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Rain awarded the Biggest Badass Star Award at the 19th MTV Movie Awards

World Star Rain is awarded the ‘Biggest Badass Star’ Award at the 19th 2010 MTV Movie Awards held on 6th June (American time).

Rain was nominated after an online poll from a list of 25 candidates and then awarded from the 5 finalists for the award. Earlier, Rain had appeared as the model for a CF to a communications company, and the contents to the CF is seemed to have come true.

Go under the cut to see the winning video and the CF.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo CF


26 Responses

  1. he rocks. 🙂

  2. Go Rain!!!!!! 😀
    I’m so happy! I’m a big fan of Rain! He desearves the award! He’s so hardworking!
    Whatever people say, it doesn’t matter and it would change the fact that Rain rocks and now everyone will get to know the greatest popstar in Korea! 😀
    Rain is really living up to his worldstar nickname!

    • I mean:
      Whatever people say, it doesn’t matter and it WON’T change the fact that Rain rocks and now everyone will get to know the greatest popstar in Korea! 😀

  3. OMG, i was watching it last night with my sister, when they said the nominates i was so nervous, when they said the winner we yelled so hard, hahaha, You go RAIN!

  4. you go rain, make your name bigger there, we support you.

  5. It doesn’t matter if anyone knew you before the win was announced. Some people knew you enough to get into the top 5 finalist, then actually win it…people will know you now..you go ahead because I know you talked about how hard and depressed you were in the states when making this movie and how it was your first time in your life that you wanted to die/or commit suicide, so you pushed through and it got you this.
    Go ahead and smack your ass because other ppl who have one did worst things than that or just says thank you and come off the stage. So, I am definitely of Rain for his speech and trying to adjust to the crowd. I think we as Americans and other people not in his shoes and think it was lame or was just plain awkward, should open up more to ppl different from us because we are the ones that make things awkward. You Go Rain I would smack that ass.

  6. Im not a korean but i feel so proud ! ^o^
    congrats ~~~~

  7. Congrats Rain…but wtf was up with his speech hahahha “i heard I was nominated for the badass award so I started working out” and then he smacked his ass. It seems like not alot of audience knew who he was

  8. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and Fraulein Jill Polii , mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: Rain awarded the Biggest Badass Star Award at the 19th MTV Movie Awards http://bit.ly/a4hOX3 […]

  9. oh so lame

    rain don’t try to act as bigshot in the US, people don’t know who you are

    the joke is so awkward haha

  10. omg that was so lame

  11. HAHAHAH my reaction to the CF, wtf?! ahahahah
    rain is so cute there
    Anyways, congrats to your award RAIN~

  12. HAHAAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHA the “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo CF” made me laaaugh ! hahah ..


  13. Rofl, saw this live… Even though it was pretty awkward, he put up a good effort, I would’ve pissed myself if I had to go up infront of everyone where I wasn’t too familiar with the language. LOL for the Paris comments – I was like ‘Don’t creep on ma boy! Keep him classy and stay away Miss Hilton!’ Hehe.

  14. The BEST!

  15. AHAHAHAH poor Rain!
    Am I the only one that laughed at the lame joke? Oh well kudos for him having the balls to rip that out ahaha

  16. Good job Rain! (:

  17. saw this last night, seem a little awkward with the audience reactions…anyway its also an award show were people says an F word many times.

    Tom Cruise and Jlo made me laugh! pretty epic.

    • AMEN. Les Grossman… you made my night. Everytime I see Tom Cruise now all I can think is ‘GET BACK MOTHERF*CKER, YOU DON’T KNOW ME LIKE THAT!’ *cue music*

  18. we proud of you Rain..

  19. lol i watched this earlier today!

    he handled his award well! little nerves and such. congrats rain! saw paris hilton checking you out too big boy

    • ahah i saw paris checking him out too! she was so thinking, “that’s hot.”

      too bad Rain is way out of her league.

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