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Success for 2NE1 Park Bom for her all-vegetable diet

Girlgroup 2NE1 member Park Bom achieves success with her lettuce diet.

Recently Park Bom reveals a recent selca photo taken in the recording room on her me2day on 7th June. In the photo, Park Bom is seem with a more slender jaw line. She was also seen with a funny pose in the photo. Park Bom wrote on her me2day, “I am playing around while sitting on the massage chair in the recording room. Does the glasses and the expression go together?”

Many netizens have voiced their surprise at Park Bom’s recent and more slender features. Just recently, fellow member Sandara Park posted up that Park Bom is on a all-vegetable diet.

Meanwhile, previously Park Bom was criticised by netizens for her swell-up body, many pointed out, “It seems she has not been managing her body and health well.”

S: SeoulNTN


41 Responses

  1. i love u 2ne1 girls sna lgi kau pnalo sa contes

  2. The diet was pointless because she looked cute and fine before. I hope she didn’t starve herself too badly 😦

  3. she was fine before.. she’s fine now.. cept that pic is just lol xD

  4. Bom is very pretty, with or without makeup and she didn’t seem to need to lose any weight. There are already too many chicks in kpop who look like they miss EVERY meal. Keep some meat on your bones, Bom!

  5. or maybe it’s angle effect ? well dunno she’s still pretty anyway. i hope her diet success . hwaiting bom bom bom bom

  6. chukahae bommie!!!! looks is not everything lol what’s inside matters. LOL-ness! 2ne1 jjang waiting for your debut.

  7. I don’t think BOMMIE is ugly. Sometimes celebrities look really pretty or handsome irl. I find it true since I’ve seen a few celebrities irl.

  8. hopefully she has improved her stamina as well. I LOVE HER TO BITS~~!!! but i still cringe when she goes flat and gets out of breath. being skinny doesn’t always mean being fit. hehe^^

  9. bomie ı love you she is beautiful and cute both before and after 🙂

  10. congrats bommie!! 🙂 and omo, she’s at the recording studio. gahd they’re really on their way for some one hot comeback! i keep thinking about them coming back and pwning, just like what they did before. 😀

  11. i dont think ugly is the right word to describe someone thats so damn pretty . BOMM ❤

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    can’t wait for their comeback !! :DD

  15. odd how people don’t care eh eh eh, yet they are in here ere ere ere!

  16. @jaechunsu3voices : excuse me , Bom is ugly ?
    i don’t think so
    x( , don’t be rude

  17. Bommie is gorgeous and should never change ❤ stupid netizens maybe they should see how they like living off rabbit food before they critisize anyone

  18. She’s pretty either way but I’m glad she did something to improve/maintain her health.

  19. IDC eh eh eh..
    Bom is ugly anyway..

  20. I think she looks cuter with the chubby face.
    But oh well, at least this gonna shut netizens up 🙂

    2NE1 comeback soon please~ ^^

  21. ewww she was chubby and now she is skinny :S

  22. GAAAAH Bommie !!!!
    I Love Her She Looks Cute In Those Glasses Love That Popsicle Shirt LOL is it a shirt?

    FU!!! Netizens

  23. well media and reporters, since you guys came up with that conclusion, don’t everr call bom or any girl fat anymore -.-

  24. I can see the difference…she does look better, but she shouldn’t have been criticized for being a little chubby. not everyone is perfect.

  25. OMO bom without make-up is o__O

    • She looks fine w/o makeup 0_o. I prefer her with less makeup actually.

      Her jaw does look noticeably slimmer.

    • Yeah without make-up she’s O.O in a good way. She’s naturally gorgeous and so freakin adorable without make-up. I miss 2NE1 TV and watching the girls prancing around all relaxed haha

    • still have make up
      i think she has little foundation and eyeliner

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