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Lee Hyori, “The junior idol who caught my attention the most is BEAST Yoon DooJoon”

Singer Lee Hyori picks BEAST Yoo DooJoon as the junior idol who has caught her attention the most.

Lee Hyori was on SBS Kim JungEun’s Chocolate aired on 5th June as guest appearance. And during the corner ‘Truthful Speed Quiz’, there ws a question ‘The junior idol who has caught your attention the most” and her answer to it was BEAST Yoon DooJoon.

As to why she picked Yoon DooJoon, Lee Hyori explained, “His appearance is my type of guy. I like guys with big eyes and no double eyelids.”

Also Lee Hyori also talked about her latest album, “The parts that I put in a lot of effort in was the thick eye makeup, not the vinyl pants or the feeler hair.”

S: MoneyToday StarNews

20 Responses

  1. i approve of every idol Hyori likes. Yuri, Cl and Doojoon are all my major biases!

  2. It would be weird if it were anybody else, honestly.

  3. Will there be such a question…. The male singer who has caught your attention the most? XD

  4. she needs to stop looking at her juniors and get herself a man that’s fit for her age. Oh wait~ i guess Korea’s well known for ajumma & youngin relationships.

    • i dont mean to burst your bubble but read the post first.
      “The junior idol who has caught your attention the most”

      the question’s targeted audience is limited to juniors so its only relevant that she answered with someone who is her junior. she’ll look rather absent-minded if she answered someone her age or older

    • don’t you people read? it’s a QUESTION. and even if she does, why do you have to care? it’s not like it’s her initiative to seek younger men and try to hit on them just because her words might raise his hopes or w/e.

      people like you are so fucking close minded.

  5. Ohhh. I very much agree with the Queen. I mean come on, DooJoon is the nation’s boyfriend!! Everyone is going to love him. ❤

  6. wow O_O
    lucky guy!

  7. That’s no surprise considering the fact that she loves TOP 🙂
    Doojoon and TOP both have that sexy charismatic badboy look ❤

    • doojoon doesn’t have that bad boy charismatic look IMO. well not as much as top anyways..

      • Well I reckon Doojoon looks more of a bad boy, cos TOP has that kind of mischievous/cheeky look.

      • really? but i think its the other way round. TOP has the charismatic bad boy image and doo joon the mischievous/cheeky look

  8. Awww Thats Cute!!

  9. Cuuute!!!

  10. noooooooooo he wont be able to escape if he gets 2 close hyoyeon fight for your man

  11. Why cause hes cross eyed LOL

    • here is the clip
      hyori performs 4 songs on chocolate
      bring it back, CCBB, U GO GIRL, 10 minutes

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