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BEG Narsha reveals selca photo taken after a 11-hour sleep

Brown Eyed Girls Narsha transforms as a carp?

Narsha posted up a selca photo on her Twitter account on recently and wrote, “Having slept for 11 hours, my face has become like a carp fish.” The photo was taken the moment she wake up from her 11-hour sleep.

In the photo, Narsha’s face and eyes seemed a little puffy. And she had looked like a sexy carp (?) with her swollen lips.

Netizens’ comments to the photo are, “Even so, you look sexy”, “Your bare face is pretty”, “Your puffy face is cute” etc.

Meanwhile, Narsha is preparing for her solo album set to be released this month.

S: TVDaily


14 Responses

  1. I love narsha, but she needs to shape them eyebrows.

    It might just be me, but I just want to shape the female korean celebrities’ eyebrows. Haha.

  2. She still looks good, Get your rest, girl!

  3. It’s the first time I have ever heard a K-Pop artist ever have 11 hours of sleep before.

    • There is GD. He once said he slept for 36 hours. Kpop artists have days like that. They’re so hardworking, I feel bad for them for having little sleep.

      I’m assuming she’s making use of that time to catch up on her sleep since kpop artists have such little sleep. Or maybe she has no schedule. BEG doesn’t seem to be doing much heavy activities.

  4. i tot it was DARA!!!!!!!

  5. woah narsha unnie looks soooooooooooo different with her fresh face!!!!
    well, both are pretty! but definitely fresh face for me!!! ^^

  6. good shes getting a gooood rest !

  7. She is like dara 2ne1 . . .

  8. now this should call pretty bare face! and she looks like son dam bi

  9. If only all kpop idols sleep that long ESP sulli,

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