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Kim HeeChul serenades to SoHee, while SoHee reveals sexy dance of ‘Single Ladies’

SoHee responds to Kim HeeChul’s serenade.

WonderGirls SoHee was on SBS Family Outing 2 where she had chosen Super Junior Kim HeeChul as her partner for the ‘Instant Meeting’ corner on the show. And Kim HeeChul also showed his great interests towards SoHee.

He had performed the song ‘Cold Hearted Man’ originally by TRAX on the piano. And seeing Kim HeeChul’s performance, SoHee’s response to it was “It is cool”.

Meanwhile, SoHee also a surprise sexy dance of Beyonces’ ‘Single Ladies’.



58 Responses

  1. ghét sohee.ghét SNSD nhưng thích yoona

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  3. greaaaaattt i always waited to see soheechul together ❤ and now dream comes true.

    cmon soheechul go out and dated. ELF likes WG, so it won't be a bother to see 'em together.

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  5. Soheechul cuts with eng subs, but its not youtube. Heechulis so cheesy, luv him.

  6. for me, it‘s okay if these two are dating
    All i want is heechul‘s happiness
    but tbh, i don‘t know, i just fee hee see her only as a person he really fond of, not in that way, just a fan and an idol
    and sohee will go to america soon
    and soheechul will become forgotten just like sohee-gd
    shoot -__-

  7. I don’t have any favourite pairings in kpop. But Soheechul is such a ridiculously cute pair, they’ve become my OTP. So cute, ahhh

  8. Soheechul!!
    I love this couple (:

  9. I think the anti sohee and soheechul as bitter Heedragons.LOL She did say she dated once before but it is clear now that Soheechul is real. Were do I start?

    -Heechul sang Cold hearted man by Trax. Song lyrics and concept is all about a man in love with a famous singer that have a hard time being together. Him wanting her to stay. This also explans the Cold Hearted man tweets of Heechul that people was curious about.
    His singing seems sencer since he was turning red as a tomato.

    – Sohee gets jealous if Heechul shows to much attention on another girl if she is around.

    -Sohee in first round of FO2 couple game pick another guy not Heechul. That guy pick Yoobin. Mc asked her how she felt about that she said she thought it was cool in a bad boy way that she wasn’t picked. This explains what happen in Come to Play why Heechul didn’t pick Sohee first round. Heechul did say he was playing bad boy role that day. Miss understanding!!!

    -Mubank 100528 suju and wg interview they only had eyes for each other.

    SoHeechul is real!!!!!
    Heechul and Jokwon 2funny!!!XD
    Yoona Teac boring!!!= /

    • What were Heechul ‘cold hearted man’ tweets?

      I know that Heechul did tweet a fanart of him and Sohee together, but a while later he deleted it. The Soheechul pairing was even in trending topics.

      I don’t mind if they become a couple because nowadays Sohee has grown up and look like a young women and Heechul looks pretty young for his age so the age-difference doesn’t look awkard when they’re next to eachother.

      • You find erased tweets on wg soompi thread 2! Thread moves quick but it is there. Compare it with trax song. Universe cutie we think refers to Sohee because he has refered to her as the universe on occation. Happy hunting!

      • I didn’t find it 😦
        Do you remember what page it was?

      • luckily i myself saved a copy of the image of heenim’s tweet..and i myself took it out from his twitter,,i want to share it here but dont know how..hahaha:)

      • You can upload on imageshack.us and then post the links here! 🙂

  10. wat exactly jokwon is wearing?

    heechul n sohee looks cute together..
    i wanna see more of them..

  11. i want them two to date D:

  12. GAHHH!! they’re so cute!!!

  13. wow..heechul has very nice hands

  14. if WGs lives in Korea right now, im pretty sure So Hee will love Hee Chul soon 🙂
    Before she has never said who is her ideal type in Kpop even when was asked ( exept one time she said she like actor Park Hae Il ) and also never look fond of any guys, but now she totally change 🙂

  15. To heechul, SoHee is pretty.

    That is all that matters.

  16. Sohee is pretty and will become more beautiful as she grows older and loses the baby cuteness of her face.
    SoHeechul would make an awesome couple, but its hard to tell who is prettier!

  17. sohee has never shown such interest towards a guy.
    people who aren’t wg/sohee fans might think she doesn’t care, but she does! she has grown to like (regardless romantically or not) heechul.

  18. OMO LOVE SOHEECHUL! they’re such a cute couple ><

  19. i love sohee

    although sohee not very beautiful
    but she is very cute and pretty and charming of her.

    she is natural and not fake

    i love sohee very much

    and the shame i love soheechul very very…..

    please, don ‘ t anti sohee and heechul if they will date

    because they are Human same our…

  20. Hey, i find sohee v. cute n pretty. Lets just agreed to disagree here guys. Like some ppl say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. //Soheechul ❤

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  22. come on man !!

    sohee is not pretty but not ugly she is Ordinary

    i dont know what you guys see of her
    i sware im not antis i love wonder girls but yubin is the pretty one on wonder girls

    • Yeah I think the same, her and Sunye (Y)

    • Dude! So as Yoona! Especially when she opens her mouth.

      Sohee is like a combination of Goo Hara and UEE!

    • Once you get to watch her in interviews and variety shows, it’s hard to not like her. She stands out because she has a natural charm and natural aegyo (she doesn’t force and fake aegyo like other female idols) and she has a unique look (single eyelids and mandu face).

  23. Heechul is so creepy for perving on Sohee so much. I find this really weird.

  24. No offense to HeeChul (and his fans) but SoHee can do better…

  25. Shame that the FO2 PDs couldn’t let this relationship blossom. It was all about TaecNa this show like every show -.-

    • I know, right? You can’t this kind of opportunity everyday. The opportunity to see Sohee having interest to a man and that kind of smile bcoz of a man. Gosh! It’s so obvious sohee really likes sohee. LOL. She wasn’t like that to Yesung before.

      • I meant sohee really like heechul. LOL

      • sohee really like sohee??

        but i really like how she smile and laugh during here and come to play with suju members.. i think if heechul be her bf.. she’ll be a happy girl.. hehe as an ELF i still hope they got closer and closer.. hehe

    • Agree -_-;

    • it was different!! taec-yoona is very random from the beginning…
      there’s no rumour between them before sbs gayo daejun, and now they’re too cheesy lol
      and about heechul and soohe, hechul always show his interest to sohee from the begining~
      and this show is the first time he can meet sohee in tv show!!
      i believe that people will love their relation lol

      • Yeah the Taecyeon-Yoona started so randomly and it’s been so scripted since the beggining that it doesn’t even makes much sense. They don’t even seem to have the hots for eachother and they don’t even have a lot of chemistry. Besides that, they’re a very boring and overated pairing.

        Heechul-Sohee pairing is adorable because everyone knows how Heechul is a big Wonder Girls fanboy since 2007 and he never hided the fact that he likes Sohee. It’s cute to see them together and interacting like this for the first time because I’ve seen heechul in many variety shows, but it’s the first time I see heechul acting shy, blushing and being so protective and caring for a girl and it’s also the first time I see Sohee looking interested for a boy.

      • kekeke~
        I know!! heechul is very funny in every show
        and when i see him in this show he become so quite and shy~
        not so heechul!! but I love him in this show..
        maybe he want to show his manliness to sohee~~
        anyway I really agree~ both of them is boring
        and yoona isn’t TV show style~
        I prefer soyoung or maybe hyoyeon!
        I like hyoyeon nowadays! she’s quite funny and random lool

      • I’m not a SNSD fan, but I would rather see Hyoyeon on this show than Yoona. Yoona is already everyone, she’s so overated and she’s not really suitable for variety shows because she’s very boring. But Hyoyeon seems such a genuine and nice girl. She’s so underated, it would be awesome if Hyoyeon was in FO2 instead of Yoona.

      • Agree with you, also not an snsd fan, but Hyoyeon or even Yuri would have been better than yoona.

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