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WonderGirls YooBin garners interests with recent weight loss

Coming back recently with hit song ‘2 Different Tears’, WonderGirls member YooBin has recently been garnering much interests from netizens for her weight loss.

Photos of her recent public performance are posted up and circulated by netizens on various portal community sites, and the photos showed a more slender YooBin as compared to before. Especially since in some of her photos, her collarbone is shown very obviously.

Go under the cut for more photos.

The photos:

Netizens’ comments:

  • “Daebak, she’s the legend”
  • “Really pretty”
  • “She has returned to how she was like during ‘So Hot’ days!”
  • “YooBin is the sexy cute”
  • “Too skinny, she needs to eat more~”
  • “She is like a doll”
  • “Her charms are not a joke, like really”

YooBin looks really hot now. Many of us also know that previously YooBin was under much stress when she was criticised for putting on too much weight. But I hope she eats more because she looks really skinny now.


44 Responses

  1. I think she look great either way. The most important is that she’s happy with her body. (:

  2. I think she looks great on cam and she has curves. BUT I reckon she’s stick thin outside. Just hope that she doen’t over stress herself with the Us tours and all that.
    She will always be my hot favourite cause there’s always something charming about her. AND HER LEGS are awesome btw. not like most korean artists which are like stick thin.

  3. and you guys need to remember the camera does add weight bc i just saw them in concert and she is really really skinny ;( as long as shes happy it really shouldnt matter but i think she looks great either way.

  4. Never thought she was fat before! She always looks great! And now she’s even more beautiful..Just don’t be skinner! People who gave her hash comments were so mean!!

  5. I like it if she slim down but that..she look so skinny..in my eyes..please Yoobin dear..put on little bit weight..you are pretty even though you’re a little bit chubby..

  6. she looks fine now as long she doesnt keep losing at this stage,
    i think she was too stick when she started out in tell me,, its just the unflattering pic of white dress showing her bones that makes people think she’s too skinny,

  7. it’s too much.. look at the bones on her shoulders-

  8. She’s so hot and pretty ^^
    now all the haters will shut up ,,
    i don’t mind if she’s too skinny now coz if she gain
    a few wheight all haters will say “look she’s fat like a cow”
    i saw here alot of comments like this before ><"

    before most of people said she's fat and now she's skinny !!
    what's wrong with you.. =__=
    at least she's eat food ..

  9. i think her body now, is perfect, it’s not too skinny like the so hot days. (: i love her body now, she’s got abs too! keke. and i think she was never fat before, it’s just bad shot, but when it’s real life, it’s better.

  10. in the pictures of her w/ that white dress she kinda looks anorexic if you look at her arms/shoulders…

  11. Healthy chubby yoobin or slender skinny yoo bin, as long as she’s happy and healthy, I’m alrite with that :D. But I must say she looks totally gorgeous right now!

  12. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by claudia, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: WonderGirls YooBin garners interests with recent weight loss http://bit.ly/baTFa6 […]

  13. she is not skinny now…she has the right amount of weight with that height u know..and she looks hot

    hara from kara,yoona,sooyoung,those girls are very skinny.

    the other one who i think has a great body is uee from after school,she’s tall and curvy..

  14. how did she lose that much weight in so little time..wat did she eat..or didnt eat? im cursiou coz I need serious help

    • She exercised. She tweeted about going to the gym. That would be why she has muscle (and muscle burns fat, although she never was fat).

    • She didnt loose weight in so little time
      She start loose weight since last year until now, so it means each months she just lost 1-2 kg ===> healthy diet and exercise, not immediate loose weight and then easy raise weight again

  15. i hope she can maintain a healthy lifestyle and not because of some netizens remarks that caused her to lose weight.

  16. now yenny turn to get slim down.. i found she a lil chubby than b4.. huhuhuhuu

  17. When was she ever fat? Why are all these girls losing weight when they don’t need to? Do you have to look like a walking skeleton to be attractive in Korea. Yoobin was pretty and fine like she was, she didn’t need to lose weight.

  18. she lost a lot of weight, but she didn’t need to do that because she still looked pretty before.

  19. yubin has abs, yo. i’m not kidding.
    she works out and it shows.

  20. Her weight be4 was okay, now she looks skinney. I hope she’s not under stress anymore.

  21. Yoobin has ALWAYS looked healthy and FINE. she looked beautiful even when she was ‘chubby’ (which i dont even consider her being chubby). she definitely has one of the BEST bodies in kpop, and her curves are envious. even though i wish she put a littttlllleee more weight on, girl looks fierce!~

    netizens gotta stop falling for the flat, skinny, no curve idols. girls like yoobin are the girls with the BEST bodies. power to em!

  22. she’s hot hot hot

  23. its not so good because she seems to yo yo her weight alot.

    Just be healthy!

  24. i like yoobin just as she is

  25. fat or skinny she looks great either way! i just hope that she doesn’t overdue herself when she’s sheading pounds. yoobin unnie<3 ps her red hair is hothothot!

  26. I’m glad she lost weight in a health way 🙂 she would tweet about going to the gym and it shows. She’s got killer legs and serious abs now!

  27. I think she lost too much weight… Fat isn’t pretty but skinny isn’t either.


  29. she looks hot!

  30. She’s a hottie now which I love and envy!
    I want to know her diet secret ><

  31. It’s not skinny, when she lost weight her curve is shown better and it’s amazing, super sexy
    when she a little bit chubby they call her fat, now when she hotter than ever === > skinny ?
    No no no

  32. I don’t think she’s too skinny.

    She looks great because she’s curvy. Thin and curvy. Unlike other idols who are skinny and flat.

  33. She looks happy with her weight now. I’m happy however she looks! Well as long as its a healthy look!

    • now she is skinny.. ewwww

      • She wasnt ever “fat”, she was perfectly healthy before…I hate it when these celebrities get like Stick thin and girls will think they need to look like that and its not healthy..

  34. “Too skinny, she needs to eat more~”

    I swear 2 years ago netizens were telling her she was fat and kept filling her mini page with harsh comments about her weight.

    Oh the hypocrisy

    • Not really. It depends on the person. Who’s to say that same person called her fat?

    • im on your side!! but it isnt hypocrisy.

      its more like “people are too quick to judge.”
      people just need to relax(: the beautiful people will remain beautiful over time

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