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TaecYeon confesses, “Right now, as well as in the past, I like YoonA the best”

Group 2PM member TaecYeon shows his affection towards So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA.

On SBS Family Outing 2 aired on 30th May, WonderGirls had appeared as special guests on the show together with the Family members making a visit to GaeMi Village in KangWonDo.

YeEun said on the show, “TaecYeon, who is from the same agency as I am, talks really a lot about So Nyeo Shi Dae.” SunYe also added, “Ever since So Nyeo Shi Dae appeared on 2PM ‘Idol Army’ in the past, he just keep talking about them.”

SunYe continued to reveal, “From the beginning, TaecYeon liked YoonA.” TaecYeon then explained, “Like the past and now, I like YoonA the best.” much to the surprise of the other appearances on the show.

S: HanKyung

39 Responses

  1. hope they really date in real live

  2. I’m not tired of hearing about them.
    SUNYE & YEEUN are the ones that stired up the scandal.
    And it’s not like it’s the media’s fault. Taec keeps saying stuff like that+giving her perfume. And Taec is a gentle guy, he’s not angry like his persona on stage…so Yoona could totally fall for him. And you can see that Yoona is going to get jealous that Sunye chose Taec, and so love triangle. Plus Yoona too gives Taec many glances… in Cabi MV and in FO2. So it’s not as one-sided as it seems… anyways, I love TaecYoon, the beauty & the beast!!!

  3. oh WTF! so why did she chose SUNNY at Idol army if she liked YoonA ever since! just WTF! she chose Tiffany at ideal type world cup thing over YonnA.okay we got it Taec! you like her and YoonA seems so! JUST DATE! haha. I love YOONTAEC!

    • I think that Taec has said everyone before except for Yoona. Like he said Sunny, Tiffany, Yuri!!
      sunny+fany = same club then yoona
      yuri = yoona’s ‘twin’

  4. ^ the coupling in idol army were all script

  5. tch. Taecyeon and Sunny were my 9pm otp,
    guess thats no longer the case.
    why did he pick Sunny during Idol Army then…
    i thought his feelings were sincere. but apparently not.

    • he didnt choose yoona in idol army before because he now that 2 people already choose yoona (nickhun and chansung)

    • probably because somebody had to chose somebody, and it was probably all scripted. or random. all i know is they knew who they were going to try and pair up with from the start, just so that there wouldn’t be a girl who didn’t get picked or wooed.

      • I think it was not scripted.the BOYS knew from the very start who will they chose. SNSD does not know.

  6. don worry Taec like u said rumors will dissapear but its funny how he seems to create these rumors himself

    • Maybe he really likes Yoona? but every SONE knows Yoona is not into beastly/manly guys. She likes gentle, innocent & family guy.

      don’t blame on them lol when media publicized them. it’s not their fault, and look Heechul & Wonder Girls brought the scandal back. Tae just completed it, and Yoona innocently received the blame.

      They’re so many scandals that are long enough in the industry, like JongKook & Eun Hye. but people don’t fed up? just because the hating is on Taec in 2PM, and the same happens to Yoona in SNSD lately, you just need to blame on them?

      • I’m a SONE and even when Yoona says she likes gentle, etc. she likes muscle and abs too (see her reaction to Jaebom’s abs back in the day, and to Taec’s muscle in ep. 9 of family outing).

        In strong heart, she said she prefers a gentle face and that if it’s based on face ONLY she chooses Seungi. So if there was personality AND face, who would she choose?

        It’s not like Taec is not gentle, innocent & a family guy too.

  7. lol like he’s the only one in love with yoona…

  8. I was cool with the Taecyoon pairing at first, but now….
    Looks like the media has been milking this “scandal” for far too long now.

    eh anyways, every Yoona fan knows Yoona doesn’t like beastly guys, she likes men with a more gentle look and about 5 years older.

    Pretty much this taecyoon deal is one-sided.

  9. i am not surprised. if i were to meet yoona, i’d be talking about her all the time too

    i guess taecyeon was reallyyy jealous of the maknae then.
    if i remember correctly, the “general” chansung chose yoona during idol army, haha (:

    then comes the time when nickhun did that one skit with yoona. i bet taecyeon, being the boy he is, was jealous behind the scenes.

    life of an idol stinks sometimes. you cant date unless they dont mind their fans raiding their studios and homes and what not

    • Same!! If I met Yoona, because of her personality and her beauty, I’d just be talking about her^^

      remember the OkCats he drew? I had always found it weird that Taec drew Yoona so much more beautifully than the rest of the cats……..it seemed weird.

      if we go back and watch, I think the signs were there, but we didn’t think about the possibility until MBC Gayo Daejun and until we saw them interact in FO2. i’m not saying they are dating, but it seems like they could soon be dating. and Taec always saying that it’s awkward!! maybe because they are friends but have something going on LOL

      but it seems that everyone is forgetting something: Taec, Seulong, Tiffany, Sunny and Yoona are part of the NUT CLUB. They are really good friends…. but it seems that Walnut (Taec) & Pine Nut (Yoona) have something going on, just saying (:

  10. ugh..seriously!!!!annoyed wif the taec-yoona stuff..find another girl taec..

  11. who cares about this. report on bigger issues please.

    • what is wrong with this damn korean media reporting about this lame sh*t? they rather report about this mess instead of about mnet and the big issue they are in now.

      you would think that after over 5k blog posts and over 100k views all over. that korean media would report on it but i guess nope.

      • ?? what’s happening to mnet?? damn mnet really knows how to cover things up well

  12. OMG!!!!! do the writers of the show no that NO CARES ANYMORE! like seriously everybody is over this!…. Taec and Yoona are over this. it’s all one sided anyway (Taec).

    they already said that their over everybody asking them questions abt them secretly dating, and then the PD makes them say things like this!?! their ratings are high now so cud they just kill this boring topic now.

    • “NO CARES ANYMORE!” LOL really?
      don’t speak for all..

    • you said: ”they already said that their over everybody asking them questions abt them secretly dating, and then the PD makes them say things like this!?!”

      hum, when they said that they are tired of people asking them that, it’s when Taec gave her the perfume. We still HAVEN’T seen it. It’s gonna be in the next one… so it’s more like the confession happened before he even gave her perfume!

      there is a reason why this scandal doesn’t die down —> it’s too close to the truth! I mean usually when Yoona appears next to a guy it creates a scandal. Same for Taec. But now, even when they appear with another male or female idol/celeb, they don’t associate them at all….there is too much evidence and something is clearly fishy.

      don’t read or watch if you don’t like. but like or not, you are giving it attention and that’s what the media wants…

      • As a viewer of the show I find it Hella boring, I don’t like repeated shit that clearly has no substance. All yoona fans no that she likes sweet and gentle guys….last time I checked taec is a “manly beast” compelet opposite of that. We all no how much the pd’s of the show need viewers so what better way to get that then a fake coupling! I tottally agree with maligurl it is boring and overplayed.

  13. i seriously think the media have exaggerated this couple thing for long enough.

  14. Uhhhhhhhh…. so ??

    • tell that to Wonder girls..

      ´YEEUN said on the show, “TaecYeon, who is from the same agency as I am, talks really a lot about So Nyeo Shi Dae.”

      SUNYE also added, “Ever since So Nyeo Shi Dae appeared on 2PM ‘Idol Army’ in the past, he just keep talking about them.”

      SUNYE continued to reveal, “From the beginning, TaecYeon liked YoonA.”´

      • totally agree. wonder girls are the ones who started talking about that topic.

      • the reason why the wonder girls talked about it was because HEECHUL asked taecyeon who his favorite snsd member was.

      • hey hey hey!

        gossip! the girls can talk about whatever they want!
        they know it isnt taboo and it isnt restricted info.

        the media decides what to publish and so they publish it. point is, its getting hits. from the very same people who are saying too much yoona and taec drama (:

      • Totally agree. Look who started it. We wouldn’t have known since they were not playing the loveline in FO2 before this episode…

  15. This is totally over played…..
    We get it now, you two like each other

    let’s get on to something new

    • i think the taeyeon-yoona thing is being overplayed too.its like,they’re everywhere..i guess sometimes its too much for the fans to handle.

    • thank you

    • it isnt overplayed. just dont follow them if you feel as if it is, lol

    • No kidding, everyone’s talking about how the WG brought it up – hellooo these shows are scripted! Look, they’re cute together (I guess), they’re probably dating, let’s all accept it so we can stop tip-toeing all over the place about liking each other.

    • it’s not overplayed is just that so much happened at that recording and we are getting it by bits and pieces lol
      and wondergirls brought it up…because it’s scripted maybe, but you can,t deny their attraction to each other…it’s just like they don’t know what to do about it.

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