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TaecYeon dances Rain ‘Love Song’ to YoonA

TaecYeon reveals his affection towards YoonA.

On SBS Family Outing 2 aired on 6th June, 2PM TaecYeon danced to Rain ‘Love Song’ with a show of some chocolate abs towards So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA in the 2nd round after being chosen WonderGirl SunYe in the first round for the ‘Instant Meeting’ corner on the show.

TaecYeon’s sincere show of affection towards YoonA had her looking very shy. And in the end, YoonA picked TaecYeon on the show saying, “I wanted to pick someone else initially, but I changed my heart after seeing his show of charms.”



38 Responses

  1. Can someone tell me what the song name during TaecYeon huge yoona?

  2. […] no solo ellos, en muchos páginas (en inglés como Popseoul, Allkpop, Kbites) han comentado lo mismo, que están muy fastidiados con éste último episodio, y créanme que yo […]

  3. I don’t hate them, but the Korean media should stop forcing their friendship/love down my throat. Both of them are really in the wrong show lol.

  4. when i first saw the picture above, the one which taec shows his abs, the first thing i said was “yuckkk”.. UNCONSIOUSLY!!! n im not even a hater..

    i think he shows his body in every progrm he attends.. n im alraedy sick of it!!! goshh… dont he has other thing to show??? his vocal perhaps????????

    tht man cnt even sing.. i thnk, he should be a body builder instead of singer.. just my thought.. peace.. ^^

  5. Taec did that for Yoona because it was her coming-of-age-day. It’s not that the FO2 PDs did YoonTaec for 1 hour right? Huff.. -_-

  6. why they cant just say it to the public that they really dating!!it’s obvious that there is someting going on between them!!
    ..hmmm,but kpop idols are not allowed to date right?hahaha,well then i think they make it a secret..hahahaha

  7. i thought i was watching WGM instead of FO for a second. such second hand embarassement. they should utilise Heechul and Kwon more. i was far more entertained with them dancing at the back. and WGs are the main guests, but why are all the articles about Yoon Taec. zzzzzz

  8. really? ripping his shirt AGAIN? that’s the ONLY talent dis boy has… puh lease,… move on taec… you can do something different now…

  9. i wonder if the pds are going to create love line for them. ( yoon taec ) well maybe it’s the only way to attract viewers to watch this show since it is just an entertainment show and their ratings in the first few episodes wasn’t that good. but i feel they ‘exposed’ this couple to audiences too much.. isn’t it ?

  10. people came down……….it’s their show nd they can do what ever they want, not what SOME of u want, …………..if u don’t like it DON”t watch it, it’s just that simple……
    ….nd it not yonna’s or Teac’s fault …..they do what they r told, nd they r not charge in editing the show either, so stop blaming them, …(just because U don’t ike them)……………………..

  11. they are over doing the taec-yoona thing
    so they did one sbs gayo performance
    and suddenly it’s big news???

    personally i rather see heechul and sohee interact
    since wg are not always on variety shows

    please stop with the taec-yoona thing
    it’s suppose to be family outing
    not fo + 2 ppl who are going out…..

  12. Wonder Girls are the main guest and cut a lot of part for Teac Na – boring couple
    They cut SoHeeChul ghost part, Taec carried Yoo Bin and run, the firecamp, Jo Kwon and Sun Ye took care each other and their friendship, Haelim- Jo kwon pairing, all Wgs member speak to their parent ( only show Ye Eun and Sun ye)

    They preview with a lot of funny part, made me and many WGs fan wait to see and almost disappointed, why they preview it and cut for Taec Na ?? If they want show TaecNa, why preview totally different

    The first time i want to watch FO2, and it is the last time
    Terrible rating because of stupid thing, NO FAMILY interaction, main guest was cut, ok TaecNa Outing

  13. From all of the comments above, I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s getting tired of both of them.

    If this is the way to boost up rating, then the prod team should just cancel the show, because seriously, this is so cheesy it’s not even funny.

    • agree. it doesn’t even deserve the name FAMILY outing anymore. they might as well call it TAECYOONA COUPLE outing

    • and i should add. it’s a waste of the other talents such as Jokwon and Heechul. they both are like THE “IT” entertainment people right now, and the FO2 production team totally wasted it

      • FO2’s PDs are really wasting heechul & jokwon (the funniests and most entertaining members of the cast) in order to focus on a pairing that is not popular with the audience and that is not even funny or interesting to watch like taecyeon-yoona pairing. Audience doesn’t mind scripted love lines if it’s funny and if the pairing have chemistry, but that’s not yoona-taecyeon’s case.

  14. That was Hot!! XD

  15. they should change the title of the show, this is not family outing anymore, they don’t even look like a family. i miss the old FO that provide laughter, not scandal.

  16. LMAO at Heechul and Kwon in the back haha!

  17. i just saw the episode, i though it was good, i agreed they should do WGM together

  18. i saw so many hatred comments on other sites for Yoona…

    the life of idol is sure hard to live.

    they must do what PD want. i rmember the Kim jongk ook – Yejin – Hyolee couples on FO1, and Kim Jong kook even doent have Hyolee’s phone number in the real life.

    fans need to understand. i think variety shows always need to create scandals, stories to survive.

    In the end, idols are the one who get bashed the most.

  19. I am beginning to hate those two. At first I thought it was genuine and cute but now you can tell it is all scripted which makes it so cringey and cheesy. I mean c’mon this is FO2 not WGM.

    • lol I thought you’re smart already that it was scripted, yet you hate them for following the script? It’s just like acting. but I agreed they’re too much being staged together and it’s not funny/entertaining anymore. The PDs should realize, if they played the scandal too much, the sense of a family outing is no longer there.

    • well, i don’t like this pairing from the first time,
      and why he still asking why there’s a lot of scandal betwen he and yoona~
      well, maybe it scripted, but it was too much!!
      and too chessy!! I don’t really feel family outing is a family like 1st season! i only want to watch this show because jokwon and heechul and maybe if nicole and mblaq come in this show…

      • Everyone knows variety shows love lines are scripted but when it looks so clearly and obviously scripted like yoona-taecyeon pairing, it looks so cheesy that’s it’s awkard to watch.

        If PDs really wanted to pair Taecyeon with a girl from SNSD, why not Sunny instead? She and Taecyeon would be more entertaining to watch together.


        0:18 – Sohee is to busy starring at heechul to pay attention to Taecyeon’s dancing. LOL

      • yeah, I know..
        i mean.. this show is become so.. draggy and not entertaining at all.. and well, i agree with you ellie
        yoona looks so awkward with taec..
        sunny?!!? i miss her cuteness!!
        haha,,, so sad for some last episode of IY she looks so tired =(

    • agree

  20. its fishy but i think its mostly onesided but slowly disolving into mutual like

  21. god. like isnt it SO OBVIOUS that there is SO something going on. can they just please…

  22. I like taec-yoona couple ^^. Fighting <33!!!!

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  24. somehow i think yoona and taecyeon should join WGM show rather than FO2…

  25. Though I wish the FO2 PD’s would stop overemphasizing the TaecNa couple, that was quite entertaining to watch.

  26. I think Taecyeon & Yoona should get out of Family Outing & go to We Got Married instead. JUST DATE OPENLY ALREADY GEEEZ

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