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Why Goo HyeSun cried when she met YoonA

Goo Hye-sun started to tear as soon as she met SNSD’s Yoona.

At WinWin program, Goo Hye-sun states that, these days she really likes SNSD’s Yoona. Through SNSD’s choreographer, Goo Hye-sun found out Yoona’s telephone number. Since then, Goo Hye-sun and Yoona have texted each other but have never met in person.

Yoona was the second surprise guest for Goo Hye-sun.

Goo Hye-sun became tearful and was very excited to see Yoona. Goo Hye-sun said, “It is so nice, I cannot stop the tears.” Yoona said, “When Hye-sun unnie texted me that she likes me, I was so amazed.”

MC Taeyeon who is the leader of SNSD said, “It is interesting that two people who are as pretty as dolls like each other–it is like similar people meeting similar people.”

The other surprise guest is Dara of 2NE1.


89 Responses

  1. Hi, I am from England and I really like SNSD. There is something very different about them and I also think they are all very beautiful.

    IM YoonA is a special favourite of mine too. I can’t explain it – she has something very special but there’s no need to hate her for it. Remember she is “owned” by others (SM?) who have manipulated her for and the other girls for many years but she, like the other member of SNSD are still very natural people despite all the attention.

    Can you imagine what it must be like for them to live like in a Goldfish bowl? They have no life but still have fun.

    Im YoonA and all the others – thank you so much you are all beautiful to me…

    The Baron…

  2. Ain’t an anti of SNSD nor Yoona here, but just some opinions I’d like to share is — Yoona IS overrated.
    I won’t say she’s ‘ugly’ like anti(s) do coz it’s a fact she’s NOT, just simply plain-looking.
    But the reason as to why she can be famous this very day, I still can’t figure out nor fanthom.
    In my opinion at least, her acting, dancing and singing are not at all fantastic.
    Maybe if she is in another country which is less-known as having talented artistes all around — Well, she MAY make it there.
    But this is for God’s sake KOREA — Which consists of COUNTLESS talented artistes!
    For girls there are, BoA, Stephanie The Grace, Minzy (2NE1) and Hyoyeon (her fellow group-mate in SNSD) — For dancing.
    In terms of singing and acting, those with powerhouse vocals and fabulous acting skills which enables you to emerge into the scene instantly — There are countless too (which I’d not name here coz if I start, there’d be no end to it).
    I am not Goo Hye Sun so I don’t know what do this chick see in Yoona but, though I won’t say Goo Hye Sun is DAMN-IT talented, well, it’s undeniable she surpasses Yoona — She has her acting experience to back her up.
    As for Yoona, I’m so sorry SNSD/Yoona’s fans, if there is something that amazing for her to fit into the very professional K-pop industry — Do enlighten me coz I simply can’t see any. 🙂

  3. why is everyone getting so worked up O_O? lol… can’t someone be someone else’s fan or even better friends?

    you don’t like yoona but the truth is MANY sees her as such adorable dongsaeng, even in snsd sometimes i think the unnies are quite bias towards yoongie 🙂 anyhow, its cute to see hyesun wanted to get to know a dongsaeng like yoongie better.

    she shed some tears so what? she just get a bit too excited meeting yoona on a show face to face for the first time, or most like from laughing too much kekeke.

    i think its cute, the awkwardness and all lol, hope they get to become closer as friends 🙂

  4. hye sun,……
    love you………
    you are the best………….. 🙂

  5. All you foolish sones can go back to delusionland now and wait for the next stupid stories about your jacked-up idols, because what you say about me means nothing! Ha! You guys aren’t even Goo Hye Sun fans (I am) and are only here because of that talentless lizard face yoona.
    Yep, you are right I am a huge SS501 fan and could care less what you say about them, because unlike you sones, I’m not insecure and immature enough to take what is said about SS501 personally.
    A bunch of idiotic sone stalkers is not gonna change me, especially that moron gummybear, so I’m not gonna say grow up because your growth was stunted the moment you became sones, but try this, Grow a brain, Imbeciles!

    • lol, you just said that you weren’t a SS501 fan up there^

      and it takes real smarts to be name-calling people.

      btw, you sure think sones are out to get you huh? Well I see people of other fanclubs, telling you lay off up there^

      bottom line is I think you need to take your own advice.
      you’re a year older than me, so it’s about time you grow up.

      • Thank you for proving me right, you can’t even read properly, I said I was not Triple S, I never said I wasn’t a SS501 fan!.
        Oh, please I wouldn’t put it past sones to claim another fan club, to get people on their pitiful side because like you they are too weak/feeble minded to stand alone. I am not threatened by sones or anyone else!
        You should have taken my advice before you wrote your retarded reply, pour some water on your head, maybe your pea brain will sprout some roots.

      • Sorry girl, but you can tell there are people up there who are annoyed by you. Like TopBin and tabi21, two Blackjacks who called out on you. abc, a triple -s who also called you out. It isn’t just sones.

        Get what on my “pitiful side”? Not asking anybody to feel sorry for me, I’m pointing out that you’re annoying many people here.

        No way would I take your advice. You’re a year older than me, but you act much younger than Yoona. You call people names and you start trouble. That tells me that you’re not using your brain. Why would anybody take advice from a hypocrite?

        Here is something that a smart person would do. You have nothing nice to say, don’t say it. This comment section was going well until you came in and smacked talk Yoona.

        It’s called courtesy. Sookyeong herself have said many times that the more people are rude and are bashing, she will shut this blog down.

        Sure, people have freedom of speech, but since this isn’t your blog – you need to abide by her rules.

        You’re an adult so act like one. People wouldn’t have to be telling you off if you would just do so.

      • *TopBin and DaraPinoy

      • LOL… Gummybear never said you were a Triple-S. Who can’t read properly now? XD

      • It’s once again official that antis can’t read properly…lol
        Same case happened in AKP at GHS-Yoona article.
        What a coincidence! XD

  6. “It is so nice, I can’t stop the tears” is wrong. Goo Hyesun said, “I’m just so surprised,” and they were praising each other on the show a lot, but I think it was just harmless fun. Nothing to go crazy about but it was pretty funny when Goo Hyesun said “if I were a guy I think I’d really like her” and Yoona was like “me too” in a serious face and then cracked up haha. Great fan service

  7. lol. even if you aren’t a 2NE1 fan, you’re still making us look bad. since you’re the one who started comparing dara to yoona in the first place it’s just the first automatic assumption.

    srsly. just quit it. why should it even matter why hyesun unnie felt touched by her surprise meeting with yoona. is it even our place to know the reason? no. so lets just keep it at that.

    i for one think it’s kinda cute. maybe not the crying part. that’s a little weird but overall it’s cute.

    • i sincerely apologize to 2ne1 fans from the bottom of my heart.
      i automatically thought queenbqty is a 2ne1 fan because she started comparing dara to yoona.
      i realized that bitch is a ss501 fan later on

  8. @queenbqty
    are you a ss501 fan? lol
    how about kim hyun joong? he can’t sing,dance,nor act..
    but he does have a personality despite all the
    flaws and the fangirl example like queenbqty digs it.
    anyway, i like putting your name since you are freaking biased..

    • @Chu: I couldn’t agree with you more
      queenbqty es una hipocrita y una verguenza para tripleS.

      btw, cant wait for Goo Hyesun in new dramas

  9. WTF? she must be one huge fan.

    I mean, I can understand in an obsessed fan’s point of view and perhaps, if you have seen someone extremely famous like madonna or michael jackson but YOONA?? LMAO. she isn’t exactly influential or someone aspiring to cry over. i’m not hating on her like those people who jump on the hate wagon but dude! that’s weird >_____>

  10. I like those two, and Yonna is one of my favorite from snsd. Is not like she is miss universe but IDK? she has something cute about her.

  11. Cried … or simply shed some tears (like when you laugh too hard or st like that)

    So don’t make the thing bigger than it was actually, ok?

  12. Honestly, my views about YoonA don’t mean shi*t, but I just don’t really understand how meeting her can bring HyeSun to tears? :S Maybe it’s a cultural differences kind of thing, but I find the whole scene really weird.

    …Like, REALLY weird.

    • yep,Goo Hye-sun is weird, right??? -______-

      • please don’t say that if you’re not Korean and if you don’t understand the video ^^ peace to all.

    • Lol no, I don’t think GHS is weird, I just honestly don’t understand the whole exchange. Like, I don’t get it.

  13. The reason why Hye Sun unnie like Yoona is none of our business really. What, they can’t be friends because some of you think Yoona does not “deserve” it?

    Just stop with the negative vibes. Obviously they have mutual respect and admiration towards each other, what’s there to hate and bitch about it?

    • I agree with you.

      Just because some of you guys (queenbqty) says that Goo Hye Sun has more talent that Yoona, she shouldn’t like her? Are you saying you rather have Hye Sun be a snob and turn her nose up at people she (rather you) deem as lowlier?

      Hye Sun can like and be friends with whoever she wants. Atleast this shows that she wants to be the friends with Yoona, because she likes her as a PERSON, not whether wanting to be friends with her based on talents.

      Haters always gotta be turning the littlest thing into something big.

  14. That’s cute.
    LOL @ antis! It’s actually very nice & funny to see all these antis whining & bitching every time a news about Yoona came out hahaha XD…

  15. I love Goo Hye Sun, but this is very strange, as talented as Hye Sun is whatever could she possibly see in yoona, who is her total opposite, and is totally talentless. Maybe she cried because she felt sorry for the chick.
    yoona makes me cry too, whenever she tries to sing.
    Dara, I can understand, because though she isn’t the greatest singer, at least she’s pretty like Hye Sun, but yoona certainly isn’t.

    • word!

    • *sigh*..another 2ne1 cocky fan.

    • Agreed
      @YAH: How is queenbqty a 2NE1 fan when Goo Hye Sun is not even in the group? She’s part of YG but not a part of 2NE1.

      • Regardless of goo hye sun is not even in the group, queenbqty is cocky 2ne1 fan.

      • ^how the hell do you know? unless the person outright said it, then that’s the only time you’ll know.

        please don’t elevate it to some sort of a fanwar.

      • You don’t know whose fan I am, so stop acting like you know me! No fandom is more cocky and arrogant than sones. The only reason I mentioned dara is because there was a previous post about her and hye sun being friends. I never mentioned 2NE1, you did, sone. Insecure much?

      • queenbqty : November,17,1988
        queenbqty is S.T.A.N.D(anti-snsd) member.
        *sigh* what a pathetic bitch lol she is ss501 fan lol

      • heh, 1988? funny how queenbqty is a year older than me, but seems to behave with the mentality of a 12 year old.

      • @YAH
        you really have a time .. LOL!!

    • @queenbqty
      I AGREE WITH U .. ^__^

    • Oh, another stupid anti who said what she liked to without thinking …sigh…

      Did Hye Sun get the Best new actress award? LOL

      • It’s bcuz sones spend too much time in front of the computer making sure snsd win evry online polls.

      • Oh, another stupid sone who doesn’t even know how to think!
        yoona has won a lot of awards she doesn’t deserve, Hye Sun is a multi-talented actress, whereas yoona has yet to display ANY talent, whatsoever.
        yoona is popular because of snsd, which is also undeserved, because she can’t sing or dance but overshadows the others who can sing and dance and are prettier than her.
        yoona HAS to be doing lsm!

      • queenbqty, what a bitch. ROFL

        Goo Hye Sun Hwaiting !!!!

      • Thanks for the compliment, TopBin, I wear the title proudly!

      • queenbqty, no wonder why 2ne1 fans have been labeled as “the most cocky and arrogant fans.
        yoona can dance way better than your lovely sandara.

      • @queenbqty – its sad how you, a 2ne1 fan like me, are such a pathetic bitch.

      • @YAH
        you’re the pathetic ones.
        queenbqty didn’t even say a word about 2NE1, only about Dara. how do you know if she’s a fan?
        so stop it. you’re the only ones who label fans. pfff

    • totally agree with u, except for ur last sentence ^^ dara isn’t the greatest singer, but she has talent and always try her best to achieve her purpose (it has been proven by her biography from the beginning in phil till now) :). She knows how to makes fans happy, knows how to attract people with her charm and especially her sincere personality. She always appreciates all the sentiments from people around her. That’s why fans love her so much. Yeah, she is very beautiful, pretty, gorgeous (the most beautiful korean girl i’ve ever seen :X:X:X), but her personality makes her more beautiful in my eyes, and her ceaseless exertion makes me admire her very much ^^

    • Just shows how much you know about Yoona. ROFL. Thanks for the laugh btw.

    • I also don’t understand what a talented girl like Koo Hye Sun seems in a girl like Yoona who has no talent at all.

      The article made it seem like Koo Hye Sun was crying of emotion after seeying Yoona. But it was nothing like that. LOL

      Isn’t it annoying how it’s impossible to get rid of Yoona? She’s EVERYWHERE even where she shouldn’t be. I’m tired of seeying this talentless girl everywhere, in the beggining I didn’t mind, but it’s getting on my nerver already because I can’t watch a tv show without this girl showing up as surprise. I’m becoming so annoyed when I see her face that I think I’m starting to hate her.

      • Correction:
        I also don’t understand what a talented girl like Koo Hye Sun sees in a girl like Yoona who has no talent at all.

      • so i assume youre pretty/handsome, can sing good, can dance well, and is full of talent at least more so than yoona. so go ahead and join an entertainment company! and if you can even make it big, dont feel sad for yourself when people start hating on you for no reason simply because they think youre annoying.

        oh but i’ll be a fan, promise. youre so talented at making snide comments that it makes me go weak at my knees with love. HAH. go get a life.

      • Anonymous,
        LOL Why don’t you go get a life too. You have plenty of free time to reply to my comments, don’t you? LOL.
        Yoona’s job is to be a singer, dancer and actress. But she can’t do her job right, she doesn’t have enough talent. If she chose to be in show biz and if she doesn’t improve her skills or don’t have talent for it, she deserves to be criticized because it’s unfair that she’s taking the spotlight and taking the job from people who worked hard to develop their skills and people with natural talent.
        Just take SNSD for example, according to the way you wrote, you’re probably a SONE. So… do you think it’s fair that Yoona is promoted so much and steal the spotlight and get all the individual gigs, while Hyoyeon (who has dancing talent and is adorable) and Sooyoung (who is funny and witty in variety shows) are not even properly promoted by SM?

      • EllieS2, your life must be really boring.

        You are such a biased and inmature fan girl

      • naise. i’ll make sure my free time is worth replying to your comment NOT to make you “see the right path of loving yoona” but instead justifying if youre even barking up the right tree. but to make things clear im not a sone, so hi there hun.

        so what is the yardstick to judge whether she’s done her job right? yes i agree the other members dont appear as much as fans would like, but does that honestly have got anything to do with yoona appearing too much? or is the problem really with SM? company controls the pawns. hyoyeon/sooyoung wont come out more often even if people talk about yoona appearing left right centre ainnit. its impossible to please everyone. and i believe most of them sones arent even asking you guys who think differently about her to put yourself in her shoes yet fingers are pointing at her for just being yoona. oh right yeah seeing so much of these comments made me lose a life and comment back. i’ll work on getting my life back like thanks.

    • @queenbqty = loser

      since when you have to be ‘Perfect'( or ‘talented’) to be admired or loved.

      some of you are really PATHETIC

    • Dara ain’t hot

    • Totally agree with jaeHero5.

      queenbqty is a Pathetic loser ROFL

      and you dont need to be Perfect to be admired.

      • Obviously, it takes two to know one. At least, the first one acknowledged yoona has no talent, but you can have the title of Perfectly Pathetic Loser, Delusional type! Congrats!

      • @queenbqty:

        ughh honestly You are a shame for us, 2NE1 fans.

      • I am not a 2NE1 fan, OMG, you guys are idiots!

      • @queenbqty
        another pathetic STAND bitch.
        yes…you are not a 2ne1 fan. you are ss501 fan.
        you are a shame for triple-s

      • I’m not triple s either, so don’t try to drag them into this, I don’t represent any fanclub, I don’t have time for that foolishness, I represent me. I am not weak-minded like some who are bothered by someone else’s opinion of someone they don’t know just because they like their music. So don’t get it twisted, because I am not representing STAND either, I can stand alone, I rep me and am proud of it!

      • dude guys just admit it that yonna is not talented.. liek reallly is there anything she is good at? for sure she cant dance ,sing, i dont neo abouy acting btu it seems liek every drama that she acts in got low rating..,and not to mention family outing 2…… and if we were to compare dara to yonna at least dara can sing live better than yoona…. EllieS2 and queenbqty i agree with you… it is just that stupid people just dont want to admit how talentless she is .. and NO i’m not in any fanclub people you guys look so retarded sayign “what a shame to 2ne1 ,cocky 2ne1 fans,adn shame of triples like since when do you have to be in a fanlucb to comment .. you guys look so retarded like that…

    • Agree! Yoona doesn’t have much talent other than average acting and a pretty face, it’s rather hard to understand why Goo Hye Sun would take such a fancy to her. If she said she liked Taeyeon I could understand because maybe she’s a fan of TY’s music, but Yoona? It’s so weird.

  16. Wow that’s the cutest thing ever ! 🙂

  17. even though it’s cute, but somehow I find it a bit weird too.
    Imagine if one of your colleague at work who you don’t know suddenly text you and says that she likes you, especially if both of you are girls..o_O
    Hmm… maybe she likes Yoona in a fan-celeb context..

    • of course. what the hell are you thinking. ha.

      • Goo HyeSun: “If I was a guy, I think I would really like her”

      • Hyesun and YoonA totally look adorable ^O^..
        I love how hyesun is totally fangirling over yoona

    • Pwahaha. I’m pretty sure Hye Sun likes YoonA as a fan lol
      But who knows….lol

    • Nothing is wrong with that.
      In fact i’ll be more scared if that’s a guy suddenly texting me coz most of the time they have hidden intention and that ain’t cool.

      I actually respect someone like Hyesun and someone below me mentioned, SUnmi.
      These 2 are proud to show their admiration for fellow celebs who are of the same gender coz that means a pure admiration instead of sexual attraction.
      If I were Yoona, I’ll feel more proud of being liked by HyeSun than being liked by +50 male kpop celebs. Why? Bcoz Hyesun is multi-talented and the fact that she’s a female says a lot. A charm that she sees in Yoona is more than a mere pretty looks. I’m sick of guys declaring their loves for Yoona simply for her natural face or whatnot.

      • yeah, i agree it is a bit weird to start off friendships through texting, but maybe it’s common in Korea or maybe it’s normal for them since their schedules are super busy.

    • like you said I think she likes Yoona in a fan-celeb context..

      you must know that yoona has a lot of female fans, including female celebs.

    • omo when Goo Hye-sun spazz about yoona it makes me remember :: ❤ sunmi – Taeyeon ❤ 😀

    • Adorable ^^ Goo Hye sun is such a happy Yoona fangirl.

    • I can’t understand a thing they’re saying but you can sense the amount of love just by looking at their body language.

    • I love how goo hyesun feel so shy when she look at yoona. Cute !!

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