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JaeBum chooses ‘Jay Effect’ as fanclub name

2PM ex-member JaeBum confirms the name of his own fanclub.

JaeBum said in his latest video posted on his Youtube channel on 9th June, “Even though ‘BumbleBee’ won, I’m still going to call the persons who submited ‘BumbleBee’, ‘Jay Effect’ and ‘JayWalkers’. But I want JayWalkers, because it sounds like a cool name.”

He also mentioned that he was thinking of calling individual fan JayWalkers and the whole fandom as Jay Effect, and gave the reason to why he doesn’t like the name BumbleBee.

Meanwhile, JaeBum is preparing for his movie debut in ‘Hype Nation’.


28 Responses

  1. I agree with you. JayWalkers is better!

  2. in the video, at around 4:40 jay is like, “…you know, i mean”..and the smile! omg, so heavenly! and when junior replied to him”you know, what?” ahaha~ i rememberd jay tweeted that he says “you know” a lot when he’s thinking of what to say.. 😛

    jaywalkers is fine, jayeffect is fine, bumblebee is fine..all is fine as long as it makes jay happy. 🙂 and let’s respect his decision.

    although i voted for bumblebee..LOL. XD

  3. I understand why korean fans liked Bumblebee and I know in Korea people love cutesy names and cutesy stuff and even ajusshi like cutesy stuff. But outside Asia, people don’t like ‘cutesy’ stuff.

    Jay is a bboy, he’s fan of hip hop, he’s sexy and manly… Does korean fans really believed he would like a cutesy name like ‘bumblebee’? Just by looking at Jay, you see he’s not into cutesy stuff. I bet Jay’s bboy friends made fun of Jay when they saw ‘Bumblebee’ leading the poll. Jay having a fanclub named ‘Bumblebee’ is like Big Bang’s killer eyes TOP having a fanclub named ‘Winnie the pooh”.

  4. See… he doesn’t like Bumblebee…

  5. Ahh~ This is a relief because I really didn’t want BUMBLEBEES XD. No offense though, but I don’t understand why it was so damn popular lol. It sounds too cutesy and I feel that Jay deserves a name more profound and suave ;). Lol, I REALLY like Jaywalker and us being the Jay Effect. The colors are fine with me:) Man I can picture the t-shirt. DUDE, I really want one when it comes out lol.

  6. I don’t like BumbleBee. But when BumbleBee won I thought “Okay. BumbleBee won. We can’t change it.” Jay Effect is muuuuuuuch better.♥

  7. how lame

  8. May the Jay be with you, Luke! Jaebum ROCKS!

  9. I think jay put in a lot of effort to please all
    his fans by using all three suggestions.

    Fanclub: Jayeffect
    Individuals: Jaywalkers
    Official colors: Black & Yellow
    Logo: Beeboy pose crosswalk signs

    I think that sounds cool and creative.

  10. Can someone please explain why some people are so hung up on this “BumbleBee thing?” B/c to me it’s just an AWFUL name and am not surprised at all Jay pulled rank (thank goodness) and picked JayEffect. If I were him I wouldn’t have even let people vote for such a teenpop name 😛

    I likes JayEffect eheheh. I prefer JayWalkers but then there was that ballad duo J-Walk a couple years back :} so maybe that’s why~~

    • It’s because jay fans were kicked out of 2pm forum on some fancafe (forgot the name of it). Jay fans had no where to go to talk about jay so they camped out in this bee movie forum that was left empty for couple of years until the website finally created a forum for jay fans. So therefore bummblebee had this huge meaning for kfans when they had no where to go once jay left 2pm and Korea.

    • also, one fan suggested guy fans could be called beeboys (bboys), and girl fans could be babees/baybees which would be ironic and cool.

      • aahah it makes more sense now 🙂 the beeboys (bboys), and girl fans could be babees/baybees is pretty cool, I guess :}

        I guess it does have a lot of meaning, even if it is very obscure and I think only hardcore kpoppers would know that ^_^


  11. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, imuyachan, Yipii , Kin, Kinny, cik Lynn, syara hafshoh and others. syara hafshoh said: RT @sookyeong: JaeBum chooses ‘Jay Effect’ as fanclub name http://twurl.nl/3kzplf […]

  12. Jay Effect sounds cool..Bumblebee wld onli remind mi of Trans4mers.. Jaywalkers,unite.. 🙂

    • agreed…when bumblebee came out, i was like “what? serious?” hahah but i like jay effect and then individual fans being “jaywalkers” it’s a pretty cool concept

  13. Does anyone else think it’s weird that he is so “into” the fanclub and whatnot? After he’s left 2PM? I get that he has fans from before but what are they fans of now? He’s supposed to be a “normal” person but apparently that’s not enough for him.

    I’m don’t hate Park Jaebum. I just think he’s really… pushing this fame thing.

    Also. I saw him at the Kero One concert in Seattle and had to leave the audience before he came out because everyone started shoving and screaming. It was nuts. LOL. I don’t doubt that he has tons of fans. I’m just curious as to why.

    • i think it’s mainly because the fans themself ask him to choose a fanclub name. if not he would not do that i think?

    • yea i think it was mainly because his fans wanted to form a fanclub and asked him to give a name, that’s how the whole thing started…

      I don’t think he’s pushing the fame thing…he does have a lot of fans and he prob wouldn’t have formed a fanclub if his fans hadn’t asked him to…
      he’s not really “normal” i mean he’ll be filming a movie real soon…so i guess prob not completely like a “normal” person…

    • Jay is anything but normal. your tone of writing was so full of bitterness or it was just my gut feeling. no offense.

    • His fans posted A LOT of messages asking him to name his fanclub. He’s just doing what his fans asked. He’s not ‘pushing’ the fame thing. He’s just doing what his fans asked him.

      He has no ties with JYPE or 2PM (bad for them because they lost a really talented and charismatic guy) so Jay is free to have a solo career and do what he wants. He has many fans who wants to see him on stage again and Jay is talented in singing, dancing, bboying, rapping so what’s the problem of him starting his solo career?

      Why is he supposed to sit down and do nothing, if he has enough talent and enough fan support to continue following his dream of being a singer?

  14. I liked Bumblebee… !
    Don’t like any fanclub name with the artist’s name in it.

    • ~_~ for once I am glad the artist pulled rank….i dont want to be called a BumbleBee >_<

      But why do some fans want this name BumbleBee so badly?

      • I don’t honestly think they know how gay bumblebee sounds to us Americans/english speakers. Seeing as most of the voters were probably Korean or of some Asian descent, they probably have no idea. :/

  15. Yes !!! i didn’t like BumbleBee at all ^^”
    now we JayEffect ^_^

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