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f(x) Sulli, “I was asked if I had botox done on my lips…”

Group f(x) speaks up about speculations going around that they have undergone plastic surgery.

f(x) Luna said in a recent interview with MyDaily, “There were many rumours of plastic surgery when we first debuted. It was really tough.” Krytal then said jokingly, “(Pointing to the face) This?”.

Sulli explained, “We really heard a lot of these rumours. That I’ve undergone plastic surgery for double eyelids. When I open my eyes real big, it gets thicker and when I don’t pay attention, it disappears. I think people are too doubtful.”

She continued, “There was even people who said that I’ve got botox done on my lips. I was so hurt in the beginning. I asked myself ‘Does this make sense?’. But people around me told me that people only said that because my eyes are pretty like those underwent plastic surgery. And so I was like ‘Ahh, so that’s why’ and I liked it.”

Member Amber, known for her boyish charms, also said, “There were many doubts whether I am really a guy. When those surfaced, Sulli came out and said ‘Don’t seem like bad intention. Aren’t they just saying that you’re cool? Amber also don’t see it in a bad way’.”

Amber continued, “Now I’m used to it. In the States, when I go to the restroom, some aunties even once told me to ‘Go the opposite direction’. I know people don’t mean it the bad way. So I’m fine with it now.”

S: MyDaily


16 Responses

  1. LOL at ambers statement… auties said go next door. ahaha. made me fall of my chair.. ROFL!!!
    but whatever it is, f(x) are true beauties. natural beuties.
    i believe so. it’s time everyone else does too:)
    give these girls a break.

  2. glad that they can look at the harsh comments in a positive ways 😡

  3. i think krystall looks a bit like yoona from snsd

    • Me too! Her pose in the picture reminds me of how YoonA posed in one of her photoshoots… haha, but in certain angles, she looks like Jessica too. Krystal’s so pretty and she looks like two other really pretty celebrities… I wish I got those genes XD

    • I think so too! Her pose in the picture reminds me of one of Yoona’s photoshoots. But she looks like Jessica from some angles too. She looks like two really pretty celebrities. Haha, I wish I was the same XD

  4. LOL Sulli loves praising herself.
    About amber, I wonder if she’s happy having to dress like a boy. I don’t doubt that she’s a tomboy, but SM ent is dressing her like a boy and not as a tomboyish girl.
    In f(x) Victoria is definetely the prettiest and Luna the most talented one.

  5. they look the same in thier predebut pictures

  6. awwwww poor amber!!

  7. Usually I’d doubt idol groups when they say things like these, but for some reason, I believe f(x). They’re pretty faces look natural to me.

  8. If you look at Sulli’s younger pictures, her face is the same since she was little.

  9. i think amber can be pretty if she really wants to.
    and lets be realistic, a bunch of underage kids for botox.

    • i would freak out if i saw amber in the girls bathroom too…”err….the guys is next door!”

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