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Park JungMin, “Even though Kim HyunJoong is the leader, I’m the force of the team”

SS501 Park JungMin thinks that he is the force of the team.

Park JungMin was recently featured in SBS E!TV ‘E! Nwes Korea – Star Q10’ and he revealed that even though Kim HyunJoong is the leader, the real force of the team is actually himself.

He said, “In terms of personality, charisma and driving force, I’m the most outstanding. The other members will often change their words. But like many of you have noticed, the force of SS501 is me.”

Recently Park JungMin started his own online shopping mall. And he revealed the fan letters which were sent to his office.

The show is set to air on 9th June at 8pm.



22 Responses

  1. He is hard core KSP !

  2. he is, afterall, the “gyuri” in SS501

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  4. no he’s pretty serious in what he says… he has great self-love of himself which i guess is just in the right place..great!.. gah i love all of em! SS501 aja! ^^

  5. Ha Ha ! JM you hope. LOL

  6. lol..this guy is never serious..that’s why i love him so much…always bragging about himself…he is kyut and funny..jungmin rocks!!
    but that’s why so many people misunderstand him…*sigh*
    whatever jungmin you are best!

  7. JM our diva! Haha you’ve got to love him and his dashing personality. Yeah he’s more upfront and outspoken, whereas leader KHJ is more relaxed & laid back with his goofy 4D personality . Lol at the end of the day he’s just fooling around; I’m sure the rest are fully aware about his opinions on certain things. SS501 <333

  8. I agree with Jung Min, he is the force of the team.
    He’s also tall, sexy and absolutely gorgeous!
    You tell ’em, Jung Minnie!

  9. LOLLLL….. Love it when he said a jokes aka statement like this =DD
    Pabo Jungminiee is cute~~~
    But I think his statement has the truth in it hehehehe

  10. LOL silly mal
    that kid is never serious
    hahaha he’s sooo cute! xD

  11. haha lol

  12. hehehe… Jungminnie, May the FORCE be with you! 🙂

    • hahaha i like the way you think xD

      I don’t follow SS501 but while watching one of their performances for their recent songs I fell in love with JungMin, he seems like a cool person just like HyunJoong 🙂

  13. wow… and here i’ve always thought HE was the leader

  14. LOL.

  15. hahahahha
    He is absolutely right. And That is true! hahahahahaha

  16. ewwww, plastic .

    • uh, No.
      I blame the atrocious camera angle from the cameraman. How can you film someone like that: with a one-shot tilted upwards?!
      Golly, everybody will look ugly in front of the lens. It makes his face bigger and more distorted.
      I had my passport photo taken from that angle…so I know how bad it must be >.<


    Ah Jung Min… Never change your arrogance 🙂

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