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WonderGirls up #1 on Monkey3 weekly chart for 3rd week despite having ended Korean promotions

The WonderGirls are up #1 on Monkey3 weekly music chart for the 3rd consecutive week.

According to the weekly chart for music specialty site Monkey3, the girls’ latest high ‘2 Different Tears’ is up #1 on the chart for the 1st week of June (31st May ~6th June), 3rd week as #1 on the chart. Despite the fact that the girls have ended their promotions in Korea, their popularity shows with the achievement of the song.

Idol band C.N Blue stayed the same at #2 on the chart. At #3 is Hwayobi with her comeback song ‘Bye Bye Bye’ climbing up 22 ranks, and at #4 is HwanHee and SookHee with ‘Fool Chest’ up 19 ranks.

Go under the cut for the rest of the weekly chart results.

Monkey3 weekly chart for 1st week of June

  1. WonderGirls ‘2DT’
  2. C.N Blue ‘Love’
  3. Hwayobi ‘Bye Bye Bye’
  4. HwanHee and SookHee ‘Fool Chest’
  5. Davichi ‘Time Please Stop’
  6. Seo In Young ‘Love is Bitter, Pain is Calling’
  7. SS501 ‘Love Ya’
  8. MBLAQ ‘Y’
  9. 4Men and Jang HyeJin ‘Don’t Laugh, Don’t Cry’
  10. f(x) ‘NU ABO’


29 Responses

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  2. Their US concert rocks ass~ Nice to see them continuing to do great in Korea!

  3. i love CNblue and MBLAQ and i believe they are doing so well.. but still 4minutes should have been there though..

  4. Not fair.. Mblaq and CNblue are on the list.. but how about 4minute? .. their song Huh is good too..

  5. Yay Wondergirls!

  6. Go, Wonder Girls, Go!

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  9. WG doesn’t need a trophy guys. Their song has been # 1 for the past 3 weeks, that’s enough for me.

    • Me too ^^. This chart result satisfies me enough as it shows the song is still getting a positive response from the public (despite such short promotions).

  10. Yeah go wonder girls so proud of them. their concert was good and they’re english really improved. So happy that they’re still #.1 😀

  11. digital sales= 60%, album sales = 10% for music show award
    Still dont know why WGs only has 1 trophy, and after they left M!Countdown forgot them also, i always hate M!Countdown for their calculate is not truthful
    But Inky and Music Bank ? The girls deserve it

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  13. Suju’s song is not even in top 10 but still winning in music shows.

    • the thing is if WG released a proper album instead of a mini album with just one new single then their albums sales would be higher and then they would have won over SUJU,
      because there is only about 1000 points different between them

      • but still Wonder Girls should have won over SuJu because on the tv musical shows the physical album selling only counts for 15%-25% of the points and Wonder Girls’ digital sales was way higher than SuJu.

        But I’m glad to see WG doing fine. They’ve been dominating the charts since they released ‘2DT’

    • suju can release crapp songs and still win(not saying their song right now is crap) their fans are so dedicated to buying their albums and there is lik 4x more of them. haha

      • You shouldn’t say so. Super Junior and Wonder Girls have their own strong side. And don’t juz say that Suju win because of their fans, so you mean that Wonderfuls are weaker than ELFs? I respect both of them, and I also think that Super Junior deserve their trophy. It’s not easy to win three times when album selling only count for 15-20%. Everything is clear and you can’t deny that they won. Not only one time but three. Don’t juz think that’s thanks to their fan. They’ve tried hard, and their song is good, too. Stop saying things that can hurt others, you are being some way too harsh.

      • lets be honest here.. . Suju only win because of their fans.
        koreans love WG, they are #1 in a lot of Digital K charts, 2DT is played in several shows, …

        2DT >>>>>>>>>>>>> bonamana

  14. Wow AWESOME! The Power of K-WonderFuls! ❤

    Too bad they didn't win on MB but SJ was seriously a tough competition.
    I hope the girls know about this 🙂

    Wonder Girls Hwaiting! ^^

  15. Yay WG!!

  16. Congrats WG! Give me 2DT ❤ ~Two Two~

  17. aww this make me feel happy. Despite not promoting anymore, that’s still pretty good. I’m so grateful that ppl still love that song. I sure still love it.

  18. congrats they are also still #1 in melon weekly and daily charts

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