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Fun Fact Of Kpop: How fans get great shots of our favourite stars

Another Fun Fact Of Kpop!

We get fantastic fantaken photos and videos when it comes to events featuring our favourite Kpop stars. However, have you wondered how these photos and videos are taken? Let’s take the attention off the great photos and videos a while to the fans taking them.

Go under the cut for the answer.

We know fans are known for the HD DSL cameras equiped with various lens to take the photos.

However, fans spotted recently at MBLAQ TBJ fansigning found a way to getting a good spot to film their idols amongst the crowd.

The photos of the fans were posted up on a portal community site and have been garnering great interests from netizens.

Netizens’ comments:

  • “In…incredible!”
  • “Daebak, this got me cracking up big time”
  • “I wonder how the MBLAQ members in front would feel looking at this”
  • “Fans have good sense”
  • “SHINee noona fans uses HD cameras too”
  • “Wow….”
  • “Dae to the Bak”

Here’s my salute to dedicated fans out there.

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  2. OMWTFG r they crazy?
    i’ve nvr seen anything like this b4!

    haha seriousy daebak!!
    they seriously are too rich to be true!

  3. Lol this is so funny

  4. Haha fucken crazy fans
    I was always wondering how they took such HD pictures

  5. Lol i’d laugh if the camera fell xD


  7. this is really dae to the bak.

  8. LOL @ “Dae to the Bak” XD…

  9. haha.. the fans in korea is taking care of their idol..
    they are soo concern about them..

  10. i wish i had HD cam too. lol my cybershot sucks. keke

  11. haha.i’m not shocked but i’m amazed. nice fans.

  12. i should do this. i have an HD camera and i’ve always wondered how they get up close without actually having to be smack dab in front of them. lol. totally doing this. i don’t care f’ya call me creepy or obsessive. i cherish their photos only cuz i have less of a chance to actually see them. koreans have that possibility everyday. so nothin stoppin me.

  13. korean fans really dedicated..DAEBAK

  14. seriously!!! i thought it was FTisland Honggi!!!!!!

  15. they really deserve more credit whenever international fans share HQ pics and HD fancams. i think we’ve noticed the increase in hd videos these days. it makes it more enjoyable to watch.

  16. not surprising…Korean Fans are Totally Amazing Dedicated Loyal Fans. whenever their idols Go they are always equipped with Hi-tech cams even recording a peroformance on TV. The rest International Kpop fans Follows through of what korean fans do to their beloved Idols.

  17. gotta appreciate their “enthusiasm”, cuz otherwise where else would we get such up close pics?

  18. wow! those unnies are really something! 🙂

  19. omg haha i find this incredibly cute 😀
    dae to the bak – lmao!

  20. looks like flamingos’ heads everywhere

  21. woa ,they won!

  22. oh Dang… K A+ Daebak… i feel like Mblaq has alot more noona fans which means they got more money to buy them expensive cameras. Fans are impressive indeed.

  23. i would hired them as my paparazzi.

  24. haha, those fans should go into the photography industry with all those lens and stuff. i might be one of them one day though. XD

  25. lol. monopod. nothing new!

  26. Hahahaha. Crazy. XD

  27. They’re more like the paparazzi-fans

  28. fans don’t only do it do take pictures of their idols with these really expensive cams. haven’t you ever complained that none of the pictures seems HD, or the video with the screaming is horrible because it’s not HDD+++ or whatever. these fans not only dish out this much money to take a picture for themselves, they’re the ones uploading the HD+++++ True HD and really good qualities for other fans who aren’t able to be there. =-=


    most international fans just lack the willingness to do things like these because they’re less organized, and less “dedicated” for a lack of a better term.

    • no, maybe cause we rather do something productive or something that’ll mean something to our lives.
      by all means, we’re not stopping them from doing so.
      but please, don’t call fans who don’t go to such lengths unwilling or less dedicated.
      being creepers like this is the standard for being ‘dedicated’ fans?

      • elusive is right.
        there’s no definition of what a ‘dedicated’ fan is. there’s no point in labeling because other people might see these girls as being obsessive rather than ‘dedicated’.

        i don’t understand the whole fancam trend. granted, i appreciate people who do it, but doesn’t filming your artist take away from the actual concert experience?


  30. Hahaha, lol seriously this is really cool!!! There’s no such thing like this in my country.

    i’v never thought it was this way XDDD

    FTW Fans ^o^

    if i saw this Cams in front of me i think i’ll be scared , Really -_-“

  32. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Sam AlAsmi, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: Fun Fact Of Kpop: How fans get great shots of our favourite stars http://bit.ly/cX6jL8 […]

  33. and that’s why i love the Fancam pix .. xD

  34. lmfaoo wtf. oh fangirls.

  35. oh wow..a lil crazy to spend that much money on a cam jus to take some photos of your idol.i mean look at them cams.they are like paparazzi.imagine them stalking them celebs.i would be paranoid if i was them celebs.but do what floats your boat..

  36. thats soo smart !

  37. omg……..wow
    i never see this over here in the us
    man ppl really do love idols in korea.
    maybe a bit too much though XD

  38. talk about how far can a fan go!!! I would never pay so much just for a shot of these celebrities, but I have to give it to Korean fans for decidating their everything to their artists!

  39. LOL reminds me of that picture of the cassies taking pictures of DBSK with REALLY expensive looking cameras. what fan girls will do for good shots

  40. Wow! That explains everything! I tried to get really good pictures of 2pm, but that didnt work out (then again I don’t even have an HD camera)

  41. WOW! How can international fans compete with korean fans? ehehehe.

  42. Somehow at the back of my mind, I’ve always known that fans don’t get those great celebrity shots with just an ordinary point & shoot camera, but still, this just cracked me up! 화이팅 to all the dedicated fans!!!! This article totally made my otherwise crappy-so-far day!

  43. hahaha thats the way to go! Gotta go pro if you want good pictures. Power to the fans!

  44. Wow! I’m actually amazed. I don’t think anyone in the USA would do that for Justin Bieber or Jonas Brothers or whatever. They actually take good pictures. hahahahah ‘dae to the bak’

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