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Epik High Tablo to come out and clear up on allegations of fake college degree

Epik High Tablo speaks up about allegations of fake degree.

Woollim Entertainment said on 9th June, “We have recently received verifications from Stanford University of his graduation. With the reveal of the verifications, all the criticisms and allegations against his education background will be put to an end.”

The agency is currently in discussions on how they will reveal the evidence and verifications, either through press conference or through their homepage.

The agency added, “We know that many are trying to prove Tablo’s innocence with the fact that he was the president of college alumni. Even though we had let the matter pass everytime such criticism and allegations arose, but this time the situation got really bad which is why we had come out personally to clear up the matter. We will do our best to prove the criticisms wrong this time and make sure that no such thing will happen again.”


Find out more about the criticisms and allegations against Tablo on his Stanford on his master degree here: https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2010/06/07/caught-in-accusations-of-fake-education-qualifications-tablos-certifications-in-stanford-uni-verified-but-questions-still-remain/


21 Responses

  1. Wow, antis and lifeless netizens just can’t leave Tablo alone.

  2. I hope that this will help settle all the stupid fake rumors. When I first heard about them, I didn’t know that Tablo went to Stanford until a friend said that Tablo went to and graduated from Stanford. My admiration for him rose even more:D I’m glad that this is going to be settled and Tablo will prove all those people wrong!!

  3. what does education have to do with music?! Oh god….

    • considering the fact that he studied creative writing at stanford, his education has everything to do with his music. lol. =__=”

  4. oh this is so ridiculous!! like why would stanford even have an article about him in their magazine!

    you people need to get a life. seriously!

  5. I think many Epik High fans doesn’t care about this because most of them became fans of the group because of their music and not their personalities or their individual academic backgrounds. 🙂

    Tablo fighting!

  6. being a college graduate is part of his intrigue tho. it’s like the nerd turned badass rapper kinda thing. y’know? if the whole college master degree thing is fake, then half the appeal would vanish somehow. so no matter what, it matters to ppl and he HAS to prove it.

    i for one don’t give a damn, but from a different perspective, that’s the reality. one of the first things that got me to respect him was that he has this master thing on his belt notch. but it certainly doesn’t take away my admiration for his musical skills whether he has it or not.

    like you said, it doesn’t matter, but some ppl care. too bad.

    • Hmm… different for me then…

      I started to know about him through Eunhyuk since people kept saying he looked like Tablo. Then, I saw Epik High in Eunhyuk …. i don’t remember the show where they could only spend 10 dollar in a week?… fell in love with Fan at that time…

      From Fan… to Love Love Love.. to One… to Map Of The Sould… To Remap Of The Soul.. To Run Run..

      I knew about his Stanford qualification later… Yeah, it’s cool… but why should I care… I just love him and Epik High for their works… not for their education achievement..

    • I kinda agree with you, naninoona.

      People have right to question his education background, but Tablo has proven that he’s right. He is indeed a Stanford graduate.

      I don’t understand why this matter arises again. Heard about this a long long time ago. Does it have to do with Infinite debut?

      • How can anyone doubt him? This guy talks w/ real confidence and intelligence and acts nerdy at the same time. Isn’t that proof already??/

      • @jo: not really. some ppl can be genius without having had a college education too y’know. but if that were the case for tablo, then this shouldn’t even be an issue. lol.

  7. they just Want to see him fall. -.-

  8. Why do ppl care so much?
    It doesn’t matter.

  9. Some netizens are so stupid

  10. It’s sad that he has to prove people wrong about his diploma. But in the past, a lot of people have lied about their school diplomas, so he has to defend himself. I believe him when he says that he has a college degree, so I hope he continues to make great music 🙂

  11. Whether he has a college degree or not, it shouldn’t have anything to do with those curious netizens or his career. Just enjoy the music.

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