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Jay writes a letter to a very special fan

Jay Park writes a letter to his fan!

A photo of a letter written by Jay Park circulated online has been garnering much interests amongst netizens. One of Jay’s fans organizing charity projects in honour of Jay has mentioned to Jay about a sponsored child Desire under the charity project.

And Jay had personally written a letter to the little boy Desire. Go under the cut to see the letter!

An email KBites received from the Jay fan Briar who organized the charity projects

I’m a fan of Jay Park who has been organizing charity projects in honour of Jay. One of our Love&Respect4Life projects involves sponsorship of underpriviledged children through World Vision who share Jay’s birthday. I wrote to Jay’s church to tell him about our little boy, Desire, and told him that if he wanted to send Desire a message, he could.

A few days ago, I received a letter in the mail with a letter to Desire from Jay, and a post-it note to myself from Jay’s father.

I believe this may dispel a few non-fans’ suspicions about Jay’s character. It also means that Jay really cares about his fans and reads the letters he gets, because believe me, mine didn’t stand out.

We’re currently sponsoring two children, our latest addition to the family, Faneli, was sponsored just after I sent the letter to Jay.

The image was released to the public about 24 hours ago, and has become the interest of many fans in Korea.

For the full account, go to: http://brozzar.wordpress.com/2010/06/05/super-dooper-awesome/

34 Responses

  1. How nice. ❀ and it took me a lot of time to read his hand writing. XD

  2. Jay has a really cute and boyish handwritting! ehehehe πŸ˜€
    Jay is adorable and so is his fans!

  3. Aw, I love it so much!

  4. love his english….
    mathe matics
    may be

  5. He probably doesn’t know where Burundi is.
    But nice XD Very sweet of him to write it.

  6. […] have no right to post the letter and becasue of that, please click here to see the […]

  7. Big ups to Jay he didnt have to but its the fact that he wanted to which makes me respect him more

  8. Wow Jay fans are awesome! I haven’t heard alot of fanclubs that does charity projects like these. Well anyways, whoever said jay had a messed up life *cough* taec *cough* SCREW YOU!

    • Jay’s a great dude n all but I feel a little sorry for Taec and Chansung.

      Cuz seriously guys – nobody knows what the hell went on and while I DO think Jay’s a nice guy, I don’t feel like he’s totally blameless. I’ve watched every fan recording, Jay’s mom’s letter etc etc IN KOREAN w/o translations cuz i don’t need them – and I think Jay’s just human – just like the rest of 2pm – BOTH of whom CLEARLY made mistakes. I won’t elaborate or else this will become and essay but Jay’s not some lamb who got run over by a truck, more like a dog that sat in the middle of the road and got hit. Truck driver is at fault for hitting it but the dog was there of his OWN accord (and no I am not just referring to those ancient xanga comments).

      In a nutshell – JAY IS NOT GOD. He’s bloody human with good and bad sides. It’s so pathetic to see people groveling around him like he’s as pure as snow cuz he’s not. He’s hardly a victim anymore and people need to stop persecuting people just b/c Jay isn’t their piece of pie for whatever reason YOU can’t know of.

      That said – this letter is very sweet – mucho respect.

      • who cares stop bringing up 2PM in his articles and move on

      • ^ read well. she/he didn’t talk about 2PM, but the fact that everyone see Jay as an pur angel.

  9. She’s the one who organized the plane event with the message ‘WHAT TIME IS IT NOW, J?’ So sweet of him to write to her. ^^

  10. lols, so cute~ so sweet, though i have to say his handwriting is messy lols~ kekeke, super cute. JAEBEOM IS THE BEST!

  11. is that the sig he uses to sign checks? crazy

  12. He is such a sweetheart.
    This is the reason why I respect him so much.
    He gets in touch with his fans and love each one
    of his fans dearly.

  13. Big heart. So much respect for Jay.

  14. So sweet that he took the the time to read fan’s letter and write a letter to the boy the fan’s were supporting. And it’s amazing to see fans making good deeds like this. πŸ™‚

  15. he planned to go to australia? come jayy..since i’m still around.. hohohohoh

  16. tats really sweet of him~!

  17. He’s so sweet. He’s going to Aussie soon?

  18. his handwriting seems so korean, like english isnt the first written language he learned, all the letters are seperate and stuff. haha

  19. you know jay does it so good that this is making everyone love him even more

  20. He is truly a man that I can respect.

    His handwriting is awkward, but it makes me love him even more.

    I hope Desire achieves his dream after getting this letter from Jay.

  21. Omo i know this comment has nothing to do with
    this post but RAIN had just won best Badass in MTV MOVIE AWARDS 2010

  22. so sweetβ™₯ i don’t understand how people can hate on him.

  23. Jay is such a sweetheart!! ^^ Don’t ever change kid!

  24. woah thats so sweet ^^ !!
    2oneday forum also has a child that they adopted πŸ™‚ !! they adopted him on mother’s day ; his name is Jay and he is from the philippines πŸ˜€

  25. dang! jay is so sweet and so is that fan!
    love&respect ❀

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  27. Sweet Jay oppa..
    I know that he is good person either in or out..
    Jay oppa jjang!!~=)

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