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Photo Of The Day! What purpose had singers, idols and talents gathered at one place?

A photo taken featurign some of the popular idols and talent revealed online has been garnering much attention from netizens.

In a post written by a netizens on a portal site recently titled ‘The christianity gathering of the celebrities’, a photo revealed So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA, SooYoung, Tiffany, 2NE1 Gong MinJi, talent Jung RyeoWon, Kim SooHyun and Super Junior Choi SiWon were seen for a shot together.

Also on 2nd June, SiWon also posted up a photo at his church gathering taken together with talents Jung RyeoWon and Jung Joon and singer Soy. SiWon wrote in the tweet, “Rest in God!! No Shame, No Fear!!:D”.

Netizens’ comments are, “I want to attend that church too”, “Choi SiWon is a true church oppa”, “With SNSD members in it, I will sign up as a member at the church immediately”, “They do great things too” etc.

S:MT StarNews

24 Responses

  1. There is Bekah and Jung Ah dari After School in the 2nd picture..

  2. omo~!! minji and her soshi unnies!^^ this is a first for me. haha^^ so cute!

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: Photo Of The Day! What purpose had singers, idols and talents gathered at one place? http://bit.ly/b7j8tS […]

  4. soo presh! haha

  5. After School’s JungAh and Beckah is there too in the second picture. She’s on the bottom right on the couch next to Beckah..

    Too bad her pretty face is blurred 😦 They really bond well!

  6. i think there’s only one thing that requires attention here.. HOW FUCKING ADORABLE DOES MINZI LOOK THERE?

  7. Wow. I feel bad for that church because now they’ll be swarmed by people who only want to go there for the celebs. Sure, maybe it’ll help spread the faith, but still.. lol

    • Haha.. but I doubt that they can be in the same gathering group. Since celebs have busy schedule, if you are not in the same gathering group, you might not be able to see them often at the church either.
      Besides, the true church members might scrutinize you if they know you’re just there for the celebs. Lol..=p
      Christian churches usually have strong bond between the members.

  8. ‘The christianity gathering of the celebrities’ hehe :]

  9. omo I want to attend that church too TT___TT

  10. “So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA, SooYoung, Tiffany”

    Is it me or Hyo Yeon is also there ? lol

    • Yeah, Hyo Yeon’s there too. 🙂

      • oh yeah, i notice hyo yeon in the picture but didn’t notice her name wasn’t mentioned…

        poor hyo yeon, always the one that goes unnoticed

      • I agree. she’s always underrated.i was going to comment about that too. but i noticed this comments.poor HyoYeon. i love her!

      • im sorry for being ignorant..
        but which one is HyoYeon?
        SooYong is the one who sit next to Minji right?
        and where is Tiffany? i dont think i see her in the pic above.. -.-“

  11. ah ok siwon don’t kiss on stage again

  12. siwon is like the most religious kpop artist who’s proud to be religious! 🙂 i love him for that 😀

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