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Super Junior KyuHyun to undergo surgery for middle ear infection

Super Junior member KyuHyun will be undergoing surgery for middle ear infection.

KyuHyun will be undergoing surgery for middle ear infection on 3rd June in a hospital in Seoul. After the surgery, KyuHyun will need to rest for about 3~4 days at the hospital. With that, he will not be showing up at MBC Music Core.

KyuHyun is known to have shown symptoms of middle ear infection since his school days but the symptoms worsened recently and his doctor had advised him to undergo the surgery. He has also decided to undergo for the surgery since Super Junior will need to promote in different parts of Asia.

A SM Entertainment rep said, “KyuHyun’s return to the stage will be decided upon following his recovery from the surgery.” So with that, Super Junior will be promoting as 9 members for the time being.


15 Responses

  1. Get well soon, Kyuhyun Oppa!!!!

  2. OMO. get well soon Kyuhyun!

  3. Them kpop Idols will find any reason to go into surgery for any body part and come back w/ their face changed.

    • haters everywhere…whatever!!! get well soon Kyuhunnie…

      anyways haters make SUJU stay stronger on top…

  4. get well soon

  5. KyuHyun-oppa, get well soon!!~

    All the American SUJU fans

  6. Kyu baby get well soon
    I love you<333333333333

  7. one by one will be falling…

  8. My princekyu gws.. I will miss you on stages..

  9. Hopes he recovers sooooooooooon x

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