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2NE1 Gong MinJi studying up on English vocabularies and reveals new selca photo

2NE1 youngest member Gong MinJi (17) reveals a new selca photo.

Gong MinJi posted up a post and a photo on her me2day on 9 June, which garnered much interests from netizens.

In the photo, MinJi was seen reading a book on English vocabulary in her room. She wrote, “Recently I’ve been studying up on English………!! Memorising vocabularies!”

Netizens’ comments are, “I’m studying English now too, study hard and hwaiting”, “I’m also memorising English vocabulary, can you tell me any studying secrets”, “Hwaiting, work hard and show a more updated 2NE1” etc.



29 Responses

  1. I just love how she makes time for things like these. Keep reviewing, maknae! 🙂

  2. maknae hwating!

  3. aWWW. Hehehee. She really needs to catch up since her unnies are all good in English.

  4. @eww is still a child,she need to be pamperd,i think she /he need to change diaper.

  5. way to go minji!~

    @eww what’s with you, ehh?

  6. she’s sucks. omg look at her very wide face and slit eyes. shit i wanna throw up. it doesn’t suit her. you dont fit 2ne1 gong minji! SUCKSSS yea and ya never can speak english, you won’t be

    • eww, wow you really sucks too!…. KARMA is the best for you!

      Maybe your parents told you that thts why is your attitude also….tsk tsk tsk… im pity for ur parents…

    • snif snif….. omg i smell jealous =))
      omg minji looks so cute in this picture ^^
      the best maknae ever!!! xDD
      a go go go minkKy
      2ne1 let´s play!!!=)))
      can´t wait for their comeback!!! please 2ne1 come back soon !!

    • eww @ you and your English. Instead of wasting time saying BS, why don’t you go back to school and learn how to write properly?

    • your english sucks MOAR!!! take a tip from minzy and read up on some.

      CRY MOAR N00B~!

    • says the person who said “she IS sucks.”

      ..how ironic.

    • Troll. Get a life.

    • F.U. hater! how do you know what suits her? “ya never can speak english” what the fudge is with with your grammar.

      oh look another mistake – “you won’t be”

      oh hey by the way eww:

      this hater sucks. omg look at this alien’s bad grammar. shit i wanna throw up. it totally suits this b. you’re just jealous you’re not as cute as gong minji! SUCKSSS yea and ya never can speak english, you won’t be

      🙂 GTFO hater

  7. Good Luck Minji ^___^
    Maybe Its For 2NE1’s New Songs
    GAAAH I Can’t Wait For There Comeback

  8. she’s growin up beautifully~!!!^^ minzy hwaiting! i’m sure your unnies can teach you too^^

  9. omg she’s so cute ❤
    Minzy Hwaiting ^__^

  10. hmmm english is the hardest language to learn
    plus its also like universal language that everyone needs to know

    good luck!

    • english is so not the hardest…chinese is the hardest…just looking at the characters makes me go crazy…

  11. Mmmm for personal reasons or for oversees promotion eh eh

  12. tries too hard…eww

    • its good to see that she tries her best to study english at the young age. nothing wrong with that n it wont harm nobody… eww with ur (i assume it as) negative thinking…

    • lool just cos your a lazy ass don’t mean everyone else has to be

    • what’s wrong with learning? you’re eww yourself for having that mindset.

    • tries too hard to do what exactly?? your being vague is the most eww-worthy occurance i’ve encountered today.


    • WTF? You say eww, so why do you even bother looking into this site? You’re the eww.

  13. Hwaiting Minzy!!!!

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