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KARA members’ passport and VISA photos revealed!

Group KARA’s passport and VISA photos revealed.

The photos were recently revealed through an online community site. Only 4 members’ passport photos were revealed, excluding Goo Hara’s. In the photos revealed, the girls showed off the fresh and youthful side of them.

Go under the cut for the photos.

S: SeoulNTN

Meanwhile, a letter written by Goo Hara when she was in elementary school was recently revealed on a community portal site

31 Responses

  1. I have double eyelids with both of my eyes -__-
    c‘mon, i am a sone and kamilia too
    wether they had PS or not, i still love them
    as a fangirl i can understand why they want to PS

  2. How about we all agree that KARA and SNSD both didn’t have surgery. life would be so much easier. -.-

    whythefck do people see a person NATURALLY CHANGING over a period of time and immediately think of plastic surgery -.- it pisses me off so much.

    weight loss, makeup, BRACES, and age can change looks.

    I know people that NATURALLY got double eyelids too.

  3. get over it ppl.. koreans is famous with this surgeries thing.. most of the idols is plastic (those whose got little talent).. but who’s care anyway.. they HAVE to look good in tv if they have little talent if they want to get notice..
    If their talent is huge, they wont need this surgeries.. got it?

  4. It’s not that i’m against girls who had plastic surgery, but I can kind of see why it maybee can be seen like a bad thing, since people undergo surgery to look more beautiful than they naturally are, and that is kind of “cheating”, because that just means everyone can become beautiful. I’m not saying its an easy process, it most be very difficult undergoing such painful surgeries. But it doesn’t matter to me, as long as they have talent and are naturally sweet, instead of being diva’s.. 🙂

  5. to all people saying that JESS and TIFFANY went to plastic is seriously DUM.just look at their past pictures and analyze them clearlr.Fany lost weight.Jess had braces so herjawline changes.in SoShi. it’s only YuRi and hyoYeon who went to surgery.and as a S♥NE.it’s okay with me.koreans are known being into surgeries anyways.. and
    and gyuri looks so awesome here!

  6. Snsd made surgeries u guys -_-

  7. Plastic surgery or not, it’s the inside that counts.

    Some of these girls are forced to get plastic surgery so that they can conform to an unrealistic notion of ‘pretty’ just to get into the entertainment business. It would damage your self esteem pretty badly.
    Think about that before you start hating on someone whose gotten plastic surgery.

    • Who gives a fuck though?

      Do people genuinely care about the PS issue or do they just use that as an excuse to hate on idols?

      tbh, whoever hates them for getting plastic surgery/not looking good without makeup was just expecting for a reason to hate them, or already hated them in the first place.

      Idgaf if they are natural or not. Being natural doesn’t make anyone prettier in my eyes. If they look good now, they do. I don’t care if they looked bad 8 years ago.

  8. I know why girls often go crazy about female idols did PS. Because these idols were ugly/nothing special just like us (or worse than us) until they did PS they become beautiful, everybody praises them and some male idols like them. So normal girls find it very unfair. Maybe I’m talking about my feeling, too. I used to hate female stars that did PS and then people or their fans said “you are so pretty/gorgeous/such a doll ~”. I admit that sounds so ridiculous and that why I hate who did PS
    About Kara i admit that I’m a hater of them. Since their debut I loved Goo Hara and Nicole who was very natural and pretty just the way they are. But since “Wanna” I’ve seen a Goo Hara who couldn’t even smile naturally, just open her fake eyes wide and keep acting like a doll. For what ? Fake. Same as Nicole. I miss old Nicole who was chubby and funny, not this trying-to-be-sexy !

  9. i don’t care if they have plastic surgery because they all are the prettiest idol group.Beside they all still pretty without make-up..huhuhu..i will always support kara..

  10. Plastic surgery issue is getting dumb really…
    I wonder why kpop idols always get the heat for it when Japanese or Taiwanese celebs had them worse esp US celebs who totally define plastic dolls!
    Not to mention the heat is always on girls when most guy idols also did…
    Double standard… well, it’s expected from jealous fangirls.

    • Those Japanese/Tawianese artists get the heat, too. You’re obviously on a kpop blogsite so of course you won’t see comments like that.

  11. seriously who care about plastic surgery, as long they look good that’s all it matter, those who care are haters for sure

  12. They all look pretty. When did Kara become known for massive amounts of plastic surgery, isn’t that another group? I think they are mostly natural.

  13. I guess… it’s because of the plastic surgery?

    • Plastic surgery in your assssssssss!

    • Only hara (and maybe Nicole) had plastic surgery. But Hara is brave and sincere girl because she and UEE where the only members of idol groups that admitted undergoing plastic surger while other idols who obviously had plastic surgery don’t admit (SNSD’s Tiffany & Jessica, i’m talking to you!).

      • Jessica already said she didn’t do plastic surgery on a radio show.

      • plastic surgery on snsd? PUH-LEASE.

      • Would you admit? When you are on strong heart, you would say anything to get spotlight.I give it to Hara for being brave.

      • Define “obviously”…

        So if I said u’re obviously a retard but doesn’t admit, and u’re a retard?? (Ellie S2, I’m talking to you!)

      • I don’t get people are still arguing over the whole “SNSD is plastic” issue. They had plastic surgery. Get over it. I don’t see how that’s such a big deal. Kara probably had plastic surgery too, and so do the other 375943753 Korean stars. Plastic surgery has gotten so common in Korea that it’s weird to make a fuss over minor surgeries.

      • What makes u so sure that Fany n Sica had plastic surgery… Sica admitted that she had no surgery in a radio show n I trust her coz she’s the type that will remain quiet if an accusation is true.
        U’re always such a hater to SNSD. The fuss about plastic surgery related to SNSD all the time is getting dumb when most korean celebs had it worse…. SNSD don’t look weird or scary at all… I think some members should push or pull or squeeze their noses in front of u to prove they had no surgery…

      • Since none of us know either of them, we could hardly speak for them. But, let’s just say, if they did get plastic surgery and they admit to it, what good will that do? With SNSD’s history of vicious attacks about their looks, it will only cause them more pain. They’re comfortable with ignoring the rumors so they just won’t add fuel to a stupid fire. They might be idols but they don’t have to share every detail of their lives with the public.

      • fany is innocent of gross plastic surgery. there are pictures for proof. they may be released through ss*. 🙂 good day

      • goo hara just looks plastic-y ..
        but i don’t think she got that much plastic surgery, compared to most other girl groups.

        but most of them do get touch ups.. i don’t think many people have naturally perfect faces..

      • shush it, retard!! leave them alone, will ya… I believe your and only idol is a fukin old hag next door cuz she…didnt have surgery…

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