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KBS Music Bank 04.06.2010 – Super Junior’s 3rd #1 with ‘Bona Mana’

Today on KBS Music Bank, Super Junior wn their 3rd #1 on the show with ‘Bona Mana’. It is however a shame that member KyuHyun could not be present due to his recent ear surgery.

Also go under the cut for more performance cuts including SS501’s comeback stage and SISTAR debut stage.

Hot Debut Stage

  • SISTAR “Here We Come + Push”

Comeback Stage

  • SS501 “Let Me Be The One + Love YA”
  • SGWannabe Lee SeokHoon “Station”

Today’s Music Bank

  • Super Junior “Bonamana ”
  • After School “Intro + Bang!”
  • MBLAQ “Y”
  • CNBLUE “Love”
  • 4Minute “Huh”
  • Super Junior’s YeSung “It Has To Be You” from Cinderella Sister OST
  • T.Max “Quit Fooling Around”
  • HwaYoBi “Bye Bye Bye”
  • Davichi “Time Please Stop”
  • 8eight “The End is Coming”
  • CODE V “Addiction”
  • Electro Boys “Incoming Phone Call”
  • VOS Choi HyunJoon “Without You I’ll Die”
  • Lee JungHyun “Suspicious Guy”
  • Park HyeKyung “New Boyfriend”
  • Monday Kiz “Don’t Go”

61 Responses

  1. Super Junior Jjang!!! 🙂 We ELFS are here for you ! 🙂

  2. SS501 fighting! happy birthday hyun joong leader! ❤

  3. Davichi is DAEBAK as always!

  4. wow…Davichi is like the perfect singer…they sing all their notes easily..i’m really impressed…definitely talented!

  5. ahhh Jungmin(: ❤
    SS501 hwaiting!~

  6. uuuuurgh..!!!
    BONAMANNA Is Noisy ..!

    i can’t stand suju’s STUPID Songs and their sucks dancing…!!

    I looove yeasong’s solo ❤
    he better let suju and become a Solo Singer it's better for him this way So i can hear his awesome Voice

    • Then why did you listen and watch?

    • LOL @ Sore loser!
      Who asked you to listen their song? No one. So if you don’t like it, just don’t listen to it. As simple as that.

      • i have to listen So i can Judge them u idiots 😛

        they aren’t improving a bit ..!!

      • hahahhaha!! who r u to judge them just listen to the song u like and shut up. really…

  7. I loved their comeback! ❤ SS501 jjang! But… I do have my share of complaints (as a good fan i understand my oppas' shortcomings :D) Leader's singing part was more of a rap… I hope that improves a little bit! Cause he sang well in 'Let me be the one' so I think he should be able to do in in 'Love Ya' Other people's vocals were good… but it seemed like they were trying to sing over the fan's screaming. I understand the fans, but I think MuBank should have done something a little better to get rid of the loudness of the screams.

    Still… SS501 WIN WIN WIN!!!!

  8. who’s code v? :O

  9. I was kinda disappointed with SS501’s performance
    I had such high expectations but they didn’t sound good live
    yeas I love the song, i have been listening to the AUDIO for 5 days straight so i was disappointed with the LIVE

    • I agree…the live singing didn’t match up with the audio like I expected it. Still, I love the song nonetheless.

    • I think it’s because they were trying to put a lot into their performance. I know it can only get better.

  10. I was kinda disappointed with SS’s performance
    I had such high expectations but they didn’t sound good live
    yeas I love the song, i have been listening to the AUDIO for 5 days straight so i was disappointed with the LIVE

  11. WTF!!! Wonder Girls 2DT is way better than sj bonamana..
    everybody in korea love that song… also is #1 in a lot of Digital charts.

    sj won just because their fans keep buying albums like crazy :S

    • Digital sales are nothing if you don’t have album sales to back it up.

      sore loser and don’t tarnish WG’s name

    • I agree with leaderMin
      2DT Rocks !! koreans love WG.
      honestly super junior old song are better than bonamana.

      Wonder Girls Hwaiting !!!!

      • well I know koreans love WG, but like I said they can’t just win on digital sales only if they don’t have album sales to back it up.

    • Yeah SuJu won, deal with it! It’s not the end of the world.
      I love SuJu, but if they didn’t win i’ll accept it. I’m not gonna whine & bitch about it.

  12. suju!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love them!!

    congrats to them!

    but i think ss501 is their biggest competition right now…their comeback performance was great!

    somehow, with the great amount of ppl they had on stage, the stage still looks big but with suju, the stage looks so small.

    where is yun-hwa? did he drop out of t-max or something?

    yesung performance was great! he finally got the solo he deserved! n y is sungmin soo sad?

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  14. I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again, suju pulled through with their album sales.
    and Yesung's solo song was so heavenly<33333333333
    Honestly I love ss501's "let me be the one" better than their title track, anyways great comeback.
    and T-Max! whoo!
    but where is Seo In Kook? T_T

    ss501 might actually win next week, but doesn't matter to me. Triple Crown is enough for me<3

  15. OMG SS5o1 was amazing!!! I also liked sistar’s perfomance. WHy does sungmin look sad?

    • I have no idea why Sungmin looks sad, but he’s been looking like this for the past weeks on music shows.

      Though he looked happy in photos of dream team recordings.

  16. HyoLyn(sistar lead vocal) ❤

  17. SS501 daebak!!!

  18. suju jjang!!!!!!

  19. omo SS501 guys were so awesome !!!!

  20. why does the leader of 4 minute remind me of kim so eun?

    • kim so eun’s prettier XDDD Lol, no offense.

    • Actually, she reminds me of Kim So Eun too! That was the first thing I thought I when I saw a picture of her!

  21. SS501 comeback jjang <333333333 the boy are so hot.
    Wonder girls # 1 forever.

  22. OMFG SS501 comeback was AWESOME !!!! 😀
    they are so talented and hot…

    btw,Suju won??? ughhh WG Fighting !!!!

  23. tonight’s show was boring
    I only enjoyed suju, SS501, Mblaq and 4minute’s performances while others just made me want to sleep.

  24. Did anyone notice how sad Sungmin looked when Suju performed after they won? 😦

    • yup, I noticed that too, the camera was on him for like 5 secs & he had the same sad depressed look. Wonder whats up?

    • i noticed that too! hmm.. maybe cuhs kyuhyun wasnt there?

  25. SS501’s comeback was amazing !!!!
    Kim Hyun Joong & Park Jung Min < 3333

  26. Su Ju needs Kyuhyun!! Please get well sooooooooooooon!!

  27. omg ss501 were fucking awesome. kim hyun joong looked so fucking hot in love ya.

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  29. i hope 4minute will be #1 next time ^^

    • It’s impossible for 4minute. Suju is unbeatable. Plus with ss501 comeback, it impossible. Somehow, CN Blue can win #1. They just a rookie but their song is already #3.

      • Suju is not unbeatable considering that the song is a huge epic fail in digital charts. They only win because they have strong album sales but they are getting slower each week.

      • 2ne1’s debut song beat suju’s ‘it’s you” last year. Suju is beatable. Oh well, idk if 4min can but we’ll see.

      • omg, Who said suju unbeatable XDDDD
        give me a breaak…!!!! They suck!

        the have NO Talent,,, They got to be Popular Tooo late PLUS, the people loves them cuz of their appearance only

        They have no singing Talent 😛
        They have NOOOO Dancing Talent 😛

    • They won’t. The one time they won was bcuz they weren’t any competition, now that there is, they don’t stand a chance.

  30. OMG~~~~~~Yesung is should sing more ost~~~~~he is soooooooo good~~~~~~~makes me wanna watch the drama~~~~
    SS501 is great as usual~~~~~~~ ^_^

  31. i hope 4minute will #1 next time ^^

  32. ss501 the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOT 🙂

  33. Code V – Addiction

  34. Did spongeband perform in Music Shows? haven’t seen them lately~

  35. SS501’s comeback was fucking amazing.

    HuH is <333333333
    And I'm not even a fan of 4Minute.

  36. YAY!!! ss501 comeback!!!

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