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JaeBum, “Polls have close. ‘Bumble Bee’ has won but hmm”

2PM ex-member Park JaeBum reveals the results to the poll for his fanclub name.

He posted on his Twitter on 7th June, “oh yeah the polls haved closed bumble bee has won but hmm…” Previously through his Twitter, JaeBum conducted a poll to choose the name of his official fanclub. And ‘BumbleBee’ was the one with the most number of votes.

Meanwhile, JaeBum will be returning to Korea on 11th June for the filming of his upcoming movie ‘Hype Nation’.



46 Responses

  1. bumble bee..wth..? 😀

    come on girls he’s a guy, that name is embarrassing

  2. I know that girl on the right, in white shirt ! XD She posted her picture on facebook lol~ i was surprised seeing this. anyways! 🙂 I voted for JayWalker =/

  3. Hmm? He doesn’t seem to like it…

  4. lol, even though xxxxxx’s idea is a v. good one … still, bumblebee is kind of :/ for a b-boy rapper. kind of makes him sound like a child star or something. plus, none of my friends, nor me made the connection of Jay Park -> Bumblebee, mostly cause he’s more well known as jay now …

  5. I wish its BUMBASTIC!… i heard this one before from a song/rap…

  6. I liked more Jay Effect

  7. that hmmm.. probably means he doesn’t like it. maybe it’s just me but bumblebee sounds gay, shuda been jaywalker

  8. lol. i voted for bumblebee too but only because I thought it was cute. but i don’t think it really suits jay. hehe.

  9. well Jay, you asked for it man.
    Bumble Bee is cute. =)
    don’t worry, it’ll grow on you.

  10. cute name. LOL.

  11. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and Tyas Kim, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: JaeBum, “Polls have close. ‘Bumble Bee’ has won but hmmm” http://bit.ly/cRKxkD […]

  12. I think JayWalkers would be better.
    JayEffect even. Bumblebee does not suit Jay.

  13. well, to those people who don’t like bumblebee, guy fans can be called BEEboys, girl fans can be baBEEs, and Jay can be the Honey. And we can be one big bee family. 🙂

  14. I have a feeling jay will not decide that as his fanclub name.
    He added that to make some fans happy but I think he himself is shocked that bumblebee won. Well see what he decides soon.

  15. I liked JayEffect. oh darn

  16. he obviously doesn’t like it. i don’t know what people were thinking voting for that one. it was the worst one out of all of them except that one that was the first fan cafe thing or something. i liked jay walkers. it’s definitely more witty than bumble bees. bumbles bees make no sense concerning jay. i mean yeah i get it but most people don’t.

    i hope the end result makes everyone happy.

  17. a lot of international fans can’t understand why bumblebee won.
    that’s because bumblebee has some history…
    when Jay officially left 2PM, Jay fans wanna open a Jay’s gallery at DC, but DC admin didn’t let them have one.
    so Jay fans went to a very old movie gallery to discuss Jay’s stuff, they called themselves bumblebee. that’s why bumblebee won it.

    • sorry i forgot mention that movie name is about bee something, so Jay fans called themselves bumblebee.

    • But shouldn’t Jay’s fanclub name have some meaning for his international fans as well? Seems a bit unfair.

      • so i think that’s why Jay said there may be a reverse…i think neither bumblebee nor jay effect will be the final decision, maybe some else, anyways whatever Jay choose I will accept it~~~

  18. im not really satisfied with the name “bumblebee” myself
    dont understand what bumblebee has to do with jay

    • JaeBUM = BUMblebee

      are you that stupid?

      • quite harsh don’t you think?
        are YOU stupid? what the hell does the bee have to do with Jaebeom?

      • Don’t be so mean. “Obvious” is different for every person.

    • i read somewhere that the name came from one of the Transformers characters also

      • LOL I love bumblebee the transformer! XDD but I dont like it as a fan name. not my thang. but im not and wouldn’t be a bumblebee anyways, so its okay.

      • No. The korean newspaper said it was because of transformer’s bumblebee, but it’s not true.
        Bumblebee was a name suggested by korean fans because Jay’s fans didn’t have a dcgallery so they bought the domain of the dcgallery of ‘bee movie’ in order to use to talk about Jay because dcgallery didn’t want to create a fangallery for Jay.

      • LOL that’s what I immediately thought of when I heard the name… Bumblebee is a pretty sick ride though haha. That’s one upside.

        Not a fan of the name for the fanclub though, jeez where did all those votes come from?! :S

    • i best change my post name since clearly it isnt original, haha. hm. ill go with alife from now on.

      as with the name, whatever floats his boat. i personally do oot mind bumblebee and thankful it isnt jaywalkers or jay effect.

      i wouldnt mind “bum” though. have a sense of humor and call yourself a bum. that way people will know youre good people (:

    • Bumblebee comes from a really sweet story about how Park Jaebeom DC Gallery was created. There was no Park Jaebeom gallery so his fan camped out on the “Bee Movie” gallery…they got kicked out many time. After a lot of work, money and dedication, they were able to convinced the website moderator to create a Park Jaebeom Gallery for them.
      That’s where Bumblebee comes from.

  19. that was the worst one on the poll.

    personally i was rooting for jaywalkers. even jay seemed.. unwilling about bumble bee. it just sounds.. panzyish.

    GDI when are we gunna know who the female lead is for Jay’s sister?

  20. “…but hmm…”

    hmm? does he not like the name bumblebee?

  21. see, i knew he wouldnt like it. im sure the meaning behind it was good intention, the but the name itself sucks.

  22. I wanted jaywalkers ;__:

    • Me too..JayWalkers way much better than Bumblee Bee..i guess Jay oppa too not really into that name..

      • It can’t be Jaywalker because it’s already the name of the fanclub of a group called J-Walk. If fanclub turn into ‘jaywalker’, koreans fans of J-Walk will force Jay’s fans to change names again. So ‘jaywalker’ name can’t be used.

        I think jay doesn’t really like the name ‘bumblebee’ because it’s to girly and cute and he’s into bboying and hip hop. hehe I wonder what he’ll do about it.

        I hope Jay’s fans from all over the world stop complaining about fanclub name and accept whatever name Jay decide (Bumblebee, or other name he create or chose).

  23. Sooo am a bumblebee now
    Kindaaa cool

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