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f(x) Krystal apologises officially after being criticised for inappropriate broadcast attitude

“I’m sorry for the disappointment for not displaying the proper manners in the previous broadcast appearance.”

f(x) Krystal has been in the limelight for her broadcast attitude during her recently appearance on MBC ‘SaeBaGwi’ and has posted up an official apology for that. During the show that day, seonbae singer Tae JinAh was having a phonecall quiz with Maya, Krystal was seen with a bored experssion, her head lowered and her legs crossed and her toes showing. TV viewers have commented that Krystal had looked, “Uncomfortable.”

Krystal then posted up an apology on f(x) official homepage on 6th June, “I repented on what I did. I will make sure that such will not happen again, and I will always be alert and show my hard-working features. I will apologise again for the worry I caused to fans and TV viewers for not being alert on the show.”

Netizens’ comments on Krytal’s apology was are, “Do work harder in the future”, “Even though your behaviour was a little too much, I still hope to see you do well the next time.” etc.


Meanwhile, here’s Krystal and Luna’s performance on the show that day


75 Responses

  1. I don’t want to BUTT into the arguement weather she was being disrespectful or just tired but..Why the heck are you even arguing with each other =.= All you do are just blaming Krystal and her family for not bringing her up properly blah blah blah and about her attitude resembling her Jessica and SNSD blah blah blah ANYWAYS if you sat there for i dunno mayb for a long time how would you react?? Even i would get bored after awhile =.=

  2. […] direct titles for them remain the most appropriate. In one of those only-in-Korea moments, see K-Bites and Omona! They Didn’t for more on f(x) (에프엑스) band member Krystal’s supposedly […]

  3. if u have sat for hours
    u’ll be bored too
    beside , she’s new in the showbiz
    this is not a big deal

  4. Is it really necessary to drag her parents and sister into this?

    If you watch enough variety shows you gotta admit that some jokes & stories of those Ahjussis are really…not very entertaining. Not everyone can be a MC Yoo Jaesuk. No wonder that ppl fall asleep or get distracted. Sure, it’s not great and other idols did pull themselves together despite a busy schedule. She apologized and will be more aware next time.

  5. She did something rude. She apologized for it. Time to forgive and forget people -_-

  6. I checked the pictures out and honestly, my first impression was that she was being rude. But then again, there might be a ton of reasons behind the whole thing. It’s really hard to judge especially if the pictures are very few and if it happened in a matter of seconds.

    The good thing about here is that she acknowledged her “mistake” and apologized. It’s pretty safe to say that she wasn’t doing it intentionally, anyway.

    • If you saw the show you would think otherwise. It was rude but not a huge deal to me. Having seen her on various other shows, she kind of looked out of place because she didn’t seem to be paying attention to what was going on on the show or just seemed generally disinterested. Not bashing, just what I observed even before I knew who she was. Either way, if she wants to keep working, I’m sure her management let her know. After all, it is all a show, anyway.

  7. its in the genes haha
    i’m pretty surprised the press hasn’t noticed jessica’s
    she’s worse

  8. Typical angsty teenager shows disinterest. Wow, big shocker.

  9. LOL. Let’s not use age as an excuse. Jiyoung of Kara is only 3 or 4 months older than her but she actually knows how to pay attention or atleast ACT like she’s having fun. But then she already apologize so yea, i hope she really is the one who wrote that though.

    And let’s not hate on the netizens coz i bet krystal is not even gonna know her mistake if they didnt pointed it out.

  10. Ugh
    i can understand her
    she is just a teenager, she can be bored oh please, won‘t you give a damn?
    geezz, and she already say sorry, so why still bash her?
    and safer, yeah, always everywhere, bashing snsd -__-
    @xXSUJUFTIXx i really agree with you

  11. she is still young. im not saying thats an excuse. too right she could have been more presentable. but i sort of feel her considering a lot of the sunbae celebs there on the show are double her age. at least she understands and apolgizes for her actions. give her some credit people instead of saying bad things about her. shit happens. shes human just like the rest of us. krystal fighting!

  12. Pretty but Mannerless… Even her sister has better manner.

  13. Okay, seriously, I think this is a forgive and forget kind of thing. I’m the same age as her so I can kind of feel why she did that. It’s hard trying to pay attention for hours and I’m pretty sure that the filming of this took at least a few hours. As a teenager, you’re bound to get bored especially when what somebody else is doing doesn’t really apply to you. I’m not saying that what she did was right but I can understand why she did it.

    And although I didn’t want to bring any other celebrity into this, I think it applies so I’ll go for it.

    I don’t remember After School’s Gahee being bashed when she was caught sleeping on Strong Heart, at least not on this extreme a level. She’s older and should be more mature. But she SLEPT. I think that’s a whole lot worse than what Krystal did. For the people saying that Gahee was probably tired because of a busy schedule, whatever. Just like what someone said before, if she’s being paid to appear on the program, she should AT LEAST stay awake.

    That’s all I gotta say. You can bash me all you want but I’m just saying my opinion as what I believe. Seriously, just get over it. She apologized so forget about it. If she does it again after apologizing, THEN you can say she’s rude or whatever. -_-

    • Yo! Gahee’s situation was way different. She was obviously tired and if you watch that video again, you will see that she was pale but you made it sound like she really planned on sleeping there. In Krystal’s case, she just obviously don’t care or she definitely showed the whole world how bored she is and playing around while someone is talking.

    • ” As a teenager, you’re bound to get bored especially when what somebody else is doing doesn’t really apply to you.”

      well you can see in the second video, the man was talking about THEM and she wasn’t paying attention.

      so no, you’re not right.

      and for Gahee, it’s different.

      • I don’t think xXSujuFTIXx was trying to say that Gahee planned on sleeping there but if she was pale based on what you’re saying, you’re basically saying she’s sick? Then why did she show up for filming? That was her own fault. Throughout the show, the MC’s on Strong Heart kept commenting on how she was sleeping but she kept falling back asleep.

        and @Babya, I don’t see how it’s very different. You’re an entertainer paid to show up on a show. Both Krystal and Gahee are paid to show up. At least Krystal has the decency to stay awake. In the second vid Krystal was still listening despite seeming occupied with something else. You can tell cause she did laugh when the situation called for it. While Gahee just zoned out and fell asleep not paying attention AT ALL

      • “She’s older and should be more mature. But she SLEPT.”
        That came out to me that she intend on sleeping on the show. And I’m not saying she’s sick, I definitely said she’s tired or exhausted perhaps?. And you can actually see her putting effort to stay awake and cmon you know that feeling. The feeling when you’re trying so hard not to sleep in class or anywhere even if you’re saying NO but you’re eyes are saying YES!

        And cmon! most idols go out to perform or watever even if they’re sick

      • On Strong Heart, Gahee was not sick. She had stayed up the night to practice for her dance performance on Strong Heart, the Michael Jackson one, I think it was. Even the MCs mentioned that. Maybe that is why there wasn’t many bashing, since she was tired from preparing for the show. But it’s different in this case. But whatever, she apologized, so let’s move on! I’m surprised how this post garnered this many replies, lol. And this netizen (the one who took the screen caps), wow, she must not like f(x).

      • @Anonymous oh come on, you know that it’s different. don’t be so denial. Krystal was rude. The guy was talking about THEM and she wasn’t even looking at HIM. for Gahee, the guy was talking about his own story and she, at least, tried to stay awake. And again, idols don’t have a choice, sick or not, they go for their schedulre. Remember Joon of MBLAQ ? He was sick but he still performed, and he did an interview (where he was forced to quit because he was too sick)…. again, don’t try to be so denial, you sound stupid.

  14. not related to this but damn lun alooks so fat here. in the second video her ass and legs look huge..o_o did she gain weight? even her face looks bloated. has she always been like this? i thought all of f(x) was rlly thin.

    anyways krystals attitude was rude. especially cause the guy was being funny and she wasnt paying attention, i mean its a show so of course u should be looking up and everything. but its her first time too..

  15. I love how most people are lumping Krystal and Jessica together, just because they’re sisters don’t mean they’re exactly the same.

    Like I’ve said, Jessica is attentive on variety shows, even with her icy expression. She claps and pays attention.

    Then again haters always gotta use something (irrelevant issues) to attack.

    Anyways, glad that Krystal apologized. I heard she got scolded by the pds. She must’ve thought about it and made an apology.

    • btw, this has nothing to do with the issue, but her outfit in the first pic is hideous.

  16. Papa and Mama Jung raised their kids well. Well done!

  17. maybe she spends too much time with SNSD? or being rude runs in her family.

    • I think she spends too much time with hot guys (unlike you lol)

    • i think so.. mannerless like her sister’s friend Tiffany

      • The Tiffany thing was so 3 years ago. She hasn’t made the same mistake again. Some people sure just love holding grudges.

  18. The problem with being an idol is that you have to look happy and cute all the time. Idols is not just about singing, but also ACTING in front of the camera.
    I feel sorry not only for Krystal but also all the idols out there.
    It’s rude and inappropriate for her to do that, but at least she apologized.

  19. Okay people Calm yourselves -_-
    Unless you have been Lil Ms.Perfect or an extreme Goody 2 shoes. You have no say in this.

    There has been times that i have dosed off while someone’s making a speech or during a lesson. I admit it. Yes I’m a “Horrible” person because I was bored while that person was talking. >_>

    Krystal just happened to be caught looking bored and talking to Luna. Before you say “oh that’s so DISRESPECTFUL” Please remember that even if she’s a role model that she is also a human being. Human beings can’t help sometimes but be bored.

    And she’s HOW OLD? I think she’s 15 now. She’s new to the entertainment Industry. Of course she will make mistakes.
    Give her some slack

  20. everybody makes mistakes and she’s not the only one who did that -.- they just caught her.

  21. Gifs:

    Like srsly.

    “She couldnt even pretend to give the tiniest shit. Really thats just disrespectful anywhere not just Korea.”

    • It must have been pretty clear she was acting bored and showing lack of interest in what was happening on what other guests were saying on the show, or else people wouldn’t have noticed it.

      Funny how some people are saying she’s acting like that because of cultural diferences. But the way she acted is rude not only in Korea, but anywhere else.

      But it’s nice that she appologized.

      • It’s also silly to bring up cultural differences since she’s lived in Korea longer than she live in the U.S. Hopefully she really does learn from this.

      • Yeah and Khun, Nicole , Hankyung, Victoria, for example, are all from overseas and nobody ever complained about them being rude.

        So the way Krystal acting has nothing to do with cultural difference, it probably has to do with family upbringing.

      • Good point. Nicole was brought up in the states and she’s never been accused of being rude. It’s not some major cultural difference at all. If she happened to be a celebrity in the states and behaved that way, people would consider that off-putting, as well. It does seem to run in the family though. They both seem to act indifferent to everything. I don’t think it’s being on a high-horse to criticize someone for behaving that way. It really isn’t that hard to look attentive.

  22. Nice abs

  23. well, i’m not big fans of her..
    after watch her in some tv show (like dream teams)
    i don’t really like her…
    but if she appologies, that nice, and i hope she’ll show better manner in TV show…
    maybe people in her family has their own world..
    so no comment~

  24. its amazing how people who dont even know her are sooo fast to judge her, yes she made a mistake and apologized for it, she’s a kid, give her some slack..
    i’m referring to earlier post hahaha..
    calling someone a b*tch makes you one too u know.. heck more because you have no idea who she is.. you only see her on shows, not who she is in real life..

    on a funny note..
    apparently krystal got the “bored” gene too..

  25. So she apologizes and it’s all good? D:

    Shindong apologized too.
    No one gave a fuck.

    That’s sexist. Just saying.

    • No offense, but don’t you think that what Shindong did was bit more appalling??
      Not to defend Krystal though. But she acknowledges her mistake and did not make up any excuses for it.

    • totally, girlfran.

      now go make me a sammich.

    • Sorry, but I gave a fuck about that thing. Even I’m only 44 kg. Not everyone is sexist.

  26. This is kinda off-topic but, omg am I the only one who finds the ME+U choreography so cute? Let’s hope they’ll have a special stage or something and dance the whole thing ❤

  27. omg this is just sooo exagerated. she’s a newcomer
    korean culture is damn confusing

  28. Now seeing full caps of the episodes, I can really tell her inattentiveness. But I’m pretty sure she’ll learn from her mistakes. 🙂

  29. Mistakes are there so we can learn from them, and hopefully Krystal has learned something from this. No use in perjuring someone who is so young, and who clearly has much more growth to undergo. I was disappointed before, but now, I am excited to see a new and better Krystal. Hey, they’re not called ‘growing pains’ for no reason, right?

  30. lmao some netizens must fully hate her to be so free to screencap so many pictures. anw i think its good she apologised.
    and i think this totally reminds me of someone in snsd for some reason but i cant rmb who x:

    • and can i just add she and luna’s got some pretty killer heels. how on earth do they dance in those x:

  31. is this even surprising? LOL. I guess being rude runs to their family!. just saying!

    • LOL. I think what you said makes sense. Her sister always act nonchalant and sometimes look rude. I guess their parents probably didn’t raised them very well. But at least Krystal appolised.

      • @EllieS2: LOL U r such an hypocrite…
        nobody is perfect.

      • Rofl
        That’s just Jessica’s face.
        SNSD members are among the most polite idols out there, they’re always attentive and nice especially to their seniors. Haha, I guess idiots who just believe whatever gets spread around by antis wouldn’t know that though.

      • Far out, you take things way too far. What right do you have to go off criticizing someone’s parents?

      • @procrastinawhatever
        You are totally delusional, “snsd members are among the most polite idols out there” that is the most ludicrous, untrue statement ever made! snsd members are the most rude and impolite idols out there, they are rude to their peers and their seniors and their fans, there is plenty of evidence of their ignorant behavior, don’t blame antis when there is enough recorded evidence of their awful behavior to convince anyone, who isn’t delusional, that is!

  32. can someone post a video link or gifs please? thanks:-)

  33. Krystal should be given credit for apologizing for inappropriate behavior, it show she learns from her mistakes. At least somebody in her family has manners and humility, way to go, Krystal!

    • “At least somebody in her family has manners and humility”
      i can’t help but think the other person that doesn’t have manners is her big sis??? LMAO. It runs in the family *nods*

      • When Jessica is on shows, she pays attention and applauds. Then again you wouldn’t know, since you believe some hater next to you lying about someone.

  34. What a b*tch. No respect for her seniors. Her attitude is unacceptable for an idol, not just an idol but as a human being. Decent manners do not cost a thing.

    • Oh please!
      Don’t tell me you never did something like this in class, or during other situations. Not paying attention or get distracted while your teacher is talking. It’s a similar situation, but just not for the public eye to see.
      Sure, it was rude. But she apologized without making excuses for it.
      Get off your high horse will ya?
      Human beings also forgive.

      • By the way. Yes I do realize that she is a role model and therefore certain ettiquettes need to be followed. So it’s good for her to apologize and reflect her actions.

        But netizens shouldn’t act so hypocrite either.

      • Errr yeah I do :/

      • “Don’t tell me you never did something like this in class, or during other situations. Not paying attention or get distracted while your teacher is talking. It’s a similar situation, but just not for the public eye to see”

        The difference is that she gets pay to be at the show so at least pretend to be interested to what others are saying.

      • you are such an idiot
        is a tv show the same as class?
        are you a star?
        a role model to hundreds. no thousands of people?

    • Oh please, you said she’s rude, but you called her “b*tch”? Hypocrite much?

    • Sure. She’s just like her sister. She shouldn’t have done in the first place and then apologized. It’s the same as slap someone on the face and then apologize.

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