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Newcomer girlgroup SISTAR chosen as models for Samsung Yepp

‘Edgy-dol’ SISTAR are the new models for Samsung Yepp.

Newcomer girlgroup SISTAR’s agency StarShip Entertainment reveals, “SISTAR has been signed up as models for Yepp. We have received many inquiries for the girls to endorse fashion, games and f&b products after the girls’ debut.”

Before debut, member HyoRin was also selected from 450K participants in the open audition to be the female lead to Yepp Magic Drag CF which also stars Jang GeunSeok.

A Yepp branding official commented, “We see great potential in group SISTAR and had decided to sign them on for the CF. We are holding great anticipation working with them.”

Meanwhile, the group recently debuted with the song ‘Push Push’.



8 Responses

  1. It’s true that he lead girl has about 80% of the presence and attention from the audience. The others seem to just be backing singers at times.

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  3. I’m happy for them!

  4. k, i think these girls look good, sound good and have great potential, but they lack something.

    their performances have been spot on so far, but they miss some kind of presence. you can have all the talent in the world, but if you dont have on-stage presence and charisma, then your not going to draw much attention.

    although alot of kpop stars today arent really talented and are only from major labels, they all have some kind of presence on stage that makes them entertaining to watch. I have yet to see that in SISTAR, but maybe with more appearences, i’ll see it in them.

    right now, they come off as F.Cuz 2.0. lots of hype for their looks and fashion and musical capabilities, but they dont draw much attention. i want them to be, but we’ll see in time.

    • RIGHT?! wow. exactly.

      perhaps their looks? like, i thought a couple of them were a little tooooo similar looking? and i am SOOOOO not one of those lame-o’s who go “oh all idol singers look all the same!”

      thus maybe via variety shows they’ll stand out but…
      i wonder how tall they are… hehe just a thought.
      but sure, girl f.cuz because half have voices that stand out and half dont? like, f.cuz has yet to avoid sounding too breathy in their perfs but i think that day will be very soon…. 🙂
      sistar wasn’t too bad honestly. song isn’t too bad. lucky them, for getting a brave brothers song (although i continue to question whether push push is just missing from one of after school’s earlier songs hehe) >@<;;;

      • I sensed a lot of stage presence from the leader and the other chick that can dance. Yes, the other two leave much to be desired, but that’s generally the same with newbies in the game. There’s always going to be 2-4 ppl in a group that stands out lol, it’s inevitable! As for the whole hype thing, when hasn’t it been done?Hell, last year was FILLED with hype and more hype. Nothing new this year…Well, I think these ladies probably have other hidden talents that we’ve haven’t seen yet, typical in kpop lol, and I can’t wait to see!

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