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Park KyungLim, “If SNSD is a cafe in Europe, WonderGirls is like a teahouse in Insadong”

Park KyungLim compares the 2 biggest girlgroups in Korea – WonderGirls and So Nyeo Shi Dae.

On KBS WinWin aired on 1st June, Park KyungLim said, “If So Nyeo Shi Dae is the cafe in Europe, WonderGirls give the feeling of a teahouse in InSaDong.”

She then gave collections of her experience with the WonderGirls, “I saw SunYe at a broadcast filming, and after that I saw again at the restaurant. I should be the one treating but in the difference of 2 seconds, SunYe has bought the meals first. After that, I met her at the radio program again, her expressions were just mother-like. She give off a really approachable feel.”

She added, “I met YooBin and SoHee near JYP’s office once. The weather was really hot so we went to an ice cream shop to get ice cream. I said ‘Choose whatever you want to eat’ and SoHee asked ‘Can I eat the one worth 700KRW?’. YooBin who was next to her said ‘There is the 500KRW one, you are really going to choose the 700KRW one?’,” which had roused laugther during the filming.

Park KyungLim said, “The next time I met them, I treat them like a family. They are friends who are full of affection.”


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  1. Ya true..WG gives comfort and warm feeling..it’s like when we’re coming to a teahouse. I like them. 🙂

  2. OMG!!! SNSD ..!! luv 4ever .. ahaha .. No comment hahah

  3. To wonderful, please, I’m begging you.
    If u want to say WG is good, humble or friendly, it’s ok but please don’t bashing SNSD after your comment about how good WG is.

    I started to like WG but because of Wonderful always bashing SNSD I’m started to doubt my feeling about WG.
    We’re fans and fans would be hurt if their idol being scolded or bashed.

  4. Wg is definitely a humble and down-to-earth group..All the members are friendly and they never think highly of themselves….

    Most members of SNSD,on the other side(according to what i observe during variety programmes) KNOW that they are popular and are abit of show-offs..Not all,but some…Maybe I just don’t like the fact that some of them think that acting cute will actually make people love them..Sorry,but this is what i think..

    WG is matured and they are true to themselves and everything they do..they do not pretend to be cute and they stick to who they really are..=)

  5. On KBS WinWin aired on 1st June, Park KyungLim said, “If So Nyeo Shi Dae is the cafe in Europe, WonderGirls give the feeling of a teahouse in InSaDong.” <- WTF does this even mean?!!

  6. Both gal groups haf their own strengths,i guess..I think snsd take de lead in de looks factor,while wg are more abt their personality..wg looks more down 2 earth n friendly,nt dat snsd is nt..I think snsd is more marketable den wg..but,jyp manage 2 promote wg in de u.s..Who knws if 1 dae sm mae decide 2 market snsd in de u.s..@ de end of de day,its still a friendly n healthy competition btwn snsd n wg coz it is a boost 4 korean girl groups 2 follow de success of snsd n wg..

  7. honestly, even though wg does look more approachable than snsd … i think i’d prefer to hang out with snsd, probably just because wg is always so quiet on variety shows as compared to … sooyoung lol XD
    hnn, i’m trying to say this in a way so that it won’t start a fanwar … but i don’t get how soshi gives off a fancy and glamorous feel. probably cause after watching iy i think of sunny as a soonkyu and yuri as a farm girl XD

    • Really? If you watched WG on their own shows: MTV WG seasons 1-3, Welcome to Wonderland, Wonder Bakery they have really amazing funny personalities… on variety shows they don’t really get on well with it… idk if its because they feel uncomfortable with other celebrities or because it is scripted so they can’t be themselves,,

      But watching MTV Girls’ Generation and Girls’ Generation Factory it lacks something… compared to Wonder Girl reality TV shows.. Whereas SNSD on Variety Programs they are really lively and funny compared to Wonder Girls…

      Guess this is why the two groups differ

      • Yeah. SNSD doesn’t fit the reality show style where you have to act natural, they’re more suitable for variety shows style because there are scripts and they just have to follow their roles.

        The thing with SNSD is because everything they do on interviews, variety shows, etc are so scripted. Sometimes it seems like each member of SNSD is just acting a role because they don’t seem to have layers on their personalities, they just stick with 1 persona: the cold one, the cute one, the funny one, the perfect wife, etc. (Probably SM ent force them to maintain a certain role on public appearances in order to fit variety shows style. SM ent is one of the first ent companies to train their artists to have variety show skills ).

      • i like both groups and both groups’ personalities.
        it seems to me what PKL meant is that ‘the packaging’ is the difference between the two groups.
        SME is known to be a big company so they’ve got all the glitz & glamor while JYPE offers the same product but the packaging is simpler.

        i guess the interpretation depends on what you like more. if you like to visit what appears to be more glamorous then you’ll choose SNSD or if you have the best time hanging out at your fave teahouse then it’s WG.
        i think it’s best to mix and match 😉

  8. so sweet of the WG! I kinda agree with what KyungLim said. WG gives off that friendlier aura than SNSD. Although I’m sure SNSD girls are also friendly. WG girls are so down to earth and have big hearts. Love love love them more

  9. this is not a shocking news because kyunglim onced said in a radio program that she thinks wondergirls are the best girlgroup and they have the biggest hearts..i’m not really a big fan of wg but i do admit that they have good hearts..they make me think more about my attitude as a person..err i know i hurt a lot of fans here in kbites and i would like to apologize about that..i am just being honest..anyway nice analogy kyunglim!

  10. YUP Wonder Girls always show their true personalities, never act , so i LOVE them

    Never act to be cute, act to creat attention always with warm heart and bringing the true feeling

  11. When i first read the title i though “huh” then i read the article and though PKL has it spot on. I think the reason why people love wondergirls is becuase of their girl next door feel. They really are just like normal teens inside. So down to earth.

    • Yeah! That’s one of the reasons I like Wonder Girls, they have a very friendly, down-to-earth vibe. They seem like girls you could be friends with. It’s the same vibe I get from 2NE1. No wonder why Wonder Girls are considerated Korea’s sisters.

  12. I suppose it’s because whenever you see WG, they’re always bowing, quiet, smiling, and never so wildly outgoing that it always gives off a mature, humble feeling where you don’t feel intimidated. They don’t always emit a “stars” vibe, but you can actually see them as a close friend/family.

    I’m not comparing WG to any other group, just specifically pointing out to WG.

    It kinda makes me go aww about the 500 KRW and the 700 KRW. Because in USD, that’s only about 50-70 cents, which is really cheap ^o^

  13. I may not be a fan of WG but they do give us the feeling like,”Come, let have tea together.” 😀

    I just hope JYP could manage them well. Brush up more of their talents so they could be respect both in their personality and their talent.

    YeEun has a thing for songwriting, so JYP should give her some freedom to explore it more.

  14. Love SNSD & WG <3333

  15. LOL Park KyungLim..

  16. I’m a bigger SNSD fan than WG but I admit that WG is more simple while SNSD is more glamorous.
    This is just based on how they dress though… But that doesn’t mean that SNSD is not approachable.
    Both groups seem to be very nice and down to earth.
    My fav 2 girl groups. Both have different charms n fair share of flaws.
    If WG n SNSD would ever appear in the same variety show, they would totally compliment each other. ^^

    PKL is close with SNSD….
    I wonder what exactly did she mean with cafe in Europe coz she only gave explanation about WG.
    Yoobin was FUNNY…XD

    No matter what, the 2 groups already set their names as kpop legend like FinKL n SES.

    • Cafes kinda have an image of “fancy” and it’s in Europe… which is far and “foreign”. A teahouse in Insadong has the image of a place to relax and be at home.

      I don’t know. Maybe it’s like going to a nice restaurant looking prim and everything, but once you get home, you wear your comfy clothes and take out your sweats and such.

    • They’re both friendly as what I read from various fanacc of both because I love both group. SNSD gives this glamorous vibe that made you hesitate to approach them while WG looks simply approachable. Wasn’t WG = Nation’s sisters while SNSD = Nation’s fairies?

  17. no matter what! i love both groups!!! ^_^

  18. aww…sunye is so sweet.
    she have a mother-figure even for a people older than her.

  19. lol idgi

  20. Awee I do get a feeling that wg are more approachable
    they just give off a good vibe
    they’re Korea’s darlings

  21. I was touched by the pureness of their soul… I feel bad for them and always try to turn a blind eye but let’s be honest, these girls are exploited. I don’t mean that JYP is using them for money (maybe?)… but i think they are overworking, pursing a dream that will go nowhere at the end.
    I sound pessimist but until when will the idol craze last ?? They are more than 10 idol groups debuts each year now (male and female)… this market is saturated !

    Anyways… WG fighting, i hope the SME contract controversies won’t migrate to JYPE.
    YGE is doing fine with its artists because they deeply respect them… take a note S&J !

    • i agree so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  22. Sounds like she is more comfortable with wonder girls… It’s like saying one is the tea shop you always frequent and the other one is that expensive store you go on a rare occassion.

    Sunye brought the meals?? It’s so expected .. She loves being the mother hen.

    Sohee and yoobin …. Just too cute… Wanting to save park kyung lim’s money

  23. awww that’s the wonder girls I know. All full of affection and treats ppl really well 😀 That’s really nice of Park KyungLim to say.

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