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EunJung will not join T-ara with their Japanese promotions due to commitments to drama ‘Coffee House’

T-ara EunJung has revealed her sadness about not being able to promote with the rest of the T-ara members in Japan.

EunJung wrote on her minihompy on 3rd June that due to commitments to drama SBS Coffee House, she will not be able to join the rest of the T-ara members on their promotions of the Japanese version of ‘TTL’.

She wrote, “Are the Japanese fans together with the other T-ara members? I will not be able to join the Japanese promotions this time. I’ve received messages on Twitter, and I’ve heard from people around me on how they thought it was a shame I could not join the others for the promotions this time.”

She added, “I feel sad about not being able to go too. I can only be sorry that as the leader I am not able to show the 6-member T-ara on stage. With the filming of drama ‘Coffee House’ and also from exhaustion, the more I could not do so. I also want to see everyone and be with the members. I will try to show a 6-member T-ara next time. Thank you very very much for showing much love to T-ara…โ™ฅ”.

Having done acting when she was young, EunJung will debut as adult actress officially with drama Coffee House.


10 Responses

  1. Seriously LOVE the drama!!!!
    But yeah, freaking sux the Japanese fans can’t see her. ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. she looks like taemin here. haha!

  3. Kpop Princess’: Kara, SNSD, T-ARA attacking Japan… who will come out on top I wonder…

  4. Without Eunjung, t-ara is just a bunch of hello kitty club. might as well promote bo beep in Japan.

  5. Aww, what a shame, I’ll miss her fierce charisma on stage!!

  6. Yeah I knew she couldn’t make it with the hectic schedule.
    We will surely miss her singing! Her voice is very powerful

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