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2PM JunSu voices his unhappiness about 2PM debut song ’10 out of 10′

2PM talks about his unhappiness regarding 2PM’s debut song ’10 points out of 10′ on SBS Strong Heart aired on 8th June.

2PM lead vocal JunSu said on the show, “I have been a trainee for about 4 years after coming up to Seoul from DaeGoo. When I first received the song ’10 points out of 10′, I really liked it. But Park JinYoung only gave me the part which go ‘Yayyy~’. The whole song is about 3 minutes and 22 seconds, and my part was only ‘yayyy~’.” JunSu was unhappy that as the lead vocal, his part to the song was so short.

S: Newsen


32 Responses

  1. he sure likes to whine. understandable, if you are the main vocalist you suppose to have more lines but thats not case with him..

  2. lol and i thought khun got the smallest part “lalalala pretty baby, lalalala be my lady”. so apparentl junsu oppa got the much smaller part, my god. JYP, whats up man./

  3. yeh sometimes it makes me wonder the not so good at singing actually get more lines than the real singers in the group O_O

    • Khun and Wooyoung have more lines than Junsu!!!!!! 😐 This is NOT fair. Junsu is the best singer and, believe it or not, he’s better rapper than 2PM’s rappers Taecyeon and Chansung. But JYPE doesn’t give Junus long singing parts and doesn’t even let him rap in some songs. JYPE let Khun rap when he obviously doesn’t know how to and let Khun play the piano. But Junsu KNOWs how to rap and also KNOWS how to play the piano besides singing very well, but he was never given the chance to showcase all his talent.

    • Lol yeah. Its the same for WG. Sohee’s and Haelim’s singing are not exactly good, yet Sunye/YeEun who are both exceptional vocals get only the chorus. (More so for Sunye)

      • Yeah! It’s sad that YeEun and SunYe doesn’t get long parts on WG’s songs or arent allowed to have solo singles.

        But in Sohee’s case, I feel sorry for her because she proven that she’s a good actress but JYPE doesn’t let her have acting activities. :/ Lim is good rapper too, but I doubt JYPE will let her have rapping parts like Yoobin.

  4. Jaybum… TwT

    Awww, poor Junsu. He trained a long time, too! I can understand his disappointment. :'[

  5. thats JYP stupid formula always has been for 2PM..Wooyoung sings then chansung for verse 1 then verse 2 is khun and have Junho and Junsu share chorus and then end with a Taec rap. Same formula in all of their songs. Junsu has not been given a single verse in all of their singles just chorus

    • If you notice, it’s the same for the wonder girls too. Hae Lim/Sunmi first, then sohee. For chorus it’s always yenny and sun ye.

  6. Junsu is very underated. I think he should have stayed in YG Entertainment instead of moving to JYPE. At least YG allows his artists to showcase their talents and let them release solo singles.

    One thing that always bugged me about JYPE is they never let their artists showcase their talent. For example, Wonder Girl’s SunYe is one of the best female idol group singers in Korea (the girl is amazing! She has a beautiful voice, she sings with a lot of emotion and she is able to reach all tunes), but JYPE only let her have 1 solo song (for Conspiracy in the court OST) while in other ent companies, female idol singers with vocals not even 1% as good as SunYe have 3-5 solo songs for OST. Same thing goes to other talented singers of JYPE: Junsu, YeEun, Changmin & Jo Kwon, JYPE never lets them showcase their talent.

    • Totally agree
      JYP sucks
      The YG always gives them the protagonism that is deserved to all his artists

    • I agree. Although I love him in 2PM, if Junsu stayed in YGE, he would have been much better off.

  7. What was JYP thinking…?

  8. haha agree with junsu too:DDD

  9. ya do you know something also a lot of groups has the same issue such as t-ara the lead vocalist soyeon don’t sing a lot like the leader eunjung or jiyeon when they are not the main vocalist or any thing and i think that she should sing more
    don’t you think that too

  10. LOL! tht sux! especially for the MAIN/LEAD vocal to have ‘yayy..’ as a line. atleast he has more now!, altho its repeated.

    ‘Im gonna be okay..
    gonna be okay..
    baby without u..’ LOL

  11. I notice that too. i think its not fair also but afterall what can you say about it. T^T KIM JUNSU FIGHT!!

  12. LooooL XD
    Poor Junsu =D

  13. he deserves it.

  14. hahahahaha XD . poor junsu, i believe someday he’ll do solo . hwaiting !

  15. Yeah, that would be pretty fucked up. I mean, not because Junsu is my favorite or anything but I usually hate how one person has more lines or lyrics or whatever in a song. I mean, I usually think, “Why are they even in the group if they’re not gonna put them in?”

  16. lol xD Junsu just repeated what he said 1 year ago at SGB xD
    my poor boy xD

  17. LOL ^^

  18. well he has got lots of parts now so.. although i must say it is weird why give him so few parts and make him main vocal at the same time lol

  19. I share the same sentiment with Junsu, I have been a fan since debut and i know that he is such a good vocalist but why did he only have such parts for ’10 points out of 10′…

    you trained very hard for only a part as Yaaaaayyyyy….hahaha

    well, everything has changed now…Junsu’s voice is being recognized and he has lots of parts now specially after Jay left….

    • Same way I think.

      I can understand why he was unhappy… The ‘yayy’ part is really short for a main vocalist . . .

    • i swear in Without u although he got the chorus but his part mainly are
      “Im gonna be ok
      i’ll be ok
      baby without you
      baby without you”
      which the verse is very simple really for a main vocal

      but yeah never knew that he got only one word part
      i thought Nickhun’s case was bad but for Junsu as a main vocal with just “yay” is worst

    • as the lead singer, i think he deserves more than the chorus.

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