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Lee Hyori, “After Lady Gaga, it is hard as a singer to have fashion that is not overwhelming but still stands out”

On SBS Kim JungEun’s Chocolate aired on 6th June, Lee Hyori was guest appearance on the show and she revealed the costumes she wore for the MV of her latest hit ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’. MC Kim JungEun also donned a set of the costumes from the MV.

Kim JungEun then commented, “This is really cool. When you wear the jewel-studded dress, it seems it is so heavy and it is hard to dance in it.” Lee Hyori then said, “After the Lady Gaga, it is hard for singers as it is difficult to get fashion items that are not too overwhelming but still stands out.”

She also added that the part of the concept to her latest album is the thick eye makeup. Kim JungEun also asked the question, “Netizens have picked Lee Hyori as the person they want to live as if they can be someone else for a day. Who would you choose” and Lee Hyori answered, “Netizens. I want to try post up a bashing comment.”



23 Responses

  1. Gaga Gaga…. 😀

  2. What a nice sentence it is. I’m not a fan of hyori and lady gaga but I have to say that what lee hyori said is the truth. I believe that this does not only happen to her or in korea. Lady gaga just reminded us of those outstanding and eccentric costumes. She’s merely someone who represented it and because of her songs. Everyone recognised her and see her as the symbol of eccentric costumes. Creativity has no end. Same meaning apply to the world’s singers and artists. If that’s the case, even if let’s say lee hyori remind of gaga, is that her fault? Lady gaga may represent this eccentric stuff but that does not means only she can wear all those. I believed even if most of the artists wore it because they admired her fashion style. Have anyone ever think what if no one likes gaga style then there will be no more eccentric stuff. That’s gaga. Rather than saying stuffs like he or she copy gaga, why not admire her courage and style? I personally love her style:)

  3. ROFL!!!!!! I love her quote “Netizens. I want to try post up a bashing comment.”

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  5. haha, gotta love Hyori!
    I absolutely her personality and how honest she is!
    She always has the most unique interviews too! (:

  6. i agree!!! its kinda annoying how anything ‘Unusual’ “out of the ordinary’ when it comes to fashion is labelled as ‘LADY GAGA copycat’

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  8. what a woman! hyori … I didnt really like her before but now I think i kinda like her personality 🙂

    and ppl should know how to differentiate between the eccentric style n the lady gaga style ( Im a fan of Gaga and I love her craziness/madness/creativity in fashion…but we shouldnt go around n label every artist with unconvetional style as Lady-Gaga-wannabe while they r not…. )

    WOW I love her latest answer XDDD ….
    I love the line “Netizens. I want to try post up a bashing comment.” hahahaha…. wat a way to diss them hahaha… so far we’ve witnessed hundreds of cases that korean netizens involve in …they ruin artists’ life huhuhu…

    im a netizen too …… but because all of dirty saying they ve made, now ppl get scared when they see the word “netizen” T_T

  9. LMFAO. XD Totally love Hyori’s response about wanting to be a netizen and posting up a bashing comment. Puahahah

  10. I never really got why she felt the need to follow this crazy fashion trend anyway. Hyori looks best when she keeps it simple. Gaga isn’t original but she’s definitely caused more people to dress more eccentric for the past 2 years or so.

  11. “Netizens. I want to try post up a bashing comment.”

    Hehehehe… oh Hyori 🙂

  12. LOL bash on someone online she makes me laugh i love her

  13. so true. Before Gaga, there was Grace Jones, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, some japanese artists, including Yuki Isoya of Judy and Mary. Lady Gaga is just someone that kids these days know. I love her music though.

  14. hahaha Hyori, you can be netizen if you go online

  15. wow! Hyori really laid out the truth! I love Gaga but yeah she’s not the 1st “crazy fashionista”. I’m not saying she’s the 1st but anyone remember Bjork? lol

  16. lady gaga didn’t invent the “crazy fashion”. She just bought it back.

    • …yeah, but lady gaga is a symbol for crazy fashion atm. anyone after her is ALWAYS going to be labelled as looking like her. doesnt matter if she didnt invent it or not – she is the symbol for it now.

    • lady gaga just brought back what Grace Jones, Cher, Madonna and countless others prior to her created. Alot of what she wears is eerily similar to Grace Jones’ getups.

  17. LOL!

  18. lol exchange lives xD

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