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Nich Khun dances to ‘Nu ABO’ – ‘For Victoria’

A video of 2PM Nich Khun dancing to f(x) ‘Nu Abo’ has garnered much interests amongst netizens.

Recently Nich Khun and f(x) Victoria were announced as the new make-believe couple on MBC We Got Married. With that, the video of Nich Khun dancing to f(x) latest hit ‘Nu Abo’ also surfaced on the internet.

The video was taken during Nich Khun’s filming of KBS Dream Team on 2nd June. He was seen dancing to the ‘cheek touch dance’ from the song. Many fan-taken photos were also posted on community portal sites by fans after the filming.

Netizens’ comments are, “Already he is showing affection!”, “Did they learn the dance together, how did he dance it so well”, “I think Nich Khun and Victoria is going to be the best couple” etc.

Meanwhile, the first filming for the couple was done on 1st June. They are also called the ‘foreigner couple’ as Victoria is Chinese and Nich Khun is Thai.

S: SeoulNTN

22 Responses

  1. I’m so jealous. Gahhhh.

  2. I love Thai-Chi name! Haha, very good(:
    I simply can’t wait for subs! 😀

  3. they should be called the royal couple !
    because they’re gorgeous and look like a prince and princess xD

    Or, as mentioned in the lovely comments above, the Thai-Chi couple xD

    Or both. 🙂 I can’t wait!

  4. is there a subbing channel on YT for this couple?

  5. “They are also called the ‘foreigner couple’ as Victoria is Chinese and Nich Khun is Thai.”

    Why do people keep on forgetting that Khun is half-Chinese, half-Thai?

    Maybe they can speak Chinese to each other on the show? Or Victoria can teach him Chinese? Hehe… that’d be cute!

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  7. er I kind of wished he got paired with someone else :[
    i liked him with Yuri better.
    But whatever .. maybe i’ll learn to like Victoria haha xD

  8. 😦
    i’m jealous 😦

  9. OMO… Cute dance.. I hope some one will sub WGM for Nichkhun and Victoria also… *hoping*

  10. I hope they don’t go too far with the mutual promotions like when Taeyeon was married and SNSD appeared in nearly every episode.

  11. haha. i think this couple will be cool 😀

  12. their couple name should be “Thai-Chi” lol

    looking forward to this couple!

  13. Isn’t Nickhun mixed, half thai and chinese ??

  14. i dunno what should i say coz i’m not sure
    bout this couple..but khunnie..wish u luck with vic….
    have a good life,be a good fake hubby to vic unni!!!!!!
    treat her well..omg..why i feel like tearing..><

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