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WonderGirls SunYe and YooBin get awkward when they are alone

WonderGirls SunYe reveals truthfully about her relationship with team member YooBin.

SunYe was on KBS 2TV Happy Together – WonderGirls Edition to be aired on 10th June when she picks team member YooBin as the member whom she is most awkward with. Even though it has been some time since YooBin joined the team and they have been promoting together, when the 2 are alone, they are still awkward and do not have many conversations.

YeEun explained, “The reason for their awkwardness is because they don’t have many similar interests.” And MC Yoo JaeSeok asked the 2 members what is the favourite colour of the other. And the 2 had given different answers, rousing laughter from the other star appearances.

Members SoHee and HyeRim also picked each other as the member they are most awkward with. SoHee also picked HyeRim as the member who did not give her a good first impression.

S: MTStarNews


30 Responses

  1. Just because you live together 24/7 doesn’t mean that you will be close.

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  3. when you’re force to be in a group, with other people who you don’t know at first
    it’s obviously going to be awkward
    it’s like being roomates

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  5. I was pretty surprised at this. I really thought that YooMin were so close.
    Sohee-Yoobin were the only awkward ones!!

    I don’t get why they’re so awkward with each other O_O

  6. I’m guessing Lim will be the member everyone is most awkward with…. I’m suprised that SunYe and Yoobin are awkward still…. thinking of it they don’t actually hug often compared to how many times they are seen hugging the other members…. I hope they can overcome it. As for Lim the girls will get over it soon… early days still

  7. what flattering pictures : /

  8. The way I see it, they are close to each other, how can you not be if you spend 24/7 together. Well maybe apart from Lim cos shes new. My housemate is my total opposite but we get along very well although I don’t get some of the stuff that she’s into. But who am I to judge,she finds it weird that I’m so into kpop.

  9. i think only the originals sunye, sunmi, sohee, hyuna, yeeun are truly close with each other since theyve been training together… yeeun seems to get a long well even though she was also a last addition 🙂

  10. i noticed practically all the WG members are awkward with each other.. no matter how much us wonderfuls want to deny it >< ..
    soohe and yoobin
    yoobin and sunye
    lim and sohee

    and here i thought they would break the ice and get closer after the u.s promotions …

    well i guess its kinda hard…
    and it must be tough since theyr in the u.s together all the time and feel awkward around each other when they see each other 24/7!!


    • Sad but true… they sure do look awkward.
      I think Sunmi and Yeeun are the only one comfortable with every member.
      But hey, at least they care and love each other.
      Just like how Eunhyuk is awkward with Heechul but when heechul was in depression, Eunhyuk was one who cheered him up and talked to him.

    • obviously lim would be awkward with the rest since she just joined and yoobin was last to join unlike the other girls who trained together for years so its all of them who are awkward.

      and am not even a fan^^

    • No Yoo Bin and So Hee is very close since they go to US, i gotta say after Sun Mi, Yoo Bin is the closest with So hee now 🙂
      Many times they go out together or play together etc
      Sun Mi and Ye Eun is close with everybody
      Except Sun Ye, Lim has awkawd relationship wt everybody
      Sun Ye and Yoo Bin is quite close, it ‘s just a little awkward i think. Cuz maybe Yoo Bin dont want choose Lim, maybe make Lim feels sad when she, So Hee and Ye Eun (not sure who Ye Eun choose) also choose Lim so she choose SY instead

      • some wonderfuls claim that the awkward thing between Yoobin and SunYe is a lie?
        why is that?
        guys i think they are ‘awkward’ in the sense of close but not too-close.
        know what i mean?

        hmm when we say awkward, some think ‘no talk at all between them’ . or ‘crickets are louder’. lol

        but i think it differs in YooBin and SunYe.
        sure they say they don’t have a decent conversation if the two are alone –> one can say its awkward, right?

        but at least, it doesn’t have tension in the air. —> and this is what i call awkward. lol because you’re pressured to talk.

  11. Well..its normal thing to happen in circle of friends..i bet not only the WG mebers feel that way..maybe the other girl group too have experience the same thing..there’s person that we close with & there’s person we awkward with..i hope both of the bcome more close in the future..=) i know both of them can..

  12. I thought they got along very well… SEND THEM ONTO INTIMATE NOTE! (But it doesn’t exist anymore…. T_T)

    • yeah, agree…they should be sent to Intimate Note, but sadly the program doesn’t exist anymore ):

      • It does but in a new format? The really boring format where they sit around in a concave. I remember Rain was on it recently.

    • It’s like Yoobin and So Hee on Intimate Note again…

    • Wonder Girls have been on initmate note and it was for this very reason because 2 members were awkward with each other and they wanted to break the ice with them…don’t remember which members it was though

  13. this is such a lie….i’ve seen the two and they’re not awkward at all….

    stop lying to us… I want the two of you to be besties and I know that you are….

    yumin !!!…

    • If u are fan, dont say they are lying OK

      the question is who they feel the most awkward in the group, so they must choose each other
      And about favorite color, i think maybe they dont know, or they know but it not what color other like now
      Cuz Yoo Bin like many colors so different time she like another color, not like Ye Eun who always like dark green or Sun Mi always like purple
      And Sun Ye also often change her favorite color, when debut she said she like blue, but last year she said she like black and white 🙂

      • i didnt say they’re liars but i did say that it was a lie that they seem awkward with each other…like i said…ive actually seen the two of them together and they are not awkward at all…. they hold hands and whisper to each other….

        and dont go around giving a lecture about proper fan etiquette…

      • @lies

        This is from their mouths. How can you argue with what they said?

    • WonderFOOLs haha

      • STFU you stupid troll. Stop soiling the name of the blackjacks. If you are a real blackjack, I feel real sorry for you, spending your life hating.

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