‘s a kpop idol.

      • Actually, wasn’t this the basically the case for Miley Cyrus and her ex?

      • *basically the case

      • It’s creepy because it’s like an 18 year old guy finding a 13 year old who looks like a child attractive.

        As for Miley Cyrus, it’s ok because she looks like she’s done with puberty.

      • Dude I’m sorry but a 13 year old girl and a 19 year old guy is gross. GROSS.

        It’s like a seventh-grader going out with a first-year uni student.

        …Like I said, GROSS.

  9. thats just sick didnt he have the same feelings for Yoona too at a young age

  10. sorry leeteuk, she has GD or Taeyang XD

  11. I’d probably freak out if I found that out. LeeTeuk lol

  12. Ewwwww that is seriously creepy!!There are somethings that Lee teuk shud keep to himself. She was 13 and looked like a baby, to say u stopped breathing is just gross… If I was sunye I wud be creeped out. I like teukie but that’s not rite.

    • Agreed! LOL I think something going on with SM and JPY right now… hahahaha

      • LooooooooooooL XD that’s interesting,
        and Lee tuke love whoever he want, first yoona

  13. Ok that’s just creepy. o_O

    I saw youtube clips of Sunye on that show and she looked sooooo young. There are girls who look mature for their age but Sunye literally looked like a little kid. For Leeteuk to kinda have a crush on her is scary to me because he was already 19 years old by that time.

  14. well it’s normal…a lot of old guys likes little girls

    • Ok PEDO. Normal for YOU, but not the victims.

      • Victims? He didn’t touch them or anything, just said that he liked them.

      • I think you forgot the “yet” in your sentence.

      • Victims? WTF?! It’s not like leeteuk abused her or something! And who knows, sunye might like him too.

      • They weren’t even talking about etteuk! sheesh Just pedophiles in general. Gosh stupid fan girls. If he raped someone I guess it’s okay with ya’ll too huh? Of course, anything they do is FINE because they are part of super junior.

      • No, it wouldn’t. Don’t generalize us all.

        The point is, he said he liked them, but he never touched them – that’s when it crosses the line.

  15. WTF!! that’s o.O
    pedobear !!

  16. At 13 years old, SunYe looked just like Korea’s fairy, Eugene; and that’s how she caught my eye

  17. Ouw that’s so cute..
    Leader & leader couple..

    I love Sunye too..
    She’s so pretty..


    • If the guy were not leeteuk and the little girl were you sister..
      is cute right?????

  18. LMAO
    Leeteuk you fall in love too easily, with younger girls and older women.

    Hopeless romantic

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