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Tablo’s certifications in Stanford Uni verified amidst allegations of fake education qualifications but questions still remain

Involved in allegation of counterfeiting his educational certifications, Epik High Tablo confirms that he had graduated from Stanford University with a master degree.

Verifications was issued by the relevant officials in the States on 7th June, it has been confirmed that Daniel Seon Woong Lee (Tablo’s real name) had entered Stanford University in September 1996, and received his bachelor’s in April 2001 and then his master degree in April 2002.

Since the full name and birth date matched Tablo’s, chances that this is someone else is slim, hence it is confirmed that this is verifications to Tablo’s education. There was another candidate by the name of Daniel Lee in the records who graduated with computer science degree in 2008, but that is confirmed as someone else and not Tablo.

But still, doubts about Tablo’s education qualifications still remain.

Contrary to claims he made that he had entered college in 1998 and had completed his bachelor’s in 3 years, in the verifications, it showed that he entered the college in 1996.

Some netizens brought up that it is impossible for Tablo to enter in 1996 since he will still be in high school. And many also pointed out that it is impossible for him to be close friends with actress Reese Witherspoon and also have encountered America’s ex-president Bill Clinton’s daughter Chelsea Clinton as he has claimed previously considering the time period of his studies at Stanford.

It seems that even though there is official verifications, there still is a need for explanation on the process to it. However Tablo’s agency has voiced, “We have nothing to say about allegations against Tablo that he had fake education qualifications.”

Meanwhile, in 2007, a netizen also brought up the point that Tablo has used the name of Daniel Armand Lee as shown in the graduate list for Stanford. Since 2007 till this year, the netizen has always posted up malignant comments whenever there are news reports on Tablo accusing him of faking his education qualifications, and Tablo has also sued this netizens.

And from 11th May, this netizens has set up an online cafe named ‘Requesting for the truth from Tablo’ and till 7th June, about 17K members have joined the cafe.

S: StarNews

Tablo had talked about his college life before on broadcast:  https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/10/01/tablo-to-his-unborn-baby-meet-up-soon-but-dont-do-hip-hop/


99 Responses

  1. Tablo …

    really fuxking guy

  2. fuck anyone who talks this kind of shit about tablo. thats all i’ve got to say.

  3. korean society are so cruel and
    and they still wondering & shock why the suicide rate is one of the highest in the world

    such a moron&useless ppl!!

  4. i’m so dissapointed… i didn’t know that the korean society was this cruel….

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  10. You wouldn’t be hearing epik high if he didn’t brag about his Stanford Diploma.
    He received his BA/MA on 2002.
    Guess what? He was already in Korea during that time.
    Epik High was formed in 2001. (some says 2000)
    He admitted on TV show(when he was bragging about his Stanford Diploma) that he was teaching English in 2001-2002 in Korea.

    These articles can be found by googling.(yes.. in english.. just look up his bio)
    At very least, his story does not match any of the things he have said.
    Most of non-Korean may seem bit cruel but you do not know the details.
    Someone gathered Tablo’s articles, videos and interviews for 4yrs(of course, with the evidence of him doing interviews.. words which he had spoken himself. These interview/articles can be found as well.)
    Some(if not most) things just doesn’t add up.
    He is not releasing any of strong evidence for confused Koreans.

    Its not JUST about graduation.
    He has been feeding lies(at least people in Korea think so)
    People want explanation.

    • Please… one can come and go between two countries. You know… he can sit on a plane for example. I know bands who are travelling between countries sometimes three times a week.

      • but it is impossible to work as a teacher in one country and to study as a student in the other country at the same time. you cannot go back and forth every day between Korea and the U.S. from california, it’s 10 hrs long flight,and half of your day is just gone + flight ticket price isn’t that cheap.

        although i do believe that tablo graduated stanford since he is really smart guy, he should clarify something he said before (e.g., accepted as a CIA intern with his canadian citizenship or worked in a private institute as an english teacher from 2001-2002 while he was student at stanford) to gain more trust from people.

      • im not sure if you are being serious.
        he received BA/MA.. in 3.5 yrs, do you know what this means?
        he needs to attend classes non-stop.(I think)
        he formed the group and taught kids english. during 01-02.

    • whoa~ and seriously.. whoa~

      ‘Someone gathered Tablo’s articles, videos and interviews for 4yrs’..

      whoa~ that someone sure has a lot of time.. and, although i’m not sure how this all started.. i’m guessing this ‘someone’ was a k-netizen?

      whoa~ ‘someone’ should take this up to some magazine and demand a job.. cause whoever that ‘someone’ is.. he/she needs a job plus, that life-ruining-‘evidence’-gathering skill will come in handy~ lol~]

  11. Get a fucking life ‘netizens’. God damn why do we Koreans always attack each other this way? Fucking embarrassed of this shit that always transpires from those damn low life surfers who have no other means to get through life except by posting up crap that they think validates their scant mediocre life as a pathetic layman. Get a FUcking Life homos. try to do something that actually gives a meaning, maybe going alfresco for a change in lieu of depressing keyboards and clicking mouse keys every passing moment.

    To sum up my indignation, you “netizens” are Losers. Get a life. Most or probably all of you aren’t even worthy nor smart enough to be matriculated to Stanford University, least even mention its name. So stop fucking peeving Tablo or form some fucking site (what is it called? “I want the truth”? Well how bout “I want you to fucking get a job or get laid”?)
    The question you know-nothing-at-all net losers should ponder is not “How should I annoy Tablo so I can raise my self esteem?” , rather “What can I do to support my living?”

    Word of the wise MOFO netizens

  12. LOVE EPIK HIGH!!! Just discovered them maybe 6 months or so ago and looked up their viki once to learn their names…Digging the music they’re putting out and checking lyics so I can burst into song with them!!! Will I have everything else about them embedded into this noggin of mine…nope! I can barely remember what I ate for dinner! Also, music is music to the ears of the beholder. Like it. Good. Dont like it. Move on.

    One more thing. Congrats to Tablo on his awesome education. I bet his parents are proud and that all that matters, I bet.

  13. This is a matter of integrity and honesty. Would you like to listen to music made by a musician who fakes his profile, one that stands out?

    Also, is it possible to get admitted to stanford without a GPA, an SAT score, but only with a poem? And finish the school right up to the master’s degree in only three years? Is standford so tolerant of people who have been kicked out of their high school before?

    Questions, questions, questions.

  14. this netzien making these stupid claims is pathetic.
    Whether Tablo is lying or not, what difference would it make?
    Lets say Tablo had never gone to Stanford, never made any claims he’d been to Stanford – say we knew NOTHING about his education: would your view on his music change? Do you like musicians simply for their educational background rather than their music?

    I don’t think Tablo is lying, not because I’m an Epik High fan, but because I don’t see how lying about that would benefit his music career. As far as I can tell, Tablo seems like a pretty honest guy. Plus, Epik High have been around a while, I’m sure it would’ve been uncovered sooner if he was lying.

    Whatever, whether he went to Stanford or he never even graduated High School, I still think he is an amazing musician, and his words in his music speak louder to me than any degree! Tablo oppa fighting~!

  15. jealousy

  16. OK, I’ve been trying to make sense of this and how his claims might fit with reality at Stanford, because I’m a big fan & all..

    I definitely believe he attended Stanford and finished early–with1) English not being a major with tons of units, and 2) our quarter system letting you take more classes, and 3) the co-term Master’s Program.. Tablo earning 2 degrees in 4 years is definitely possible.

    Only discrepancy that stands out the most: When did Tablo receive his H.S. degree? 1996 or 1998? Is it at all possible he began study at Stanford in 96 and put it on hold like a leave of absence for 2 years? I suspect this might be the case, since he said those years were really hard for him to stay focused… But high school grad date would be necessary to support this idea.

  17. […] High was supposedly going to be the MCs for newcomer group Infinite’s showcase, but with the recent issues and rumours of fake education qualifications for Tablo, it has been decided that Epik High will not be attending it. The centre of attention should be […]

  18. you people are just jealous!!!! why not go spend this time to mug over some shiitt, get into Stanford U and check the alumni records for his face!!!!

    I hate it when someone had worked so harddd to achieve what he has only to be condemned by all you uncivilised people!!!!!!!ahhh!!!!

  19. He published his book. and He’d dealt with stanford.

    and he’d kept boasting it for long time.

    and he’ve gained reputation from it.

    If he’ve faked all koreans……..

    he should have to be blamed for it.

    • Fake what?? His Stanford education?? Did you not see the actual evidence at the top?? The only one who should be blamed are the people who make up these rumors due to the fact that they have nothing better to do!!!

    • Man.. who would be brave enough to say he was Stanford graduate students… to lie to one of most well known universities in the world…

      Stanford would have denied his allegations if it wasn’t true.. especially when he mentioned it in CNN.

      “While taping, if I was expressionless or untalkative, I’d be misunderstood as putting on an arrogant air because I went to Stanford.” He continued, “It wasn’t that I hated my school days, but I disliked attending school and even considered dropping out of Stanford. I even filled out the paperwork, but my family held me back, so I stuck it out.”

      Credit: Dramabeans

    • FAKE WHAT?
      he went to Stanford, STFU.
      He’s on the alumni list.

  20. ——______——“” leave Him Alone, continue put trouble in his head some people can’t just live their Own life OMG!!

    “we” don’t Care, i think those people are some mentaly health (<.<), seriously, Tablo's must focus on his (art) job, Tukuz lol (ToT), write and composed some new things for us, and be a FATHER!!!!! tsss

  21. eh, either way, he still writes some of kpop’s.. no, scratch that.. he still writes some of the worlds best lyrics and sickest beats. for me anyway. 😀

  22. OMG can we just GTF over this? I personally believe him, but at the end of the day, WHO FREAKING CARES?

    ‘I just want the truth.’ – Why? Why do you have to involve yourself in someone’s personal past? Stop revolving around other people’s lives and focus on your own. Seriously.

  23. why is everyone suddenly so interested?

  24. -.- what are there thid kind of ppl who want to ruin people’s life? seriously,tablo make god music,that’s what i care.

  25. I agree, what do they want from him???? And yes taking college courses while in high school can be done, I know of a girl who did that, she had no social life though. And a cafe, that wants the truth from Tablo?? What is this, the Spanish inquisition???? This person who obliviously has nothing better to do got proven once, does he really want to taste his foot again????

  26. 17k? wtf is wrong with these people?

  27. I agree with mae. -.- Who’d dare lie during an interview with CNN? xD
    Ah please.. I bet they envy Tablo. xD

  28. If he said that he graduate from Stanford

    believe him

    he would not dare to said that in CNN if he lie about it

  29. Seriously, this particular netizen who has been going after Tablo on his education qualifications since 2007 and even go to the extent of setting up an online cafe to so-called ‘seek the truth from Tablo’, does he/she has a personal grudge against Tablo or something? I really can’t think of any logical reason why a person would waste the time to do all this.

  30. Its sad that he had to show proof like this. People are such busy bodies, always in each other’s business when they should in fact be looking at themselves. Sorry Tablo for the idiocy you have to deal with each day.

  31. Huh.. Tablo, I like you, so I would post this…


    1. The M.A. program is a terminal, one-year program without financial aid.

    2. Candidates who write a master’s thesis may petition to be excused from up to 10 units of the electives described above.

    I don’t want to elaborate these facts since most of who those not satisfied with the verification must know English a lot. So… take your time, my friends…

  32. Why does korean netizens want to dig about this?
    Why would Tablo lie about his education?
    Tablo does seems a bit cocky at times, but leave him alone! He’s a great rapper, lyricist and composer and that’s what matters.

    • lol Tablo.. cocky…. no.

      • Well, he does seem cocky at times, specially when he brags about graduating from standford in 3 years, about having high IQ, etc. I guess that’s why korean netizens are trying to dig about his academic life.
        But I don’t care because I’m Tablo’s fan because of his music and not because of his personality or his looks. So Tablo can do wathever he wants and it won’t change the fact that he’s talented and that Epik High’s music is great! 🙂

      • PS: And I doubt Tablo would lie so korean netizens are really wasting their time. Why can’t they just enjoy his music and forget about the rest, right?

    • No… I’ve never seen him cocky.

  33. WTH, Standford Unv. very hard to get in, that proved he was smart but with master degree usually fastest way was 7yrs.hmm, so was he really graduate with MASTER DEGREE or just the name of school to blah, it make you wonder though???

    • A masters degree in seven years? Again, two if you add in all the socializing. You can get a masters in one year – it all depends on what you are studying.

      People really need to do more research on the subject of how long it takes to get a degree.

      A business man I work with graduated from Yale and Harvard one year apart with degrees in economics. Yeah, he’s an evil genius who will one day take over the world but he proves it can be done.

    • Um.. im not sure if you read carefully, but he did his master in 1 year and 3 months. the other 5 years was just his bachelor degree (which usually take 4 -5 years). So Tablo’s case is very normal, not too long, not too short! 🙂
      And to all that screaming netizen has no life for digging up his life, well we are one of the so called ‘netizen’ and if you find this interesting, and made you comment about it, then you should think ‘if you don’t want, they wouldn’t give’ . the fact that you are interesting in this subject make ‘netizen’ dig his life up. sooo yeah…. Do i have interest in this matter? Yes! Do I feel like the ‘netizen’ did the right thing? No! BUT as we see here, tablo did claimed he finish school fast, but he didn’t… not as fast as he claimed. So if he didn’t have a little hole to start with, people wouldnt know where to dig.

  34. omg just leave the man alone. Shit they need to find other things to do like get their own master degree. @takushi i know huh! sheet man these anti people need to just accept the truth and beside I have heard of people attending college in their high school year. Their not takeing loads of class just about one class per semester.

  35. Wooow. Stanford included him in a feature in their alumni magazine. I think the folks at Stanford would actually…y’know, verify that he was indeed an alum before writing about him.


    • That is VERY true. All of his records would be verified before it went to press. It also shows something interesting. It shows he got his bachelors and masters in the same year!!! WOW! He must be have the brain of a genius!

    • That should have shut up the netizens.

      We should post this link there, at the netizen HQ.

    • AMEN!!!
      that’s ALL omg!!

      • Even if we post this link, i don’t think netizen in Korea can read English. it’s because they are Dumb in the first place!

    • somebody please post this in the korean sites.. it doesn’t matter if they don’t understand it.. i’m sure they have plenty of time to google up a translator or something~ considering that they had plenty of time to dig up this stupid thing to begin with~ seriously, knetizens need to find a hobby other that ‘ruining people’s life’.. >.<

  36. They can hired the netizen as CSI. Too much time digging up other person’s life. But I still want to know if Tablo will answered this thing are not. But I believe he will keep silent 😉

  37. Wow.. does he need to upload his verified non-photoshop graduation photo next?

    So, he has Armand in his name… that must an additional whereas Daniel Lee is his official name.

    Rather than thinking about Tablo’s education, I want to question the person who started all this education status. Did he/she learn this from school?

    Does anybody the url to the person site?

  38. In his Golden Fishery episode, he mentions that he quit school in his sophomore year and then resumed his studies later after that. So if he began taking the courses required for the bachelor’s degree after he resumed his studies, that may explain why he entered in ’96 but said he entered in ’98.

  39. get a life, netizens.

  40. Some persons need to look for a work

  41. why would someone go through such an extent for something like this. it’s not like ppl listen to his music because of his qualification.

  42. netizens, why would he even lie about his education anyway? weird much..

    • btw.. 1996 to 2001 is umm 5 years.. and as far as i know bachelor’s supposed to be 4 or less?

      • You can take longer than 4 years to complete a bachelors. Usually, it takes minimum 4 years if you take full time courses and no summer courses, but if you take summer courses and go to school full time, you can finish in less than 4 years.

      • bachelor’s can be how long you want it to be, as long as u fulfill both ur major and university requirements.

      • I just graduated with a bachelors and it took me 5 years. It honestly really depends on your major. I’d say that 90% of the graduates with me were also in their 5th year of college.

        There’s still tons of people who graduate in 4 years but I think more and more people are taking 5 years, especially at state universities.

      • Actually ur wrong it depend more of how many courses u will be taking or how long ur credit hours will be like for example I entered the university in 2006-2007 but I will not graduate in this year but by next year and some of my friends will graduate in 2012 so if u take lots courses u will graduate in 4 years and even less

      • You can stay as long or as short as you want. I know a lot of people who stayed for longer than their otherwise 4-yrs program, and 1 person who has been staying for his 10th year in Uni, as crazy as that sounds. I, myself, took 5 yrs to finish. So, no biggie.

      • I know a guy who got a bachelors degree in 2.5 years.

        He went to school full time, took correspondence courses and took classes during every inter-session. Basically all he did was go to school, eat and sleep.

        This was back in the early 90’s. It’s not hard to do if you take your classes seriously. The only reason people think it takes four to five years is because of how many courses they DON’T take and could be. Most people could graduate in three years if they took a heavier course load. The reason most people graduate in 4 yrs is because of the social factor.

  43. Sheez who cares anway? He’s a sick RAPPER not some professor.

  44. Whatever.
    All I know is this guy makes great music, that’s all that I care.

    His education, his IQ, his family matters, his real name whatsoever is none of our business.

    Bet that netizen has nothing better to do with his/her life

  45. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: Caught in accusations of fake education qualifications, Tablo’s certifications in Stanford Uni verified b… http://bit.ly/bJM8uc […]

  46. Uhm, why is there a news on this again?

    For Infinite’s upcoming debut?

    Oh ho ho ho

  47. some ppl really have nothing better to do

  48. This is beyond ridiculous. Take the boy’s word for it. Confirmation already confirmed so there’s NO need to drag this topic on any longer. But netizens just need to keep proving that they are right when they are proven wrong they change the subject to avoid being “wrong”.

    1996-1998. Maybe Tablo took college courses in high school, it’s been and is still being done by tons of high school students in America. And how the heck did they get the information about his enrollment??

    • But he went to a high school in Korea. It is impossible to take college courses at Stanford when he was in high school.

      • I think he’s brought up in canada.

        Don’t he has any pictures during university days that he can show as evidence. i know i did.

      • He entered Seoul International School, which obviously has different syllabus than local Korean school.

        Since it’s international, the school must prepare syllabus that would make their students acceptable to higher education institution around the world.

  49. oh come on.
    i know its so uncool to fake education or anything that matters
    but people just need to get a life.
    don’t take all things too seriously.
    just let Tablo be.

  50. leave him alone…smearing his name for what? who cares.

  51. wow some people just can’t sleep well unless they ruin someone else’s lives. bunch of no good pea brain. seriously just go study or something.

  52. wtf they want from him

    • LOL

      are they serious


    • yeah like seriously
      why do you give f*ck if he went to stanford or not? and what more do you want from him??? all that matters is his music.

    • i am not against Tablo. I like him and his music. But I just want the truth. That’s it.

      • What truth are u talking about????? His education got proven and if u don’t believe this, go to Stanford’s alumni site and look him up, they even have an aticle about him!!!

      • These people want the truth.. but never have the effort to find the truth…

    • wtf do they want?


      Its undeniable that his “Stanford Degree” played a big role in building his popularity.

      And he’s the one who always bragged about it…

      All these guys are asking for is a couple of OFFICIAL PAPERS FROM STANFORD…which shouldn’t be such a difficult task…

      • please… Epik High had a hell of time with getting popular… all those censured CDs and all… being a student of Stanford didn’t help him at all…

        and Tablo has enough of this shit. He even wrote about it in his twitter account. This shit reached his family too. He is quite angry about this.

        He is one of the most intelligent and best people of the world. I don’t need papers to prove me he was that fuckin’ uni’s student. I believe him.

    • truth

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