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MBC Music Core 05.06.2010 – SS501 Comeback Stage!

Today on MBC Music Core episode 211, new girlgroup SISTAR throwed their debut stage, whilst 2 comeback stages are also scheduled coming from boygroup SS501 and SG Wannabe’s Lee Seok Hoon. Meanwhile,  girl group After School will end their “Bang” promotion today as well.

Go under the cut for the performance cuts !

Hot Debut Stage

Comeback stages

SG Wannabe’s Lee SeokHoon – Station

Hot stage

Special Pre-summer

Music Core today

Davichi – Time, Please Stop

Tae JinAh ft. Maya – Like Love More Than Money

8eight – The End Is Coming

New Sound

ALi w. Hong SooAh – Hey Mr.


16 Responses

  1. SS501 <333333333
    Happy b-day to my hubby Kim Hyun Joong xxxxx

  2. omg hyun joong and jung min looked soooo HANDSOME:DDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. About Suju performance, I’m happy to see more Sungmin.
    Did anyone else noticed how Siwon is always “excited” during the dance break? lol he can’t stay still haha

    and also… not that I’m bashing Leeteuk, I like him. But since the Bonamana promotion… he’s doing so much, the hairflip or the abs
    about the abs, am I the only one who’s not “excited” by his new image? O_O

    for SS501, as much as i love this song…can someone do smtg with their shirts lol

  4. the middle guy matches his new hairdo. the darker shade really suits him. i remember when he had frizzier hair, which made him look girly.

  5. I’m falling for Sistar, their song is stuck in my head and their live performances are pretty good.

  6. SS501, better each day!!
    Destination will be a daebak!!!

  7. SS501 is Awesome !!! they are the best boy group out there..
    SS501 Fighting <333 !!!

  8. SS501, HOT! HOT! HOT! AMAZING! Double S is the BEST!!!!!!!
    KYU JONG AH!!!

  9. YAY Super Junior was awesome but I will be happy for Kyuhyun’s return. I miss seeing him on stage

  10. Lovin ss501’s Come back!!! Su Ju were awesome!!! I’m missin Kyuhyun though 😦

  11. AWESOME SS501 THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YA

  12. SS501 Awesome comeback, even better than yesterday. jungmin oppa ❤
    SS501 fighting!!

  13. where’s minna???

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