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Hot interests with 2PM Nich Khun addressing f(x) Victoria with “my wife”

2PM Nich Khun’s recent addressing of f(x) Victoria as ‘my wife’ has garnered much interests from netizens and fans.

Nich Khun had posted a comment on a photo posted up on UKiss Alexander’s Twitter taken during the recent filming of SBS Star King. Nich Khun commented, “That’s my wife sitting in the front! Tell her I said ‘HI’ for me Alex! thanks buddy~”

Fans who saw his comments replied, “Please don’t call her your wife right from the first broadcast”, “I object this marriage”, “Nich ah, this is not the way” etc.

Meanwhile, just previously, Nich Khun and Victoria are confirmed as the new made-believe couple on MBC We Got Married and the first filming took place on 1st June.

S:TV Report

Meanwhile, Alexander’s response to Nich Khun’s photo comment:

Khun! Ya makin all da girls jealous of Victoria~ LOL! We talked bout u today btw~ keke (>_<)/

28 Responses

  1. Ladies need to get over their drama with Khun! Note to crazy fan girls – these boys need some love and attention to IRL. Not to mention it’s a FAKE marriage. FAKE! Geesh, grow up!!!

    Let it go people! Did they not do the same thing to him (or was it Taec?) on MNet Scandal? How sad does your life have to be for you to actually object to this SHOW? IT’S A SHOW FOR GOD’S SAKE!!! *knocking head on desk*

    Why all the hate? You would think fans would be happy that he can have some happiness in his life.

  2. can’t wait! 🙂
    everyone was doubtful about seohyun&yonghwa couple, but turned out to be goood~ but i think this couple will be more typical since the sweetpotato couple is a special-kinda relationship haha

  3. i’ m heartbroken… 😦

  4. wanna watch it but i’m sad too T^T

  5. haha this is getting exciting. there they are again OBSESSED NETIZENS/FANGIRLS. need to grow up.

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  7. haha ppl comments; “I object this marriage”; ppl need to chill~ its all make believe o.0

  8. In truth I love this couple, too.
    I do not have any special feeling with Nick Khun or Victoria so
    Even they are couple or not.
    Happy or not.
    I dun really care.
    I just wish that they have a nice show to make a nice image and story for all of viewer and fans.

    Anyway I hope they also care about fans’ feeling.
    At least, a little bit.
    I think everybody can understand the hurt feeling when seeing some star you love shows his/her special love for someone else.
    It is not easy.
    Idols are human, too.
    But when they admit to become idols.
    It’s their responsibility to care about fans’ feeling.
    And I hope this couple, too.
    At least dun make some girls have to be broken heart, hehee.

    Everyone says Jealous is not good.
    But pls if you are a fan girl.
    You understand it.
    It is nature and not-really-bad.

    And I hope NIck Khun and Victoria will have a good feeling in-this-show.

    • “I hope they also care about fans’ feeling.” WTF is that???
      let them be..
      NIck Khun and Victoria Fighting !!!! <333

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  11. cute couple!!

    glad victoria is getting more recognition, shes really a beauty!

  12. I really can’t wait to see how it goes..<3
    I love this couple already..:D

  13. Is it just me? or does Victoria’s cheeks look weird?

    • Just cheek bone, it comes out when skinny people smile lol

    • high cheek bones.

      this may be a stereotype or quite the generalization, but i noticed high cheek bones is a prominent feature in chinese people (judging from what ive seen)

      • It’s common for many Chinese people, but we got out own share of differences, lol.

  14. gosh kbites, you chose the best pics of both of them. Theyre both look sooo good ! I think they’ll be really cute together 🙂

  15. That’s so sweet 😀 Khun’s spotted Victoria easily~
    Ah it makes everyone jealous, me too XD But this is really interesting & I’m looking forward for VicKhun!

  16. Good luck with your Marriage ..xD

  17. 🙂 My name is Victoria!!! Can I be ur wife Nich??? LOL I love this couple!! 😛

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  19. that was quick hahahhaa
    calling Victoria his wife XD
    comparing to Yong~
    it’s a long process… XD

  20. getting the fangirls ready for the real show x_x even more lovey dovey stuff coming soon?? : /

  21. I don’t see any matter here..In contrast, I love this couple from the beginning..U can be jealous but u cant change anything..Don’t make them feel uncomfortable when being together just becoz of fans(like Hyun Joong and Hwangbo)..They’re sweet!! can’t wait to see them…Love Khun and Vic!!

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