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Big Bang DaeSung’s surprising statement, “My rival? Kim HyunJoong”

Big Bang DaeSung picks SS501 Kim HyunJoong as his rival.

On KBS 2TV ‘Late Night Variety Night Star’, DaeSung had made a surprise voice appearance on the show through Yoon JongShin’s phonecall. Yoon JongShin then tried to find a topic to keep the phone conversation going between DaeSung and SHINee Onew, and asked, “I’m next to your rival. Who do you think he is? Who is you rival amongst the idols?”

DaeSung answered, “Is he Kim HyunJoong?” Yoon JongShin then said, “You have aged much after all. This is fun.” And when asked, “Are there are rivals in SM members?” DaeSung answered with much variety sense, “SM, not yet. They are all wonderful people.”

Finally a conversation was established between Onew and DaeSung where they talked about musical appearances, however the awkwardness between the 2 is still obvious. The MCs also tried many ways to make the 2 idols closer by getting them to use causal language etc.



24 Responses

  1. LoVe dAeSuNg aNd LoL DaEsUnG

  2. onew so cute
    love only you

  3. haha daesung’s rival;pp wish onew and daesung will become good friends:DDD

  4. LOL Daesung. So cute.

  5. haha lol well i guess he feel that kim hyun joong might take (TOP) away.
    haha still can’t get over his statement

    • oh yeah! i know about dae’s Kang JunPyo and KHJ rivalry but this one is interesting too… Dae’s jealous that KHJ is taking his Tabi away. i love TODAE!!! Top and Dae is like G-Ri, but instead of bullying… theirs is all about the gag!

  6. hahahahaha!!! i remember family outing when he tried to be GU daesung (junpyo) over the phone with hyunjoong. LOL!!

  7. GUISE WHY DOES ONEW LOOK EXCEPTIONALLY HOT IN THAT VIDEO? =0 he was never my favorite or anything, but omg do you see that hair and that adam’s apple?!!!!

  8. lol i didnt think they were THAT awkward.. then again, i need subs xD

    but that would be such an amazing friendship – daesung and onew. YG and SM, you two need to let your idols mingle more with each other. it would be more powerful then any of you with JYP or any other company. DO IT. DO IT NOW. we need more SUJUf(x)2NE1SNSDBIGBANGSHINEE moments. there are rarely ANY.

    • Lol Daesung. How can you say TOP’s best friend is your rival? xD
      Jokes aside… Considering that Jaejoong is close to Ha Dong Kyun, Gummy, and TOP, that Seungri is as much of a fan of Junsu as G-D is of Boa, that Yunho said he liked DJ DOC’s music, and that Se7en has always been good friends with Shinhwa, I believe that this rivalry between YG and SM that fans like to talk about every now and then is actually non-existent.
      Fans should follow their idols’ example and stop creating fan-wars. It isn’t healthy. 😉

      • watch the FO ep with Seungri and KHJ (phone call part)or the ep where dae gets his hair did to be Families kang jung pyo. that’s the rivalry he’s talking about

      • I watched it! Including the episode when he got his hair curled like GYP. xD

  9. It would be amazing if Onew and Daesung became friends. I think their personalities mesh well together haha!

  10. lol FO1 hwaiting….! better that FO2 rubbish

  11. ZOMGGG.
    Daesung & Onewww <3<3<3
    My two biases!!

    Hahahas, daesung's laughter is friggin' contagious!
    Love these two boys SFM! ^___^

  12. haha. XD.no one in SM?i agree SM artists are wonderful people. love yo oppa!

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  14. LOL Daesung <33

  15. hahahaha so random yet cute 😀

  16. Daesung considers KHJ his rival? didn’t expect that lol~ both are awesome anyways XD

    • they’re rivals in the looks department XD haha thats probably what daesung implied/would have said

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